Monday, December 21, 2009

tafsir Quran6.


wahahaha!!! This morning felt like shit. didn't want to go to the stinking program thingamajig. and when i arrived i felt even MORE like shit. Everybody ignored me. even Aminah. Then after a while of doing nothing, Kak Lang came over and asked why i didn't came last week. When I told her I went to Bandung, she was like, "Alaa, kenape tak britau? boleh pesan telekung! *tells Kak Long*" nasib baek tak britau... kalau tak mati kat Pasar Baru mencarikan telekung Ustazah. XP

after that baru Aminah prasan I was there. -_____-' and then when we entered class, we chatted and didn't even do tasmi' Al-Quran a.k.a. menghafal surah Yaasin! YAY! XD weyh, ade story! yea, about the form2 guy. OH OH skarang Kak Meera and Kak Alia pown membace. :)) ahahaha, yea well, secrets aren't meant to be kept forever. :) JANGAN BRITAU KAK JANNAH TAU. nanti ape pulak yg menjadi. plus I DO NOT LIKE HIM IN THAT SENSE. just something to write about, since obviously i wouldn't want to bore the readers with what we learned and stuff like that.

ANYWAY. yea, his name is Alif (? camni ker eja?) and yes, Kak Janna (h ade ker? hahaha, skarang kene berhati-hati XP) likes him. and they gave her a dare. so this is what Aminah told me... (at first she said tengok jerla, and i don't understand why she doesn't want to tell it in front of Kak Alia and d others, i'm the one who practically heard the conversation of Kak Alia telling Kak Soleha which one is the guy Kak Janna likes. well what ever. so she told me.

It started with a game of Truth or Dare during the night of Kiamulai (i wasn't there. :'( ) So Aminah got a dare which was knock on the guy's room door. :P well, Aminah didn't tell me EVERYONE'S dare. OH and Kak Meera had to ... wait. I don't want to dish bout this much. Okay, back to form2 guy a.k.a. Alif. So Kak Janna had a dare which was... *drum rolls*

Say this to form2 guy a.k.a. Alif.
"Hi, boleh tak kenal?"

OHEMGEE. i wouldn't do it if i were her. that wo- wait. takleh. merbahaye. nanti tak buat karang. buat rugi jer. XP AHAHAHA <------meanie. but still, it would be entertaining, and maybe even romantic for the both of 'em, or it could end up in a terrible disaster and Kak Janna would be hurt and she'll be crying and the Ustazahs will be asking why and they'll have to explain and we'll all be called as gatal because we pull the guy instead of the guy trying to attract us. or as they say, perigi mencari timba. so yea.

but well, their playing of Truth or Dare is different fom Sri Amanian's (or is it just the kids of 1A? :P) they would at least have 1 dare rather than all truths (izit? sebenarnye x sure, but that's my hypothesis since almost everyone got a dare. or, Kak Janna could've picked the truth instead of dare. or maybe they're just up to some fun) we usually try to avoid the dares, but pick it sometimes, just to heat things up (isn't it supposed to be the opposite?) but when they hear the dare (like, say, kiss Cassandra's cheek) it's enough to make them change to truth. seriously. they would rather walk around block E and F (just downstairs) barefooted or maybe naked or with something stupid on (i think). AHAHAHA, that would be a good dare. :))

OH OH. the previous post. should i tell? Nahh, I'll tell if it really happens. :)) and no, it's not a request of being his girlfriend, or "i like you'. just a simple thing, really. I'm really soft hearted. :)

well, till next time. askum and bye~

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