Monday, January 25, 2010

12 o'clock is NOT late.

so I slept on my bedroom floor waiting for Bakmal to finish his crap to do the Sejarah Excel thing, update my blog and serve my food at Cafe World. and Bakmal told me to 'be careful'. Bakmal, kalau mak dah tak panggil Elyna tidur kat bilik die, rasenye die okay la tu. plus, Elyna nak gosok baju lagi. tolong lah jangan selfish.

so anyway, school was okay. signed up for Briged Bestari. X3 and I will hate Sejarah forever if Madam K. is teaching us forever. it's kinda obvious die sendiri tak tau much about Sejarah, and tengah pura-pura pro by giving us all these extra-tech-geek instructions. I think that the only way understand is by reading this over and over again. REAL SEJARAH TEACHER, PLEASE COME~


so after school was choir. thursday's they're gonna make vocal practices. wajib for some, not for me. dunno if gonna go yet. then they had us seniors and new official group members group together and Sheera made some of us sing. THANK GOODNESS she didn't pick me. although i was already remembering the lyrics for Cinta Sempurna, it would be embarrassing if my voice goes off or I start an octave lower and not be able to continue!

okay then. next was rumah Biru. planned to masuk senamrobik, then GUESS WHAT. form3-5 ONLY. meowmeowmeow... bersabar jerla. next year boleh lagi. but I do miss all these commands...

rumah Biru, ambil jarak
pandang depan
rumah Biru, senangkan diri
rehatkan diri
satu dua tiga, STO

meow. then there's the marching one but haven't gone there just yet.

Then I saw B's sister! wanted to smile at her but had a glare match-off instead. haduuhh, i suck at being friendly to people I haven't talked to for sometime. kyaaa. then my dad told me Umar dah balik! OOH did I tell you name baby???

Umar Mikail

Yang memakmurkan dan pemberi rezeki. X)))


Okay anyway dad went all "Jangan pegang baby, mandi dulu, bla bla bla" and i thought, ayah, i think I know that. ;D

then mase balik I mandi~ then kejutkan Umar nak mandi~ then makan lunch at 6.45 :P (at school only ate bread)

hmm. that'sit i guess~ phhuuuu i don't think I'm gonna do the Sejarah Excel thingy... I'll do it last minute mase cikgu mintak :P nolah bile free. tidur lewat sangat pown tak elok. NIGHT PEOPLE! ;D

xo, Lynnie

Sempurnanya sifatmu,
Jujurnya hatimu,
Tulusnya niatmu 
Tingginya kesabaran mu.

Lepaskanlah diriku,
Kerna aku,
Tak mampu untuk menanggung sebuah 
cinta sempurna

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