Wednesday, December 23, 2009

tafsir Quran8.

(lagi skali) 

so today went better than yesterday. ;) i managed to not be an outcast for more than two sessions. should i start from the beggining? okay. :)

so yea everything was normal (except that i switch on the computer as soon as i can to download KH Final Mix. :)) ) and during breakfast Kak Ain was complaining about stomach aches. HMM. i had stomach aches on monday. and Abang demam hari tu. Skarang Kak Ain ngan Abang sakit perut. and everything was after Jakarta-Bandung trip. :/

then i went to the mosque. :)) Masjid Jamek Sultan Abdul Aziz / masjid Kawasan Melayu seksyen 3. ;)) everything was okay. felt left out a bit at first. wanted to show Kak Meera the school magazine (she was asking for people than I'm not sure of, except Husnul) but she seemed busy so wtv. then we went up.

i hafaled ayat 10. unofficially (meaning not signed by either ustazah yet) until 11. and i also asked Kak Lang if it's true that playing musical instruments is wrong. and she said it's true. i asked why, and she said she'll tell in class, but both of us forgot. ;) esoklah.

then after that was break. we ate nasi lemak with juice boxes. XD ahahah. OH and also a fruit. what is that? a pear or an apple? :/ then we went back upstairs. and guess what hapened after break?

we had a class. and the boys joined in.

okay, maybe it was the same a few days back, but it wasn't terus after break, right? we had a little girls time THEN the boys entered. today it just seems weird. we used class 6 instead of 3, and it seems so small, kinda impossible to leave the space in the middle and crowd all around the edges of the class. but it happened.

so yea. these were the interesting things that happened in class just now:-

- that kid i believe is form2 guy a.k.a. Alif's brother told Kak Janna Alif has a six pack. betul kerr ni??

Takkan camni kowt?? ehh, silap, ni eight packs! XD
(buruk pulak rupe perut. taktau pasal, but I'm not into buff guys.)

except for this guy. isn't he cute?? little Gev Manoukian... <3
but he isn't buff, is he? more of a fit person. X)) yea, I'd love a boyfriend like him. <3

Okay, okay, done with the fangirl-ing. :))

- i drew a view on my notebook. :) i like it, but not perfect laa.


- Kak Soleha, Ammar (budak form 1, i'm supposingly's SUPPOSE to know him from sekolah agama, but i don't recognize him...) and Alif acted a little to show how to clean 'najis mughallazah' (najis berat). Kak Soleha looked so cute and Ammar and Alif were funny. i'll show the video tomorrow. i didn't capture it, but Kak Hanan did so I'm going to ask her if she could bluetooth it to me. tadi tak sempat. :P 

so after that we went to solat Zohor. then balik. OH the interesting 'game' Natrah, Najjat and me played. :))


*before solat Zohor, tengah tunggu ikamat*

meh, ajak Kak Elyna. 
mintak tangan, buat camni *clasps hands together*
*clasps hands together*
*holds my thumbs* Kak Elyna nak lelaki mane?
dalam kelas, suke siape?
*frowns because obviously i don't like anyone in the class*
pilih jerr sesiape...!!
alaa, pilih Alif jer!
Alif jer!
*folds my thumbs together*
Jap jap jap jap, pilih Ammar la *laugh*
Saje jer.. pilih Ammar, Ammar... *laughs a bit*
*Ignores my stupidity, like, suke hati la* 
 mandi brape lame?
10, 15 minit.
*folds my pinky* suke peluk ke, cium ker, *other two things i can't remember*
:/ peluk.
*folds ring finger* mmm.. ape lagi ek? sayang mak tak?
sayang lerr.
ape budak ni dah merepek ni.... meh aku buat lah!
emm, sembahyang dulu la!
jap jap jap, kite buat cepat!
hmm.. yelah.. *clasps hands*
sayang abang tak?
*folds pinky*sayang mak tak?

*folds ring finger* sayang kakak tak?

*hesitates, sebab takde kakak, except Kak Ain who's kakak ipar.* emm, sayang.
*folds middle finger* habis tu apasal tembak? *shows off my apparently-is-now-shaped-as-a-gun fingers.*
hahaha... okay, sembahyang, sembahyang...

*solat Zohor*

Okay, cepat, main yang tadi tu..
:/ *clasps hands*
Nama ape?
*folds my thumbs* suke siape tadi? Ammar?   
*laughs* ah, yelah, apepe la.
*folds my index fingers* suke tempat mane?
rumah. (answered this because the coziest place to sleep. :)) )
*folds middle finger* mandi brape lame?
10, 15 minit.
*folds ring finger* suke peluk ke cium?
peluk. (i know where this is leading.)
*folds pinky* okay, *straightens all my fingers again* Kak Elyna punye boyfriend Ammar (EEEIIII) , Kak Elyna suke peluk Ammar kat rumah selama 10, 15 minit. (EEEEEEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII)  

ahahaha, yea. i laughed so hard after that. i remember doing those kind of stuff during i was their age. heeheeheehee. i dunno how we took enjoyment from all that. but i know how people my age then took enjoyment from it. :))

then mase balik Aminah went home early because she's sick. so i took my chance. 

i asked Najjat a few questions about her brother (well, apparently she has four brother, 19, 14, 13 and 6. i asked about the 13 year old one, of course.) and she asked why, I told her. then she told her sisters and Kak Izni. 

*Mati aku nanti, haih.*

then I got home. haih. he still never came online. what is he? in jail and can only use internet once per week? haish. that's gonna be a problem. the video editor i downloaded is a limited trial version. so my class with him can only be for 30 days. and no matter how many questions i ask him through offline messages i know he won't reply (not that i sent many, just one). hm. biarlah. love takes time, and if I control the time, i'll give all the time it takes ;)

Apple ker Pear? O_o


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