Friday, January 1, 2010

age doesn't matter

OHEMGEE I'm wrong. He's 19 now. meaning... four years back... umm... 15!!! I KNEW IT! He looked too young in those videos to be 19!!! But he does look 23 now... WEIRD.

19 meaning.... wait, oh nevermind. He's six years older than me. :)) LOL Nurin, ingat tak we used to go crazy on Akim? yea. We were calculating ages and stuff. and the end the conclusion was that age doesn't matter. or, age, have-a-girlfriend, birthdate, lives where doesn't matter. XP WAHAHAHA I'm going crazy over nigahiga/ Ryan Higa like Adilah and Hanis does over Korean guys. Or how I used to with Akim. Or Lea with Freddie Highmore (stalker much??) or or or umm OH Jan Zhi with her animes! Like that one with the girls turning into mermaids. she has like a million pictures of that show. and catogerized according to people. and the video of every episode. Yea pretty much like that except I don't download the videos and no pictures. All my fangirling over Ryan Higa is over YouTube videos. :P Okay then. Will soon post some more Ryan Higa related stuff including his best ... wait I'll just do it now.

This one MIGHT need a little censoring. If you're a little on the sensitive side about your BO, don't watch it. But still funny.

And for the Twilight fans, two more videos...

ENJOY!!! xo, Lynnie~

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