Sunday, December 13, 2009

talk to me.

So this morning Abang woke me up at 7.15 a.m. >:P Then we went to pick up our passports. then we went back home WITHOUT our passports. Mom had to come with, but she was in PD at the time. anyway, after that we had ANOTHER piano class. =.=' and then after THAT Kak Ain called me to help at the kitchen. Then I wanted to use computer and got it for like, 30 minutes, then Bakmal wanted to use. =_=' So after that was lunch. and I tried the computer AGAIN and Bakmal AGAIN wanted to use it. So I watched TV. Or at least, the TV watched me.

I think I was watching Disney, because I dreamed about Totally Spies. :/ which is SO weird. Then mom came back home. then after a while i went back upstairs to sleep in my room pulak. Then played computer bile bangun and notice that Bakmal already went for his job interview (at PetroSains, KLCC. tak sempat wish him luck. :( ) Then mom told me we're going to Midvalley. Then we did some stuff. Boring, boring. You know while eating dinner I berangan that HE was there and tegur I. :)) <----- kuat berangan.

Then we went back home. (BTW, Subway better than 1901. 1901 punye sausage very stale. Subway punye sandwiches are WAY better. :) ) Then mom totally annoyed me. >:( And now I'm here. and my f***ass bro wants to use the computer AGAIN. FUCKASS. XP

P.S, oh, right. I miss you. :) sorry that my bro is such a fuck ass. :))

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