Tuesday, January 26, 2010

55's the number!

WOW. 55th post this month. I DO blog a lot. I wonder what would happen if I got this Internet WAY earlier than I did. this could be 300th post or something.

well, looks like I have to blog less.

today was OKAY. biase jer. such a typical day I almost hate it. but better hate bad days then typical days.

nothing much to say. hmm.

take the poll tau! get to see a whole bunch of cute pictures! I'm decorating my blog a bit, so picking one that suits me the most. if there's any you don't think suits me AT ALL, then tell me! thanks! jangan membazir mase dan tempat...

I've been writing some stories lately. to see 'em, tengoklah SHL, ade link at the link bar! I REALLY want more readers for SHL. we're really good writers, and we want people to read our work. nothing wrong with it. well, as'kum then.

xo, Lynnie.

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