Thursday, December 24, 2009

tafsir Quran9.

Kini hangat lah cinta antara Kak Jannah dengan Alif~

Dan hangatlah badan Kak Alia dan Kak Meera daripada melayan kerenah poyo Ammar.

Well I'd feel the same if I were them too. It's like the song Obsessed by Mariah Carey. He follows them to the library. he gives them his biodata when they didn't ask for it. (plus, LYING in his biodata!!!) he asks for their number and home address (WTH does he want to do with their address? Merisik?)and giving a note saying 'Tolong lah datang ke library hari ni' is something mostly I can't accept. how PATHETIC.

Well, that's him and he is old-fashioned and poyo. So I'm going back to Kak Jannah and Alif's love story~

Oh, so pure their love that even their siblings are becoming closer (ie, Muaz, Jannah's brother berkepit dengan Alif, and Alif's brother (Adam) and cousin (Amir) speaking very immaturely to Jannah) their blushes and smile become more and more obvious, and their letters of love to each other have become more and more passionate (wait - baru satu je surat kowt?!)... oh how lovely love is, how beautiful it is, it doesn't have boundaries, no matter how old (ie, Ammar (form1) to Kak Alia (form2)  and Kak Meera (form4) ) no matter the size (i think Kak Jannah is a little taller than Alif...?), it truly is pure and lovely... I wish I had it.

I'm so unlucky with this kind of stuff. Remember standard 5? I was RUINED. I hated it. I embarrassed myself and totally got rejected. Good thing I didn't cry. That would be more embarrassing. And good thing our friendship wasn't ruined. :)

well, nothing really interesting hap- OH we played!!! funfunfun, even though i was probably red when they decided i was to go up and draw. we played something like cherades or that board game.. umm... Pictionary! yeah! but the Malay name's Ewah Ewah (LOL) and well, I got the same group as Muaz, Alif and Kak Izni. first they decided Alif to go up and draw. But then he didn't want to go, and Kak Izni told them that I could draw *curses under my breath*. so yeah, in the end I had to use my 'talent' (iyolah tu) to save group one. :)) I thought we did well, but our time was two minutes tepat!! and the others were less than two (group 3 tak aci, semua senang!!!) so we had bonus marks 1 jer... and then we did cherades (no marker pens!) and Muaz got us two marks extra from 3. overall, we did good, but still last from the lot. :/

the list of things i had to draw:

- laut
- ikan
- sampan
- pancing
- tali (pergh, payah)
- rumput
- kerusi (pergh, payah)
- talipon

list of things Muaz had to act out:

- umm... ahh... ape ekk? :P

(ade 3, tiga2 tak ingat)

so yeah. after that, i can't remember who, asked Kak Jannah if she's angry at Kak Izni because she got the same group as Alif. :/ tak tanye pulak kalau marah kat I. But then again, she never even spoke to me. once i waved goobye at her, she totally ignored me and I totally embarrassed myself. anyway, obviously she's not angry at Kak Izni. What did Kak Izni do? Purposely say number one before even knowing Alif's number? it was just plain luck.

So yeah. then we went for break then we went into class and learned some stuff. and Kak Long asked for my notebook!!! OHEMGEE, is she gonna see the middle? because no matter how much i doodle anywhere at all, the middle part's the worse cuz there's the word 'bitch' there. :/ good thing she only checked my notes and said 'bagus'. :)) I'M HAPPY for that. i thought my notes were MESSY but yeah, she said it's good. :)

and when i went home, Kak Rina, our weekly maid was cleaning the house and I had to have lunch with her. :/ i was HUNGRY. then during lunch Mom joined in and talked about our Bandung trip. I found out that the reason we didn't go to any sighting was because OUR FELLOW TOURISTS DIDN'T WANT TO GO. F'ers! i was dead bored when i blogged about the trip, because there wasn't anything much but shopping!!! In fact, I've forgotten how Caps look like. Hmph. Bagus. I don't want to remember that face that totally creeped me out and is the reason why my trip was BORING. PFFT.

oh well. that's it for this time~ bye and askum~


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