Sunday, January 24, 2010

all my heart.

more difference should be made in this world. it just seems wrong, somehow.

i need to edit more video~~~ i want to edit the KH Girls Tribute thing with the Snow Fairy song. but when I think about it, I don't really take much time to edit videos. and I'll most probably want to upload the video IMMEDIATELY after I finish editing it. but I don't want to. Upload a bunch of videos at once, I mean. I wish these ideas came a little later in my life.

as for the videos I've already uploaded, nobody ever really watches it. it's kinda sad, you know, you buat susah-susah then nobody watches it. I can tell from the amount of views. I think I watched it about 4 times myself, and I opened the page a few times to get the URL but I don't know if that counts. but I know nobody watched it because it's not rated. i WANT to be rated, no matter how bad or good, it SHOULD be rated. every video I watch that has less than a hundred rates, I rate it. why can't people do the same to me? i know i should be less expectant, but I would love a little appreciation.

I may seem pathetic, but there's reasons for it.

some people may seem sombong, but maybe they just need a little space.

some people may seem shy, but maybe they just don't want to say what they really think, or lie.

some people may seem gedik, but maybe they're just trying to be friendly.

not everybody is evil on purpose, nobody tries to be the worst they can.
everybody has a heart, has an understanding.
There's a reason for everything, we just have to think more carefully.

but sometimes i wish, and i know everybody does too,
that everything would go how I want it to be.

xo, Lynnie

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