Sunday, January 31, 2010

new layout, coolio ;)

it hurt to put in the links, so appreciate, people. it builds a better world.

yea, that's sort of like my top friends list. ;) but there ARE some people who's on my top list but doesn't have a blog, like Laila and Azra. and I even added in an extra from what the layout-maker gave me to put in Aimi's blog! Aren't I nice? ;P

I found it from Eisyatur Rodiah's blog. ;) THANK EISYATUR. and I also notice Cynta uses a template I saw they were advertising at the place I found this. SO NICE. but obviously I wouldn't use it since Cyn already is.

somehow the Shoutbox doesn't seems to fit. :/ nevermind. I think it's cute. ;)

I took about an hour an a half searching, editing the codes. that reminds me. I'm schooling tomorrow. :P ouch. what a spirit breaker. it's two o'clock already anyway, so what the heck.

xo, Lynnie.

p.s, notice the moving text! XD I love this template.

Psychology Personality Quiz.

Mysterious... oftentimes, a loner. You know your true friends and only them are allowed to understand the real you.:

You’re usually expressive... Open about your emotions and most of the time willing to talk about it.:

You search for love... you’re a hopeless romantic and every time you enter a relationship, you give your all and believe “this is the One.”:

You have so many ideas in mind... You’re creative and aggressive! If you want something, you’ll do anything to get it!:

You’re an ideal boyfriend/girlfriend... You don’t care if your partner doesn’t really love you as long as you love him/her. You give your all...:

You’re intimidating! People have an impression that you’re elite—or if not, you simply look sophisticated.
You gain praises but not companions.:

You love actions... with the hero-like taste! You focus on your strengths and use them to protect persons/things that are important to you.:

xo, Lynnie

Saturday, January 30, 2010

my flair board.

I like posting crap. XDD




HOT. I wish there was a pic of Roxas like this.




  Aqua looks so pretty like this!!! X3


so boys, get me a papou fruit for Valentines. that's romantic for me. :P

And last but not least...


Actually I have a million more but these are my recent favs. 

Actually, there's more recent favs, but I malas so appreciate what you got.

xo, Lynnie.

I have broken my aim.

Your boy side -
[x] You love hoodies.
[x] You love jeans.
[ ]Dogs are better than cats.
[x] It's hilarious when people get hurt.
[ ] Shopping is torture.
[ ] Sad movies stink.
[x] You own a car racing game.
[ ] You played with Hot Wheels cars as a kid.
[ ] At some point in time you wanted to be a firefighter.
[x] You owned a DS, PS2, N64, or Sega.
[ ] You used to be obsessed with Power Rangers.
[x] You have watched sports on TV.
[ ] Gory movies are cool.
[ ] You go to your dad for advice.
[ ] You own like a trillion baseball caps.
[ ] You used to collect hockey cards.
[x] Baggy sweats are cool to wear.
[ ] It's kinda weird to have sleepovers with a bunch of people.
[x] Green, black, red, blue, or silver are one of your favorite colors.
[x] You love to go crazy and not care what people think.
[x] Sports are fun.
[x] You talk with food in your mouth.
[ ] You sleep with your socks on at night.
[ ] You have fished at least once.

- Your girl side -
[x] You love to shop.
[ ] You wear eyeliner.
[x] You wear the color pink.
[x] You go to your mum to talk.
[x] You consider cheerleading a sport.
[ ] You hate wearing the color black.
[x] You like going to the mall.
[ ] You like getting manicures and/or pedicures.
[x] You like wearing jewellery.
[x] You cried watching The Notebook.
[ ] Shorts are a big part of your wardrobe.
[ ] Shopping is one of your favorite hobbies.
[x] You don't like the movie Star Wars.
[ ] You are/were in gymnastics.
[x] It takes you around one hour to shower, get dressed, and make-up.
[x] You smile a lot more than you should.
[ ] You have more than 10 pairs of shoes.
[x] You care about what you look like.
[ ] You like wearing dresses when you can.
[x] You like wearing high heel shoes.
[x] You used to play with dolls as little kid.
[ ] You like putting make-up on others.
[x] You like being the star of everything.
[ ] Pink is one of your favorite colors.

- Appearance -
[x] I am shorter than 5′5″.
[ ] I have many scars.
[ ] I tan/burn easily.
[ ] I wish my hair was a different colour.
[ ] I have friends who have never seen my natural hair colour.
[ ] I have a tattoo
[x] I am self-conscious about my appearance.
[ ] I've had/have braces.
[ ] I've been told I’m attractive by a complete stranger.
[ ] I have more than two piercings.
[ ] I have/had piercings in places besides my ears.

- Embarrassment -
[x] I've slipped out a "LOL" in a spoken conversation.
[x] Disney movies still make me cry.
[x] I've snorted while laughing.
[x] I've laughed so hard I've cried.
[x] I've cried so hard I've laughed.
[ ] I've glued my hand to something.
[ ] I've laughed til some kind of beverage came out of my nose.
[ ] I've had my pants rip in public.

- Health -
[ ] I've gotten stitches.
[ ] Broken a bone.
[ ] I've had my tonsils removed.
[ ] I've sat in a doctor's office with a friend.
[x] I've had my wisdom teeth removed.
[ ] I've had serious surgery.
[ ] I've had chicken pox.
[x] Swallowed something I probably shouldn't have swallowed.

- Traveling -
[x] I've driven/ridden over 200 miles in one day.
[x] I've been on a plane.
[ ] I've been to Canada.
[ ] I've been to Cuba.
[ ] I've been to Niagara Falls.
[ ] I've been to Ottawa.
[ ] I've gone to Sudbury.
[ ] I've been to the Caribbean.
[ ] I've been to Europe.
[ ] I've been to Florida.

- Experiences -
[ ] I've gotten lost in my city.
[ ] I've seen a shooting star.
[ ] I've wished on a shooting star.
[ ] I've seen a meteor shower.
[x] I've gone out in public in my pajamas.
[x] I've pushed all the buttons on an elevator.
[ ] I've kick a guy where it hurts.
[ ] I've been to a casino.
[ ] I've been skydiving.
[ ] I've gone skinny-dipping.
[ ] I've drank a whole gallon of milk in one hour.
[ ] I've crashed car.
[ ] I've been skiing.
[x] I've been in a musical.
[ ] I've caught a snowflake or snow on my tongue.
[ ] I've seen the Northern Lights.
[ ] I've sat on a rooftop at night.
[x] I've played a prank on someone.
[x] I've ridden in a taxi.
[ ] I've seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
[x] I've eaten sushi.
[ ] I've been snowboarding.

- Relationships -
[x] I'm single.
[ ] I'm in a relationship.
[ ] I'm engaged.
[ ] I'm married.
[ ] I miss someone right now
[ ] I've told someone I loved them when I didn't.
[ ] I've told someone I didn't love them when I did.

- Honesty/Crime -
[x] I've done something I promised someone else I wouldn't.
[x] I've done something I promised myself I wouldn't.
[ ] I've snuck out.
[x] I've lied to my parents about where I am.
[x] I've cheated while playing a game.
[ ] I've ran a red light.
[ ] I've witnessed a crime.
[ ] I've been in a fist fight.
[ ] I've been arrested.

- Death & Suicide -
[x] I'm afraid of dying.
[x] I hate funerals.
[ ] I've seen someone/something dying.
[ ] Someone who is close to me has attempted/commit suicide.
[ ] I've planned my own suicide before.
[ ] I've written an eulogy for myself.

- Materialism -
[x] I own over 5 CD's.
[x] I have an unhealthy obsession with anime/manga.
[ ] I own designer purses, costing over $100 a piece.
[ ] I own something from Pac Sun.
[x] I collected comic books.
[x] I own something from The Gap.
[ ] I own something I got on E-Bay.
[ ] I own something from Abercrombie.

That was fun. I blanked a whole lot more than cross.

cinta sempurna lyrics.

first reason - I'm bored to death. and enjoying the fact mom's not around to stop me from playing.

second reason - hari tu Laila suruh I tulus lyrics lagu ni untuk die. mane la I hafal. So I just gave the chorus in the end. so here's the full song~

Aku manusia lemah selalu terjatuh
Berbeda aku dari mu
Kau berdiri teguh
Aku serba tiada aku kekurangan
Dan bila kau tiba aku hilang dari kewujudan

Sempurnanya sifatmu tulusnya hatimu
Jujurnya niatmu
Tingginya kesabaranmu
Lepaskanlah diriku
Kerna aku tak mampu tuk menanggung sebuah cinta sempurna

Bukan aku tak pernah mengerti dirimu
Kusanjung setiap kata cinta kau berikan aku
Hilangkan rasa itu akhirkan semua
Dan bila kau sedar aku hilang dari kewujudan.. Oooo

Sempurnanya sifatmu tulusnya hatimu
Jujurnya niatmu
Tingginya kesabaranmu
Lepaskanlah diriku
Kerna aku tak mampu tuk menanggung sebuah cinta sempurna

pendek jer lagu die! XP

xo, Lynnie.

you gotta believe this is cute.

he wants to marry Namine! How cute~ and Namine IS sort of like a stalker huh? Just noticed this today! XD

worst boring day ever.

not only is it boring, but my parents left to Bangkok too! :(

then I spent the whole day in front of the computer. I planned to do everything today so that I could edit videos tomorrow, but looks like I'm doing essays tomorrow. then Kak Ain's parents came. haish.

then later tongiht Abang Man came! YAY some one I know. but now Umaira's annoying me. I had to bore her to death and not follow what she asked me to do to get rid of her.

plus she keeps asking me to switch on the ps2. trust me these things will happen if i do:

-"Mak Su, boringla, jom main game lain" (most probably because she lost, and I mean a million times)
-"Tak nak lah main game ni, boring!" and apparently that's KH. It hurts to share with some one such a great game and she says it's boring. even if she's seven.


don't believe that Roxas's gay! cuz he's not! he's got Namine~ even if Namine gave birth to Saix's baby.

xo, Lynnie.

Friday, January 29, 2010

All the Right Moves

This song is so cool.

All the right friends in all the wrong places
So yeah, we're going down
They've got all the right moves in all the right faces
So yeah, we're going down

Just paint the picture of a perfect place
They've got it better than what anyone's told you
They'll be the King of Hearts, and you're the Queen of Spades
And we'll fight for you like we were your soldiers

I know we've got it good
But they've got it made
And the grass is getting greener each day
I know things are looking up
But soon they'll take us down
before anybody's knowing our name.

They've got all the right friends in all the right places
So yeah, we're going down
We've got all the right moves and all the wrong faces
So yeah, we're going down
They said, everybody knows, everybody knows where we're going
Yeah, we're going down
They said, everybody knows, everybody knows where we're going
Yeah, we're going down

Do you think I'm special?
Do you think I'm nice?
Am I bright enough to shine in your spaces?
Between the noise you hear
And the sound you like
Are we just sinking in an ocean of faces?

It can be possible that rain can fall,
Only when it's over our heads
The sun is shining everyday, but it's far away
Over the world is death.

They've got,
They've got all the right friends in all the wrong places
So yeah, we're going down
We've got all the right moves and and all the wrong faces
So yeah, we're going down

They said, everybody knows, everybody knows where we're going
Yeah, we're going down
They said, everybody knows, everybody knows where we're going
Yeah, we're going down

It doesn't matter what you see.
I know i could never be
Someone that looks like you.
It doesn't matter what you say
I know i could never face
someone that could sound like you.

All the right friends in all the wrong places
So yeah, we're going down
We've got all the right moves and all the wrong faces
So yeah, we're going down

All the right friends in all the wrong places
So yeah, we're going down
We've got all the right moves and all the wrong faces
So yeah, we're going down

They said, everybody knows everybody knows where we're going
Yeah we're going down
They said, everybody knows everybody knows where we're going
Yeah we're going down

Yeah we're going down
Yeah we're going down

All the right moves, hey
Yeah, we're going down
All the right moves, hey
Yeah, we're going down

xo, Lynnie

wasiat anak dara.

i watched wasiat anak dara just now and there was this part Ajak wanted to tell this girl he doesn't like her. Here's the funniest part.

Ajak tak suke perempuan yang pegang pegang lelaki bukan muhrim. Berdosa. Askum.

Takleh tahan yang closing die tu. Siap askum. Klakar gile. Maybe this will work for guys too...?

I tak suke lelaki yang pegang pegang perempuan bukan muhrim. Berdosa.

Ee, sounds wrong! XP

xo, Lynnie

spammy spam spam.

so today during two hours of nothing (BM and seni, this is so annoying. when's teacher gonna teach us???) Laila totally spammed my buku nota extra. it's so full of crap now.. even more than before. :'(

like for example i was bored one day so I wrote stuff that I want and of 'em is a boyfriend. haven't updated it for a while, then she saw it and I asked her to cross that out. she writes comments on the ones that i told her to cross out and for the boyfriend she said "Not really... ********* actually..." =_______=

and she kacau my drawings.. like my hair wants... one of 'em dah rosak... :'( huhuhu... and the XW drawing attempt. it was actually Xueh Wei when her hair was still nice (she CROPPED it. what a waste...) then tak jadi sebab badannyer terlalu besar.. Xueh Wei comel... kecik jer.. :P and Laila pegi add mulut. :O then for fun I added evil eyes. and it went on until we named it "Bad Xueh Wei". like the present one is such an angel.

so anyway I have unfold my first embarassment of the year. our Sudut Nilam books are actually our books. so we donated books for our class to get a tick for Keceriaan. and I did my part my donating a few myself. one of 'em includes "Alice by Accident". it's quite an old book, not really. I bought it when I was twelve. so it sempat pergi SSP la. and at the back of the book, Anesha discovered has a little writing on it...

"Kind to think of it, he looks kinda gay."
"Like duh... He's naughty 2"
"You know, when he's with his frens"
"You guys jahat!"


and the sentence with the word gay in it is obviously my writing. I suspect this was me and Hanis later on joined by Najiya about a certain person named Adam Syafiq. I think.

During recess I unnaturally sat with Cynta and the gang. I remember earlier last year all SSpians grouped together to sit at one place. first Marina left to be with the prefects (she had to have recess early anyway). then I went away because I've obtained new friends- Iylia and Nurin. and Adilah. only Adilah joined us later on, she had recess with Farah Aliah before. then slowly it just depleted. Ain went with the rest of 1 D's. Dina jut followed anywhere Ain went. and Ika and Idah.. Idah adapted with new friends easier, that's all to say.

And the only reason I did so is because Nurin and Iman went to finish their homework. I lost Iylia after the rush of people buying food. I didn't want to apear unknown-ish to the juniors, so I just went to Cynta and said "Can I sit here?"

and guess what? THEY WERE NICE PEOPLE. X) MarMar waved at me frantically. And I had a normal recess. but one thing I don't understand-- knape malas sangat nak buang sampah? fine, gather it at one place, throw it later. question-- who's gonna throw it? I threw away Divya's, the one that she offered to Cynta which she excepted with a face. being a girl who was taught properly, as I went to throw my plastic, i took the plastic bag from Cynta. "Thank You~~!" oh yea sure, you're welcome. I jugak yang dapat pahala.

that's it then~ askum!

xo, Lynnie

p.s, looking at ADORABLE pictures of a certain person's cuzin. SHO KAWAII. spot the guy with MU cap. oh what a gorgeous smile. how could you not fall in love with that, people? X3

Thursday, January 28, 2010

hong ni kudasai. iek, iek, TEMPURA BENTOU ni kudasai.

wooohhh... today was hard core tiring. not physically. mentally. i have a whole page of P. Puteri stuff to do. and now I have to type this Sejarah thingy. But that's due Monday. and I bunch of other Sejarah things. And well... kesimpulannya, life's tough,


laila me

So here is the story, the class got one cross because of me. I tertinggal baju sukan. Pastu L cam you're dead, semua-semua tu... macamlah dia tak pernah buat salah... dahlah I dapat good news nak bagi tahu korang tapi skrang dah takde mood... semua sebab L...

That's how L is. She's been very selfish lately. If it's about L, I suggest you just ignore her and just continue your day. There's no use to get upset about this. It's just one effing baju, one effing cross. Shouldn't be SO upset.

Tulah sekarang dia ngan N jer. Kalau cakap ngan I pun nak kutuk I jer. I bagitahu you jelah malas nak bagi tahu L... Cik Aisyah ingat tak? Dia SMS I smalam dia cakap skrang belajar kat Maktab Perlis... Dia kirim salam kat semua budak 1A.

Heh? OO Wsalam~ tapi cikgu dah suruh kirim salam rasenye tak elok kalau you tak kirim. Just kirim jer salam tu, and then suka hati you la.

Nantilah I tulis kat Facebook jer malas nak bagitahu... nak cakap ngan dia pun cam... UGH! Nanti I email you yang ICTL. I dah ubah sikit... hari ni you balik pukul berapa?

4.30. Japanese. you?

3.30... Swimming... nanti I email you pukul 5 lah...



But later she went to see Ms. Foo and Pn. Ngoh (?) and the cross was re-ticked. LP3K people. never forgiving.

so so so so after that during maths we understood what teacher said after the announcements "Behave yourself. OFFICIALS are coming." Not just officials. The opposite gender, too. but totally not cute, I remember last year a few schools came to ours and we saw this totally cute prefect that waved at us (Adilah, Nurin and I) X3

So Xueh Wei and Laila were kecoh-kecoh-ing. I was like, what? Then my focus went outside the window. OHHH oh-kay oh-kay. Ahahahaha~

Then during Agama Laila was Talking about Khairina's blog. We were daring each other to ask her who's her "Old Friend". in the end she said "Nazureen" we were like o.O These two are fighting a place in Lissa's World, or so they call it. I'm there, by the entrance. Just malas nak masuk because no one's inviting other than Cynta, and even if she does, everybody else would ignore me anyway. 

And during recess me and Nurin were laughing our heads off, talking about funny dreams and Hanna's glasses.

"Just suck it up!!!"
"We just sat there, watching them. Watching them dance."
"*pulls off glasses* YOU'RE SUSPENDED!"

Well, that's it then. Sayonara~ Askum~

xo, Lynnie         

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

i have a lot of other stuff to do.

so now I have a billion of stuff to do so that I don't appear stupid on the Gathering. so I have until April to get my Pra-Pelantikan and at least two badges. :) yes, I AM talking about Pandu Puteri. The small book shall be my second book of guidance (first being al-Quran, of course). the computer shall be my assistant in writing. the printer shall be my assistant in finishing touches. and my pen, I shall bring everywhere.

Did you know we could get a Kelas Dua signature just by walking 2.5 km (one signature) or 7.3 km (another signature)? YEA I KNOW. we could do it for Merentas Desa training and the real thing ME SO EXCITED. i need a LOT of signatures. everything's about signatures now. me gonna ask for signature from mom. signature from Ms. Shally. then signature from Cik Mazlina (untuk kerja kayu, don't say I didn't do, you're the one who never comes in! that's how our work became unfinished!). me gonna ask Abang to take a video of me playing the piano to show proof. gonna do masak this year well so that i could get signature. gonna bring the stuff seniors told me to bring for dobi to get signature. gonna ask seniors what they want me to help them with for signatures. signature signature signature. so official laa.

so anyway i was wondering whether to go for choir vocal practice tomorrow. then I asked Azriana from 1D last year what time and she says, "i dunno, the usual maybe, 2.30 to 4." so obviously no choir for me tomorrow.

and we barely sweat for PJK today! so happy~ my t-shirt not wet~ but good exercise still obtained through Ms. Foo's typical, "see that thing there? yea, run to it and come back here" ways. we had three things to run around today, a goal post, around the lontar jauh court and around the ... other thing. phew. then we didn't anything but sit! YAY.

oh yea my Sejarah's not done yet. tomorrow's Sejarah. but really, teacher never told us when we have to email it to her so maybe won't finish it tonight. I've never known her as a Sejarah teacher, and I don't think she is, so I'm not about to pretend I'm loving the way she teaches us.


Anesha: Yea I remember her.
Me: She's changed a lot.
Anesha: Really? How?
Me: She's become more complicated. She's like the algebra teacher just gave us. By the time I found the answer, teacher will say, "Oops sorry students, I missed out this calculation" and I'll have to redo again and apparently my calculator's at home.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

55's the number!

WOW. 55th post this month. I DO blog a lot. I wonder what would happen if I got this Internet WAY earlier than I did. this could be 300th post or something.

well, looks like I have to blog less.

today was OKAY. biase jer. such a typical day I almost hate it. but better hate bad days then typical days.

nothing much to say. hmm.

take the poll tau! get to see a whole bunch of cute pictures! I'm decorating my blog a bit, so picking one that suits me the most. if there's any you don't think suits me AT ALL, then tell me! thanks! jangan membazir mase dan tempat...

I've been writing some stories lately. to see 'em, tengoklah SHL, ade link at the link bar! I REALLY want more readers for SHL. we're really good writers, and we want people to read our work. nothing wrong with it. well, as'kum then.

xo, Lynnie.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Those were the Days.

all the fun we had,
all the laughs we shared.
all the memories left behind,
now I shall bring it up agan,
like or not,
we were once happy,
now not even tears are shed,
shall we cry on each others shoulders now?

i miss those days,
When nothing really mattered,
but us and our family,
and family including each other.
all secrets told,
never to be re-spoken,
now all those have broken into pieces,
to places I could not see.

Maybe it's under the sofa,
or maybe under the blankets.
shall we search?
or shall we buy a new?
even if so,
it will never be the same.

12 o'clock is NOT late.

so I slept on my bedroom floor waiting for Bakmal to finish his crap to do the Sejarah Excel thing, update my blog and serve my food at Cafe World. and Bakmal told me to 'be careful'. Bakmal, kalau mak dah tak panggil Elyna tidur kat bilik die, rasenye die okay la tu. plus, Elyna nak gosok baju lagi. tolong lah jangan selfish.

so anyway, school was okay. signed up for Briged Bestari. X3 and I will hate Sejarah forever if Madam K. is teaching us forever. it's kinda obvious die sendiri tak tau much about Sejarah, and tengah pura-pura pro by giving us all these extra-tech-geek instructions. I think that the only way understand is by reading this over and over again. REAL SEJARAH TEACHER, PLEASE COME~


so after school was choir. thursday's they're gonna make vocal practices. wajib for some, not for me. dunno if gonna go yet. then they had us seniors and new official group members group together and Sheera made some of us sing. THANK GOODNESS she didn't pick me. although i was already remembering the lyrics for Cinta Sempurna, it would be embarrassing if my voice goes off or I start an octave lower and not be able to continue!

okay then. next was rumah Biru. planned to masuk senamrobik, then GUESS WHAT. form3-5 ONLY. meowmeowmeow... bersabar jerla. next year boleh lagi. but I do miss all these commands...

rumah Biru, ambil jarak
pandang depan
rumah Biru, senangkan diri
rehatkan diri
satu dua tiga, STO

meow. then there's the marching one but haven't gone there just yet.

Then I saw B's sister! wanted to smile at her but had a glare match-off instead. haduuhh, i suck at being friendly to people I haven't talked to for sometime. kyaaa. then my dad told me Umar dah balik! OOH did I tell you name baby???

Umar Mikail

Yang memakmurkan dan pemberi rezeki. X)))


Okay anyway dad went all "Jangan pegang baby, mandi dulu, bla bla bla" and i thought, ayah, i think I know that. ;D

then mase balik I mandi~ then kejutkan Umar nak mandi~ then makan lunch at 6.45 :P (at school only ate bread)

hmm. that'sit i guess~ phhuuuu i don't think I'm gonna do the Sejarah Excel thingy... I'll do it last minute mase cikgu mintak :P nolah bile free. tidur lewat sangat pown tak elok. NIGHT PEOPLE! ;D

xo, Lynnie

Sempurnanya sifatmu,
Jujurnya hatimu,
Tulusnya niatmu 
Tingginya kesabaran mu.

Lepaskanlah diriku,
Kerna aku,
Tak mampu untuk menanggung sebuah 
cinta sempurna

Sunday, January 24, 2010

all my heart.

more difference should be made in this world. it just seems wrong, somehow.

i need to edit more video~~~ i want to edit the KH Girls Tribute thing with the Snow Fairy song. but when I think about it, I don't really take much time to edit videos. and I'll most probably want to upload the video IMMEDIATELY after I finish editing it. but I don't want to. Upload a bunch of videos at once, I mean. I wish these ideas came a little later in my life.

as for the videos I've already uploaded, nobody ever really watches it. it's kinda sad, you know, you buat susah-susah then nobody watches it. I can tell from the amount of views. I think I watched it about 4 times myself, and I opened the page a few times to get the URL but I don't know if that counts. but I know nobody watched it because it's not rated. i WANT to be rated, no matter how bad or good, it SHOULD be rated. every video I watch that has less than a hundred rates, I rate it. why can't people do the same to me? i know i should be less expectant, but I would love a little appreciation.

I may seem pathetic, but there's reasons for it.

some people may seem sombong, but maybe they just need a little space.

some people may seem shy, but maybe they just don't want to say what they really think, or lie.

some people may seem gedik, but maybe they're just trying to be friendly.

not everybody is evil on purpose, nobody tries to be the worst they can.
everybody has a heart, has an understanding.
There's a reason for everything, we just have to think more carefully.

but sometimes i wish, and i know everybody does too,
that everything would go how I want it to be.

xo, Lynnie

SoKai Tribute - Come Home

New video.

maths corrections and chocolate hearts.

I officially hate maths correction. or when i open my maths book and see a cross at a question I worked super hard on.

Or when chocolate gets stuck on my fingers. Or hand. That's WAY more annoying.

Long day. Doing maths corrections anyway. Bye.

xo, Lynnie

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Namine, Roxas and Xion -fandub- Story

I found this on YouTube! Who would've thought! XD kinda frustrating for me a bit here cuz Roxas's the jerk. :/ well, Roxas isn't exactly a jerk, more of a moody type.

types each guy (well some) are from Kingdom Hearts:-

Sora - happy-go-lucky, positive thinker, perky type.
Roxas - Moody, easily gets sad and thinks a lot more than boys usually do.
Riku - he's like the left-out jock. like, he's mr. perfect, he's everything every girl would want, and have the purest heart of  them all (or so he thought). but Sora gets the Keyblade. who would NOT get depressed at something like that?
Organisation13 guys - likes to play around, most probably because they don't have a heart anyway, so they don't effing care.
Xemnas - i-will-rule-the-world type. unusual. evil.

okay ANYWAY the story I MEANT to post. :P i'm almost ADD.

Namine loved Roxas, and he loved her. But one day, while Xion and him were hanging outthings went too far. Feeling guilty, Roxas confided in Namine that he cheated on her with Xion. Namine was heartbroken. Wishing he hadnt told her in the first place she left, knowing that living with that would kill her
A year passed and Namine still loved Roxas, and he still loves her, but hes going out with Xion. Both remember the day that Nami found out about the affair, Roxas guilty, Namine sad.
Xion noticed something wrong with Roxas and knew what was going on. She was angry at Roxas for doing this to Namine, and at herself for letting it happen. She and Roxas got into a fight, and she fled from the scene.
When Roxas found her, he asked her to come back home:
Lets go back together.
Xion shook her head:
I cant go back! she cried.
Confused, Roxas stepped forward to comfort her, but she backed away.
Leave me alone! she cried hoarsely, drawing her keyblade Roxas backed away, frightened. Xion fled.

Meanwhile Namine is barely getting on with her life. She loves Roxas, but knows hes happy with Xion, so she stays in her room all day, reliving the times she had with Roxas.
A knock comes from the door, and she beckons her guest in. Its Xion.
With a smile, Namine greets her, finally meeting the girl she lost her love to. She was prettier than she thought.
I wanted to meet you Namine whispered with a smile as Xion revealed her face.

Xion looked at Namine solemnly. Namine tilted her head in confusion.
Whats wrong, Xion? she asked.
Xion looked at Namine knowing this was the only way;
Erase me. She told Namine.

story by Stephanie Mcintosh. 

video not so good but I like the ending. 


death of an old being, birth of a new soul.

today was tiring. in the morning had to wake up for school. =.=' replacement for Chinese New Year. Mak Ina was sleeping at our house with her family ( Aiman, her husband, her husband's son and her husband's first wife) and she was talking to Mom about kemangkatan Sultan Negeri Johor. I orang Johor tau! Muar belah my dad, Batu Pahat belah my mom. X)

then went to school normally. everything seemed like a typical Thursday. then mase balik, when I got into the car, my mom called me Mak Su. BAYANGKAN. i was so surprised, I didn't believe her for a while. but then i read her messages. it's effing true. Kak Ain gave birth to her son one month earlier than the due date.

well, not everything we plan goes as we want it, right? semua dugaan Allah S.W.T. the clinic they tempah a bed is full. so we had to go to PPUM. and well, i cried on the way back home. like, how could i not feel this coming? :'(

well, obviously we know it's a boy. I won't post any pictures yet. SECRET. ;P

okay so tomorrow's the Petronas Philharmonic Concert and we got two tickets extra. I planned that me and Bakmal each get one ticket to invite our friend. and unbelievably, mom AGREED. :O so now I'm thinking these people:


Lea last sebab I malu. XD Bayangkan at a very classy place where jeans aren't allowed, there stands a girl yang tergedik-gedik tak sabar nak masuk tengok or because she saw a hot guy.

Azra lives at Shah Alam. Hanis Ampang. Laila Pantai Dalam. Adilah Shah Alam. Nurin SS1. Lea Damansara. Which one lives closest to KLCC? please answer this someone. :P

me gonna go calling-calling. bye~

xo, Lynnie X)

p.s, I'm going cuckoo on Connor Hutcherson again. XD

Friday, January 22, 2010

obsessedly addicted.

Anesha, you promised me Avatar CDs! >:(

awesomeness - not fair much?

so I broke the thing I did with the title. it gets hard, okay?

so didn't update because internet was pulled off. not about to talk about it. LOVE the song of the week right now. ;)

anyway,  i entered the new 1 Amanah the other day for Japanese class and guess their line. (all classes need a line they hang in the class. last year was "We Live To Study". this year "Unity in Diversity". Kai's idea. good idea.) Awesomeness is our middle name.

just recently Lea is OBSESSED with the word Awesomeness. we discussed about it and agreed that Random (a group we made last year) tag line should be "Awesomeness our middle name. Randomness is our thing". XD kiyuu

so much homework recently. merentas desa first Sat on Feb. exam after CNY holiday.

after Pandu Puteri meeting the other day, got nothing to talk about with Lea so went for chatting search. found Ika and Idah! they were obsessing on going to the Suju concert in March. Lissa and Kai already got THE MOST EXPENSIVE tickets, RM400, get to TAKE A PICTURE with those Korean hotties. wowwy. Ika said dapat yang paling murah pown tak kesah. see, those are what my friends are like. ;P

I was talking about how common their celeb boy interests are, Lea and I get obsessed on unknown actors of movies they show on HBO, never did on the silver screens like me with Josh Hutcherson (not anymore, Connor's WAY cuter, plus my age plus not a celeb plus birth date SECOND MAY 1996 XD my fav ;) )and Lea with Freddie Highmore. well, not really unknown but she stalks those cute actors in the movies that people don't really scream at/of or unnecessarily make "I heart *insertname*" t-shirts. (the other day I saw Hanna Haizal wear a "I heart Robert Pattinson" t-shirt, ew.) we're different. ;)

i heart the movie "The Woman". notice there's no guys AT ALL including voice or ANYTHING. just WOMEN. shows the power of the female species. :D

reading "What Katy Did" and "Cinta Laksa dan Ubi".

xo, Lynnie. ;)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

h is for hottie, anime version.

you do not know how hot he looks unless you watch the video. some of 'em looks SUPER HOT WITH ACTUAL BURNS. i heart Zuko. bpbush is just another one night stand, buddy, I heart you forever. XD plus, don't you think that smooch's a lil too tense? :P (see description)

(I use red cuz Zuko's a fire bender :P)

xo, Lynnie.

hearts with cherries on top! XD

h is for homework.

so much homework today. mengguna kesempatan before ten using computer (mom's orders).

only one thing i wanna tell you guys.

kids should have more respect. *shows middle finger to SKPJ kids*

ehh, takleh. ehemehemmom'sehemhereehemehem.


xo, Lynnie.

p.s, the last post punye moral should be "no matter how unlucky that day is, you're always lucky to have friends like mine." :P no seriously. X) I HEART YOU ALL

Monday, January 18, 2010

l is for lucky.

So Mondays, as usual sucks. I slept during perhimpunan as usual. The I had to pay RM1 just cuz I didn't pin-up my BI work! I mean, I pinned it before recess!!! And I already paid RM1 last Friday. =.=' Sigh~

Then tonnes of homework, especially maths correction. I'M NOT GONNA DO THOSE FREAKIN FRACTIONS. at least, not if teacher's gonna ask us to use the book. if I don't do corrections and teacher sees it she's gonna deduct my formative marks.

then after school i had choir. during lunch i ate with Cynta and Marina and their friends. then during choir it was actually sound-check / audition for students who didn't sound-check last year. i didn't stay long. the senior group (that's me!) had to just sing the four songs we usually sing during perhimpunan for demo to the juniors (that's them) . one of 'em, a form 1, had a great voice. she sang My Heart Will Go On for audition, and it was really nice. another unbelieveable thing was that she actually remember the words. i just hummed along. great. a form 1 who's better than me. just what i need.

then during waiting for house practice I sat with last year I C'ers. I know I said I hate some of 'em before, but these were great. not exactly my type, but they're not that gedik as I thought. except for Elyza. as usual, a little too much laughing and talked about her admirers. =.=' gawd.

well okay i didn't talk to them, they just talked. and i sat at the same table. Aqilah talked about her stealing her parent's c*****s and playing with it. she said it tasted like strawberry. Elyza went, "SHE TASTED IT! HAHAHAH" i was thinking the same effing thing. minus the laughs. she just heard a rumor about it having taste so she just tried it. Shalini suggested she put her thumb in it and actually tried doing it. that's just way out of my league.

then i was playing with me bottle and it fell and all the water came out. i sighed. what an unlucky day. i washed the bottle and when i came back, Shalini, the girl who used to hit me with her bag for no definite reason at SSP, gave one effin ringgit to buy water. you did not know how much I appreciated it. THANK YOU SHALINI. ;)

so after a while they all went to the toilet at once with no real reason. so there was me and Priyanka, a girl from my class and choir. i told her I left my gerko card with choir, and she told me to take it from Amanda and she teman me. ^ ^'

so when I left her and went to Amanda for my card, I lost her and found Nurin Amalia. ^ ^ Lucky me, having so many friends. :P So then we talked (we saw this bag saying 'I heart Girl'. LOL!), then Shalini came. we asked where she were and she said at the new pocras games at the field. So we went there.

so we did a few stuff (monkey bars, fell at the second bar, as usual; the curl up thing, buat sekali jer sebab matahari terik; the sit ups; and the twist. the stretch tu tak faham :/) then Ida and Ika and Dina came from Eco-Ranger! So more friends. :)) but then more people berebut the twist. >:/

then after a while we went for house practice. we had Merentas Desa training. at a moment i felt as if I would rather crawl. then when I saw that TNB box that's gratified, I KNEW we were near. :) so I ran from there (obviously I ran before, but I didn't run a while before that box) to school to see that Ida arrived first. ;) so I high-fived her! My pals mase the thing was the Nik sisters, Azrene and Azrena, and Karlmun from choir. at one moment the Nik sisters were practically Japanese! they talked like they were pros. I understood one thing that Azrena said - Baka. :)) they were me pals because my basic pals weren't my pace - either too fast or too slow. I left Dina behind. sorry buddy. :(

I arrived as one of the top 25 Biru's. ;) I was glad, because I don't want to be those who bersemangat at first, then they just give up and walk. unlike Ika sebab die memang macam Cynta - have running probs. I can't explain really. one thing i remember about Cyn's is that she has asthma, and bad too, so usually a 200 meter run (which for me is about 50 seconds) would be a two minute run for her. we would cheer for her so that she would arrive successfully! ;) semangat SSP.Ika tak sure kalau ade asthma.

so that was it. i posted this late because I wanted to change - finish ALL my homework first, baru touch the computer unless it's school-related or opening email.

so anyway. gotta go. here's an episode before the ones that I gave you when Zuko left the Fire Nation. ;)


Season 3, Episode 10 - The Day of the Black Sun (1): The Invasion

Season 3, Episode 11 - The Day of the Black Sun (2): The Eclipse


xo, Lynnie.

p.s, I love watching the reunion on episode 10. Just a tip in case you guys malas nak tengok. :P

Sunday, January 17, 2010

h is for haircut.

so I cut me hair was so long. now it's short to my shoulders. i love it. it feels so FREE. daripada dulu i'd be tying up my hair by the time my hair's dry. i feel like going to the Comic Fiesta and be somebody! maybe I should be Rukia from Bleach...

Eva's going as Gaara! well, the younger version of him. :/

so today was attempts on burning the KH Final Mix files. I thought I'd be playing by now but not really. :/ well, at least I got all my files. ;) I just wish file 26 isn't corrupted because it's the last file and it has lesser MBs than the others but I'm assuming it's because it's the last one but i can't tell, really. well, wish me luck. ;)

xo, Lynnie

Saturday, January 16, 2010

e is for episode 3.

Like I said on Facebook, I'm so bored I want to spam my own blog. :P Well, the reason for these episodes is for sharing, so hope you guys don't mind me spamming your updated blog list.

This was when Zuko went good. These were the best parts because he's in it. ;) AHAHA. Well, enjoy. ;)

Season 3, Episode 12 - The Western Air Temple

Season 3, Episode 13 - The Firebending Masters

xo, Lynnie. ;)

e is for episode 2.

Season 3, Episode 2 - Headband

xo, Lynnie

p.s, the one before is Season 3, Episode 5 - The Beach.

e is for episode.

One out of a million favourite episodes from Avatar : The Legend of Aang! damn Zuko's hot.

d is for depressing-storied boys.

I dunno why but I just noticed I always fall for the ones that get the bad side of the story. Like like, Roxas who's apparently a Nobody, when he had a LIFE at Twilight Town. he had to LEAVE all those because it's fate? EFF FATE if that's what will happen to me. Well, at least he met Namine. :P

and Zuko has just as a depressing story. he knew the good and bad, and he had to choose. why? why can't he just go to the good side? because his dad is the stinking Fire Emporer, dammit. but he remembered all the bad things his father did to his mother, so he stood up and left. but still, when he wanted to help Aang, Katara still couldn't believe him. why? because he lost her trust.

Zuko had a choice (yet again) to either side with his sister Azula or help Aang, but because Azula's family and she promised him the Fire Emporer's place, he just went with it and because of that Aang got seriously injured. like seriously, SERIOUSLY injured, with marks and all that. and it wasn't the face like his, it was at his back, a whole red mark across Aang's back. how could Katara ever forgive him? well, people change.

Anybody heard of "Kiss Me Kill Me"? I borrowed the first one from Lea and second one "Kisses and Lies" from Marishka (still haven't returned :P) and my fav character has to be, i shall say, is Dan's brother, Callum. no seriously. somehow even without giving out his personality so much he seems so attractive. :PPP AHAH well he's Dan's twin and Dan's supposingly good-looking which is how Scarlett fell for him anyway. so Callum's supposed to look like him which is how Scarlett fainted at the airport. i HATE the sister. i mean, they're your BROTHERS for gawd's sake, stop trying to kill Callum, you've done enough damage to Scarlett!

Okay I'm babbling. perhaps I do this everytime I blog after 12 a.m.? Maybe. :P

night, Lynnie.

z is for zuko.

the embing was disabled. URGHHHH nevermind sesiape rajin go to this link~

and Aang, and Katara, and Sokka, and Taff.
and all the other characters in Avatar the Legend of Aang.

X))) hensem lak tu mase rambut panjang.

AND also the singer of this song! this is one of d best song i've ever heard and it really suits Zuko!

Lyrics of Let it Rock by Kevin Rudolph:

(Verse 1 : Kevin Rudolph)
I see your dirty face
High behind your collar
What is done in vain
Truth is hard to swallow
So you pray to God
To justify the way you live a lie, live a lie, live a lie
And you take your time
And you do your crime
Well you made your bed
I'm in mine

Because when I arrive
I, I bring the fire
Make you come alive
I can take you higher
What is this, forgot?
I must now remind you
Let It Rock
Let It Rock
Let It Rock
(Verse 2: Kevin Rudolph)
Now the son's disgraced
He, who knew his father
When he cursed his name
Turned, and chased the dollar
But it broke his heart
So he stuck his middle finger
To the world
To the world
To the world
And you take your time
And you stand in line
Well you'll get what's yours
I got mine

Because when I arrive
I, I bring the fire
Make you come alive
I can take you higher
What is this, forgot?
I must now remind you
Let It Rock
Let It Rock
Let It Rock
(Verse 3: Lil Wayne)
*i deleted it because it had nuthin t do with Zuko*

Because when I arrive
I, I bring the fire
Make you come alive
I can take you higher
What is this, forgot?
I must now remind you
Let It Rock
Let It Rock
Let It Rock (Oh!)
Because when I arrive
I, I bring the fire
Make you come alive
I can take you higher
What is this, forgot?
I must now remind you
Let It Rock
Let It Rock
Just Let It Rock
Let It Rock
Let It Rock
Let It Rock

(Lil Wayne)
Im back like I forgot somethin'
Im somethin
Rollin' Rock rubbin' rap runnin'
Miles like I'm trying to get a flat stomach
Like Wayne the personal trainer
My aim is perfect I'll b**g ya
Period, Like the remainder

(Kevin Rudolph)
I wish I could be
As cool as you
And I wish I could say
The things you do
But I can't and I won't live a lie
No not this time

*Zuko is like, the son of a guy who started a war so like he had to find Aang (the Avatar) and bring him to his dad and to get his honour back (he did something, i forgot). but his grandfather's really nice, so like he got back to his senses because of his grandfather. so bad guy gone good. And I VOTE HIM TO BE WITH KATARA. they seem so CUTE! that emo gurl pown okay laa but i still prefer Katara. sorry Aang. you're like, 62 actually. :P (12 plus 50) (or is it a hundred? tak ingat, dah lame tak tengok!)*

night, Lynnie <3

p.s, stop being so emo. plus, am i the Dimmy girl? :P it's not that nobody wants you, it's just... timing. :D hope this helped in any way at all. 

n is for new video.

Youtube's Catchphrase:

"Rate, Comment and Subscribe!"

Am I right, or am I right?


xo, Lynnie

s is for sokai fans.

I got this from a youtuber called avidityy. I've posted a quote of her's before, right? here's a story she wrote.

[In progress... o_O]

The spiky haired boy began to walk down the dark narrow street, his thoughts consumed of everything that has happened, everything that has been lost... he did not notice that someone was following behind him.

"Sora!" a feminine voice called. Of course, It was very familiar to him...

The said boy immediately turned to look over his own shoulder. There he recognized who stood behind, her sky-blue orbs locked on him. There she was... the girl that was previously in his thoughts, now stood before him. A small smirk formed on her face, as he spoke out her name,


The red headed girl stood up, filling herself with confidence, "This time..." her flower key blade ripped through the air, as she swung it to her side, "I'll fight."

Sora concentrated, trying to read her expression, only to notice the serious look in her eyes. Kairi stood in stance that showed she was really ready to fight him...

"Come on!" Kairi demands, charging towards Sora.

Sora kicked his leg back, a hand gripped onto his key blade ready to defend himself. He grinds his teeth together in frustration, knowing that he will have no choice but to fight against Kairi... seeing as she will not back down easily.

As Kairi Lunges towards Sora from a distance, he swings his key blade in position before their keyblade's clashed together loudly.

Using his own strength to fight against the pressure from Kairi forcing the oblivion down onto his kingdom key, his eyes were staring straight into her manipulated eyes. His face couldn't help but soften, as he saw the beautiful face of the Kairi he once knew before. Her oceanic eyes, and soft lips that forms a heart warming smile, began to force the tears forming at the edge of Sora's eyes, to fall...

It was already over, because he knew the Kairi he once loved is gone... 

So sad.. but this isn't a real story, of course. :P  Just a fan-made story. 

this is to all Sokai fans!

xo, Lynnie 

Friday, January 15, 2010

a is for alice academy.

Alice Academy or Gakuen Alice has always been one of my fav animes. Discovered through Animax.


kimi ga ookkina ookkina koe de warattara
sugu ni manekko  issho ni waratta ne

te wo tsunaide aruita michi
kyou wa futari de  kakekkoshou
kimi to iru to donna sekai mo akaruku kagayaku yo

sonna kimo no tonari ni iru
konna chiccha na shiawase wo
hitotsu hitotsu dakishime nagara  egao ni kaeru yo

jitensha de kuguri nuketa ano niji no you ni
HAPPII na iro de iyou  itsumademo

utsumuite aruita michi
kyou wa futari de  kakekkoshi you
ue wo mukimasho  donna sekai mo akaruku kagayaku yo

sonna kimo no tonari ni iru
konna chiccha na shiawase wo
hitotsu hitotsu dakishime nagara egao ni kaeru yo

jitensha de kuguri nuketa ano niji no you ni
HAPPII na iro de ite ne  itsumademo

kenka shita  kokoro no kyouri wa
komosashijya hakarenai
korae kirezu  koboreta namida
futari de nugui aeba 

jitensha de kuguri nuketa ano niji no you ni
HAPPII na iro de iyou  itsumademo

kimi ga ookkina ookkina koe de waratteku
HAPPII na iro de iyou  itsumademo
sorry no translation. siape rajin-rajin post kan boleh gak. ^ ^'

f is for kh fever.

a is for appreciation.

so like, at Pandu Puteri, Hanna randomly told me that my stories are very creative. :D i was super happy, but I bet Hanna didn't know that. control macho. :P i asked which one, but she said, "I'm not sure of the title, but they're very creative. X))) i wanted to say Hanis's are good too but teacher was bout to talk. and Hanna, well, apparently you gave me inspiration. :D inspiration to make more stories! well, not really. :P I'm still planning to keep up with this pace. it's good enough. but, you know, it makes an author happy. i should do that sometimes. compliment on people's works randomly. i think the more random, the better because they will know that we think about their work a lot, until we could just randomly pick up the subject. so cool.

now I know how some internet celebreties feel when they get hate comments and good comments. i know how Ryan Higa feels when he gets a bunch of comments saying how much they love his videos. i now understand more.

well then. anway, i was thinking, if i ever get a scanner in my house, maybe i could make a tumblr page especially for my sketches. like, a gallery for it. i would totally love it. if i actually made one, slalu visit tau! not like mine now, so crappy. :/

alrighty, gudnites~

xo, Lynnie.

c is for co-curriculum.

so today was registration day. got good news, got bad news. start from beginning- choir.

it was okay, really. plus this year there's loads of activity. hopefully the production club won't whip up another musical, cuz then practice for our own activities won't be done.

then i went to sign up for swimming. damn limited space. they only accepted the first 16 students who sign up and guess what, out of the whole form 2, i'm most probably number 19 or 20! sayang giler. so I didn't join any sports club. maybe next year. Yen Fern was hugging me because I didn't enter any sports club like she. =_=' i was like, okay Yen Fern, you can let go now. please.

then I went for Pandu Puteri~ the funnest out of them all. why? cuz I'm gonna get me self a whole bunch of badgies.

okay, maybe right now I can confirm three, pemuzik, ahli rumah tangga (chores), and pelukis (gonna talk about it later).

so those are about badges. next about the Gathering! so you know how Pandu Puteri/ Girl Guides are connected internationally? so that means we're even connected with people from Africa! so obviously we would be connected to other school's Girl Guides and Scouts. so the Gathering is also participated by other schools such as Sultan Abdul Samad, Bukit Bintang and Victoria Institution. also known as Samad, BB and VI. :P so it's gonna be on 7th February, I believe, at our school hall. all members are required to participate.

so to make this evening a success, obviously we need crews. and these are the groups:

Group A - Security and Cleanliness

Security, and , obviously, cleanliness.

Group B - Hall and Stage Decoration

Decoration, banner making, creative stuff like that.

Group C - Peformances

When you enter this, you could get a penyanyi badge if you sing. anyway, does all the performances and entertainment, cant be involved in other groups.

Okay, obviously i'm gonna enter group B. that's how i'm gonna get me pelukis badge. so yeah.

after that we went into class. then went for Blue House! WOO

so I remembered another chant, I totally forgot bout this one, but still SUPER COOL

Blue house is, hot to go,
H-O-double T-O-G-O
Aum! (clap clap)
is hot to go
Aum! (clap clap)
is hot to go


okay then, STILL editing video plus making name card plus downloading stuff for pra-pelantikan. so bye~

Thursday, January 14, 2010

e is for editing. and me!

HAH harith I found out how to silent the video clips on WMM :PPP i don't need no stinking Sony Vegas Pro 8.0, no matter how cool that sounds.

so like, I'm waiting for me videos (umm, videO) to finish converting, which I don't know why must be tonight, but yeah. i just freaking feel like it.

so i'm thinking bout ko-kurikulum registration tomorrow. like I said before, it must be like American schools where you get to go around the school to get from a class to another! writing down which class to go to at what time felt cool enough! So here's my list for tomorrow~

7.40 a.m. - 8.15 a.m., Hall (in front, by the piano) Choir, most probably for audition or perkenalan dengan form 1s

8.20 a.m. - 8.55 a.m., 3 Bakti (upstairs, above the upper science labs) Swimming, a brief introduction about new club I suppose.

9.00 a.m. - 9.35 a.m., 3 Gigih (just along 3B, pepandailah) Pandu Puteri, obviously Search for AJKs since we didn't.. wait, we did! I'm AJK photography, and I forgot that. :P

9.35 a.m. - 10.00 a.m., (okay actually the conversion is done, but I want to convert another one, just in time to finish this post :P ) Canteen, Recess obviously.

10.00 a.m. - 11.00 a.m., BM teacher on leave because of pregnancy! yay! (sebernarnya Cikgu Laila dah melahirkan pun, Alhamdullilah, but still dalam hari so around end February baru start blajar BM. :/ I need guidance in BM, actually)

11.00 a.m. - 12.00 p.m., Seni! not favourite subject, but still better than Geography! plus, I brought my sketch file to show off just for fun :P hopefully THAT never happens.

12.00 p.m. - 1.00 p.m., Rumah Biru, still not sure where it is.

Okay, sempena menyambut pembukaan semula aktiviti-aktiviti ko-kurikulum, saya akan menaip lagu sorak rumah Biru (or now known as Sapphire Blue) tahun lepas kegemaran saya...!

Down by the padang,
Where everybody is,
We are the Blue House girls,
Now cheer it like this,
Blue, Blue, Blue blue Blue,
Blue, Blue, Blue blue Blue,
We are the best in Sri Aman,


i dunno if we stole this or anything, I didn't steal it okay.
I think there's another one, But I ca- OH the CHANT

When I say blue, you say HUCK!

sometimes my throat gets sore from all these. XP plus sometimes I'm practicing for both choir AND this, i don't even do he chant cuz I'm afraid if I don't have any voice for the competition. :P other wise, i would SCREAM WARGH HAHAHAHA. XD semangat dah naik. berkobar-kobar. EEE tak sabar esok.

OH OH does anybody know the song where it goes, "*something* I'd be gone a day, *something* the more I see the less I know. but one thing I do know, that I love you. I love you, I love you, I love you." I don't know the title NOR the singer. HELP.

xo, Lynnie (dah penat dah. :P )

g is for guys and girls.

"Sometimes the right guy will come around fighting to prove his love and to stay with you... because he knows you're worth every moment to him,. No one can compare to you... and no one else crosses his mind. There would never be any excuse as to why he can't be with you... because if he truly believes you're the one, or cares about you over any other girl... nothing would ever get in his way. Not even a second thought.

Isn't that the kind of guy, every girl would want?"

from Avidityy's youtube account

xo, Lynnie

y is for yokunasai desu.

today wasn't so good. that's what the title means. the opposite of good. bad.

it started off with me waking up at 5.30, only remembering these:

i wasn't supposed to sleep, only wanted to baring-baring. Then I slept. Without brushing my teeth or solat Isyak or kemas buku. which is so freaking frustrating.

then I my toe was crushed by Lea / Lea's chair. I was like, "ARGH, WHO THE HE- LEA!!!" and she said sorry.

then recess and Lea went with Zaza again. and I made a new friend Iman! :) Then we went to the gallery to play piano and there were bebudak asrama there. =.= we only played one song each in the end. :'(

Then Lea's chair squished my toe again. she says they (the chairs) freaking love me. more like hate me. maybe a love-hate relationship. XD

then Lea left me in front all alone to go to the back with Zaza. :'( new experience. yeah right. you do not know how much that menjatuhkan maruah I. so kira you prefer Zaza because, I am boring, you shall have no fun sitting next to me in class. how SAD.

then we got an announcement saying that only people who cant swim can enter the swimming club. T.T well, I'll go there first, and if they say RESTRICTEDLY for people who can't swim, I wont enter any sports (Choir and Orchestra have an advantage, they don't have to enter sports if they don't want to. ^ ^) actually Japanese is also considered a club, so we have an option to take or not to take another club. So if we don't, it's considered we enter Japanese club and they give us freaking koku marks for it. so I actually have a replacement for sports! ^ ^ yay yay yay yay so i just have to attend and everything's alright! okay that was WAY out of topic.

then I was complaining to Lea how my cramp freaking HURTS and she said, "mesti dah lame tak exercise". i wore a black t-shirt for the rest of the day.

then everything else that happened could not be considered happy moments, but they're not bad either so nevermind.

well. so long then. till the next post. if i survive this day.

xo, Lynnie.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

h is for hurt.

my toe got hurt. a lot, today. first PJK. talking bout that, I sweat like I never did for a long time. You do not wanna know what we did. and talking about PJK, I'm gonna have to skip rope this weekend. I ate too much chocolate just now. :P talking about that, I'm entering swimming club! we're going to go to the UM swimming pool, then when the school swimming pool finishes, it'll be easier. :) talking about swimming, Nurin, Nurin Amalia and I planned to go like, early in the morning our bags will already be there cuz the positions are limited. hmm. maybe I should invite Nadiah to join us. Lea wants to enter Netball. :/ talking about Nurin Amalia, she said that swimming gives you more body. :P OKAY ANYWAY.

and then it was KH and I bumped my toe, and I mean, exactly the very toe that went purple, on the leg of a wooden table.

and then I went to hantar buku BI yang cikgu suruh pass up, and I was carrying a backpack, a sling bag, a bottle (yang ade tali die so sling jugak) and two piles of books, one long note book and the other exercise book. then I bumped into MarMar. :) she saw my stack of books and asked if i wanted help, but we were almost to the teacher's room already. so I said it's okay. then we didn't say anything cuz it's been a while since we REALLY talked. like, mase our standard 6 performance practices pown kalau Azra takde, we'll be like, super awkward. so we just walked, side by side, then when I arrived in front of the teachers room I said bye. (OHEMGEE phack my bro. super annoying much? Bakmal main tadi Elyna kacau ker? now I'm playing can you stop kacau-ing me? cuz I think you've had enough, this whole morning and until five o'clock, don't you think? man, I wish he had a life other than Dota and smoking and his pals. maybe i should get him a girlfriend who hates Dota as much as I do.) then i just remembered- how the heck am I supposed to open the effing door?? then a student went into the teachers room and while it was still open, I ran to it and stopped it with my foot, then pushed it and rushed in but before i could it bounced back on me. just then, I heard Marina say "eh eh!" and she stopped the door for me! AWW THANK YOU MARMAR / MAMA RINA!!! :)) i miss saying that. remember AF6? there was a contestant named Mama Rina. and I said she looked exactly like Marina. >:)) nolah, Marina is WAYYY cuter. pretty lil gurl, shweet and plays guitar~ even my mom liked her. :P

so that was today~ I'm getting better at Xion's Theme. ;) Night~

xo, Lynnie.

p.s, nobody contacted me through meez yet? :/ let me remind you, WWW.MEEZ.COM and search for LYNNIE96. thanks! i just made room. i think it's pretty cool!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

g is for guessing.

I guess that's why.

Well, sorry babe, I'm not about to give an Islamic advice like dear Anonymous did (I read that and that sort of gave me inspiration too, thanks Anonymous!) but one thing too say - risks aren't that bad.

personally, for one thing, you could take a risk, and that risk gave you a happy ending, a good friend, a great husband. like, you can't like, not trust every guy you know. There are some times you just have to trust your guts.

secondly, even if you did take that risk and it ended up badly, at least you got a lesson. You learn from every mistake, without mistakes you will never succeed. There are times, something HAS to go wrong because you have to learn something from that situation. everything happens for a reason, I believe that. Everything happens for our own good. When bad things happen, itu cuma dugaan Allah S.W.T, untuk menguji kita, adakah kita tabah menghadapi dugaan bumi yang tidak kekal ini? Jika tak, macam mana nanti kita dekat neraka? I bet you know that Nis. You're more alim than me. You just have to think less of what you're gonna do, and more of why.

well, I don't know if that's the advice you're looking for, or even if you're asking for it, but that's what I can give you as a friend. I'm sorry if this offended you, or seems like I'm insulting you, but please understand my reasons. And this isn't just for Hanis, it's also for everyone who's having a bad time. Just remember this, and insya-Allah, you akan tabah menghadapi dugaan Allah S.W.T. :)

xo, Lynnie. 

l is for lazy.

nothing much to say about today. except we got number 3 in the singing thing. 2H got first. =.='

auper boring day. me and nurin sang "Hilo Puppets" by nigahiga mase balik. =____= serious nothing. okay then, till later~

OH OH i could type in my favourite chapters in Season of Secrets! btw, I finished it! yay... ;)


Bonfires and Magic

When we get back home, Jack's having a bonfire.

I go out to watch him. The smoke has a wonderful woodsy smell about it. The air is sharp and there's this pale blue sky , so big and empty it almost hurts, with just a few stringy clouds hovering round the edges.

"Like it?" says Jack, and I nod.

I like Jack. I like fire. I like how different things behave when you put them on it. Crisp packets burn with this big flame and then shrivel away to nothing. Planks sit there for ages making up their minds, but once they start burning they go and go. Logs crackle. Wet wood hisses and smoke. And the leaves from the hedge make a friendly pop-pop-popping sounds.

"Double, double, toil and trouble," says Jack. "Fire burn and cauldron bubble. Little witch, you are."

"That's right," I say. "I'm making a spell. Double, double, double," and I walk round the fire three times widdershins, which is the opposite way to clockwise and also magic.

"Don't you cast any spells on me!" says Jack.

"I'm making a weather spell," I say. "A spell to make it spring again."

"Ah," says Jack. He pokes the fire with a bit of stick. "Spring'll come round without anyone wishing for it," he says.

"Soon?" I say.

"Soon enough," says Jack, and throws the stick on the fire.


This story is written by Sally Nicholls. I take no credit of it. Please insert name of author if story is copied and used in another web or whatever.

So yea. I especially like the fire part. anyway more will come. It's a very nice story, but you wouldn't understand if I letak sekerat-sekerat so I'm mostly gonna put parts yang tak banyak explanation yang diperlukan.

alrighty. bye!

xo, Lynnie.

p.s, if you're bored or finding something new, go to and make a Meez then search for my Meez punye username - lynnie96! then we can make our own room and do stuff... :) plus, Abang beli roti, tak beli biskut... :'( OH and my toe's getting better. from black-ish purple to red... :D

Monday, January 11, 2010

t is for that one friend.

very funny yet true.

and there's a bird at the ironing room. we're guessing it was running away from Comel.

hmm. let's put random lyrics again!



p is for program maju diri.

well, today was rather different. i totally burdened myself of bringing a heavy load of books when today was actually our first day of Program Maju Diri. and yes, that means we don't study! :P we had this earlier last year too, only we had PRS's as our guide, not teachers. sometimes teachers come, but they go.

so anyway, our class got kelas terbersih for this week mase perhimpunan. Ms. Foo is popular for getting all her classes kelas terbersih. last year 1G kept winning. this year our class pulak. and i slept half of the perhimpunan.

Then the activities started. as usual, the program always start with this piece of paper that writes all these stuff like, "Anda seorang yang mesra dengan semua orang" (4 out of 5 for me!) and "And pasti sikap yang baik akan membawa kepada kejayaan" (4 again) . so we had to like, do a vote or something like that. so after that was recess.

next up, we had to design and create a dress/outfit for our fellow five models (picked earlier by Kai, always taking over the class I see.). so guess which one of my buddies got picked. well, two actually.

Lea and Nadiah.

So me, Laila, Engku, Anesha and Le Dya designed a cute lil dress for her.

imagine a lil halter necked pleated dress with a ribbon belt and a huge ribbon cekak. and a wand. with light brown hair up to the shoulders. Lea teramatlah cutenyer. tapi tak menang. guess who did. Tabitha, Pn. Rachel's daughter. how typical.

so after that we had to make a melody for this song that we only got the lyrics of. plus had to be patriotic song's melody. we picked Saya Anak Malaysia then 2H group 1 did it too and they got NINETEEN FREAKIN MARKS. and apparently we KNOW that they stole it from us because we were singing it and after a while we heard them sing the same and WAHAHA here's the blow they sang a lil too loud and we heard them and ALISSA ACTUALLY SHUSHED THEM like dumb move Lissa, if you just ignored them it wouldn't be so obvious that they stole the song and didn't want us to know (obviously). Priyanka was so chill after they totally stole our song and got 19 marks for it, plus now teachers are gonna think that WE stole from THEM because our performance is tomorrow! biatches. so not fair. see, this is what happens when you go to a girl's school.

then we went back home. i interviewed Pn. Puteri today for the English project. will be presenting it on Wednesday. then I talked to my junior Ema Marya! hey gurl, missed you! I used to hang out with her when I was super close to Cynta. she came to my house once. :) she said she wanted to enter Mandarin, and I was like, EMA! Mandarin untuk budak memang masuk sekolah jenis Cina dulu lah! and she said, "Heh? okay la masuk Japanese then. and i said, "YAY" with a squishy faced. then I introduced Lea and Sook Ching to her and Lea was like, "Hey, don't introduce me like that." *biatch friendly pose* "hey I'm Lea." LOL.

OH OH after recess there was this guy who discussed to us about Curvical Cancer. or something spelled like that. you do not want to know what it is. and Lea said,

"Nurin is most likely to get the disease."
"You know. cuz she's SA (s**ually active)"
"Nurin, Nurin, when?"
"you know, the SA"
"huh? my... birthday?"
"tahun bile?"
"er?? 1996?"
"Nurin, Nurin. congrats, Nurin. congrats."
"??? WHAT?"
LOLOLOLOL. sorry Nurin, we totally pwned you. XD

okay so dat's it for today i guess. listening to more KH music. ;)

xo, Lynnie

p.s, I WANT COOKIES lets go to Carrefour with 50 bucks from dad and BUY ALL THE SNACKS WE WANT cuz i get bored and always wanna chew something while online-ing. BEH-BYE.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

d is for depressing.

this weekend changed 40% of my life. why? because i experienced stuff i never did. i'm not gonna list it down. that's so school-ish. although i'd like to be sophisticated sometimes.

this day was sort of depressing. my toe turning black-ish blue. randomly hitting into a mosquito spray in the middle of nowhere. getting 10 bucks from practically letting my toe expand some more. (jual surat khabar plus barang-barang recycable ayah kat office)  to getting emails (ehem ehem) to... nevermind.

next, I'm gonna post random lyrics because I want to.

I'd like to make myself believe
That planet Earth turns slowly
It's hard to say that I'd rather stay
Awake when I'm asleep
'Cause everything is never as it seems

*my fav part*

'Cause I'd get a thousand hugs
From ten thousand lightning bugs
As they tried to teach me how to dance

A foxtrot above my head
A sock hop beneath my bed
A disco ball is just hanging by a thread.


I'm not surprised,
Not everything lasts,
I've broken my heart so many times I stopped keeping track.
Talk myself in,
I talk myself out,
I get all worked up,
Then I let myself down,

I might have to wait,
I’ll never give up,
I guess it's half timin', and the other half's luck,
Wherever you are,
Whenever it's right,
You'll come outta nowhere and into my life.

I tried so very hard not to loose it;
I came up with a million excuses,
I thought I thought of every possibility,

 Somehow I know that it’ll all turn out,
You'll make me work so we can work to work it out,
And promise you kid, I'll give so much more than I get, mmmm....
I just haven't met you yet.

and I know that we can be so amazin',
And bein' in your life is gonna change me,
And now I can see every single possibility, mmmmmm

If I'm a bad person, you don't like me
Well, I guess I'll make my own way
Where's your gavel? Your jury?
What's my offense this time?
You're not a judge but if you're gonna judge me
Well, sentence me to another life

Don't wanna hear your sad songs
I don't wanna feel your pain
When you swear it's all my fault
'Cause you know we're not the same
No, we're not the same, oh, we're not the same

You treat me just like another stranger
Well, it's nice to meet you, sir
I guess I'll go, I best be on my way out
Ignorance is your new best friend

The same tricks that, that once fooled me
They won't get you anywhere
I'm not the same kid from your memory
Well, now I can fend for myself

The daily things [like this and that and what is what]
That keep us all busy
Are confusing me

you've shown me how to see
that nothing holding me
nothing is broken

21st century breakdown
I was once lost but never was found
I think I am losing what's left of my mind
To the 20th century deadline.(i LOVE this song)

I am a nation
A worker of pride
My debt to status quo

Do you know what's worth fighting for?
When it's not worth dying for?
Does it take your breath away
And you feel yourself suffocating?

Does the pain weigh out the pride?
And you look for a place to hide?
Did someone break your heart inside?
You're in ruins

When you're at the end of the road
And you lost all sense of control
And your thoughts have taken their toll
When your mind breaks the spirit of your soul

Did you try to live on your own
When you burned down the house and home?
Did you stand too close to the fire
Like a liar looking for forgiveness from a stone?

When it's time to live and let die
And you can't get another try
Something inside this heart has died
You're in ruins

Warning. Live without warning
Say warning. Live without warning
Without. Alright.

Welcome to a new kind of tension
All across the alien nation
Where everything isn't meant to be okay

Television dreams of tomorrow
We're not the ones who're meant to follow
For that's enough to argue

Don't want to be an ******** idiot
One nation controlled by the media
Information age of hysteria
It's going out to idiot *******

I beg to dream and differ from the hollow lies
This is the dawning of the rest of our lives
On holiday

I'm walking down the line
That divides me somewhere in my mind
On the border line of the edge
And where I walk alone

Read between the lines
What's fucked up and everything's all right
Check my vital signs to know I'm still alive
And I walk alone

My shadow's the only one that walks beside me
My shallow heart's the only thing that's beating
Sometimes I wish some one up there will find me
Till then I walk alone

I walk this empty street
On the Boulevard of broken dreams
Where the city sleeps
And I'm the only one and I walk alone

here comes the rain again
falling from the stars
drenched in my pain again
becoming who we are

wow that's a lot of lyrics. especially Green Day. I HEART GREEN DAY! XD

okay nighty-night. mom said, "Sudah-sudah lah tu na. RIGHT.

xo, Lynn. ;)