Thursday, December 3, 2009

we are cool.

so today was a typical boring day, and at the afternoon/petang my mom ajak i gi check out the kem tahan lasak. i just went. nothing better to do anyway.
and then at night mom ajak pegi barbeque dinner pulak malam tu! i just went... no reason to argue... mom will find a way to make me feel guilty and i'll HAVE to go or i'm known as heartless.
so at first it was a bore. with my mom's speech (sorry mom, but you suck when you get nervous, aren't you?) and macam2 lah. and then came the performance! the first performance was the best, to me, no, second, but it got 5th out of 6... ?? Okay, so here it is. its a sitcom so im gonna type out a script.

pilot: ok, check, check *says something which was funny, okay i suck at this*
*at the entrance of the plane*
stewardess: cik, boleh minta boarding pass?
minah kampung: hah? boarding pass? ape tu?
stewardess: umm.. err.. ticket, ticket.
minah kampung: ooohh, nah.. *enters* waa, besarnya! lagi besar dari reban ayam!!
*que diva*
diva: hi!!
stewardess: hello miss, can i have your boarding pass?
diva: boarding pass? nak buat ape dengan boarding pass i?
stewardess: i nak chek tempat duduk you. =.='
diva: oh! nah lah. bukan cantik pown. *enters*
stewardess: cik! tu bukan tempat duduk cik!
diva: hah?
stewardess cik duduk kat situ.. *points at the front seat*
diva: tau lah, ni, saya nak kutip sampah.. *crowd says, cover line!*
*que two friends* *okay, this part tak best, next..*
*que mak cik*
mak cik: *wearing t-shirt and kain batik!!*
stewardess: mak cik, mintak boarding pass?
mak cik: boarding pass? mane letak ekk... eh, ni gambar anak makcik, ah, boleh lah jadi menantu iye..
stewardess: uhh.. saya tak nak anak mak cik, saya nak boarding pass mak cik.
mak cik: boarding pass? oh ye, nah. *gives boarding pass skali ngan gambar* nah, simpanlah, simpan..
stewardess: err...
mak cik: *enters plane*
pilot: okay, we're ready to flight. welcome to Shahida Airlines. I am Pilot Shahida, and we are heading to Shahida Island. thank you for joining us...
diva: ehh, ape bebel-bebel ni? bila nak jalan?
pilot: ehh, my airline, suke hati aku la! anyway, please observe the stewardess on how to wear your seat belt...
stewardess: sila perhatikan macam mane nak pakai seat belt... pakai je lah!! seat belt jer kut!
passengers: hek eleh, seat belt jerr!
pilot: and we're off! *sound effect mulut* *kerusi senget ke belakang* *dushhh* huh, okay, auto pilot! hah..
a few minutes later...
makcik: cik, mane surau ek?
stewardess: mane ade surau kat dalam kapal terbang!
makcik: iye ker??
*suddenly a crashing sound*
pilot: don't worry, pilot shahida will take control!
*everybody panics*
makcik: itulah pasal! makcik suruh sembahyang!!
*plane stabilizes*
passengers: sigh~
pilot: everything is under control!
20 minutes~
pilot: we are arriving at Shahida Island.. *sound effect* *kerusi senget ke depan* *dushhh*
pilot: everybody, please remain seated...
diva: memang dah duduk dah pun!!
pilot: duduk je lah!.... we have arrived.
diva: yay! dah tibe dengan selamat!! hugs, everyone!! *everybody hugs each other*
pilot: *kneels down* THANK YOU...!!! <--------Pilot tak berpengalaman...!

~the end~

so yea. i may not express it so much in script, but it really is FUNNY! btw, the pilot spent the whole school year at LA, and sempat2 jerr sign up for this camp. she has a nice accent, and she's really cool! actually, everbody's cool!! after a few performances, the fasies took over. they were really funny. me and hui wei actually sat with them during the jamuan, because we're not allowed to sit with the others. so yea, they talked to us. and then after the fasies fun-time, the best performance~

1. Spartans (Ule Mayang dancing, very nice and coordinated)
2.Jacobs (named after Jacob Black, obviously. they acted to be girls who were taking baths at the river with kain batik and all, and then they decided to sing (lipsing la, ofc). i like.)
3 Marvelous (singing, Walaa acted as a boy and gave one of the girls a flower.)4. Gold (sang, biase jerr)
5. Star Jump (sitcom kat atas tu!)
6. Sapphire (supposed to dance, but obviously did not practice)

so yea. after that we went home. X) okay la.. something interesting to blog about.night, askum~

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