Friday, January 22, 2010

awesomeness - not fair much?

so I broke the thing I did with the title. it gets hard, okay?

so didn't update because internet was pulled off. not about to talk about it. LOVE the song of the week right now. ;)

anyway,  i entered the new 1 Amanah the other day for Japanese class and guess their line. (all classes need a line they hang in the class. last year was "We Live To Study". this year "Unity in Diversity". Kai's idea. good idea.) Awesomeness is our middle name.

just recently Lea is OBSESSED with the word Awesomeness. we discussed about it and agreed that Random (a group we made last year) tag line should be "Awesomeness our middle name. Randomness is our thing". XD kiyuu

so much homework recently. merentas desa first Sat on Feb. exam after CNY holiday.

after Pandu Puteri meeting the other day, got nothing to talk about with Lea so went for chatting search. found Ika and Idah! they were obsessing on going to the Suju concert in March. Lissa and Kai already got THE MOST EXPENSIVE tickets, RM400, get to TAKE A PICTURE with those Korean hotties. wowwy. Ika said dapat yang paling murah pown tak kesah. see, those are what my friends are like. ;P

I was talking about how common their celeb boy interests are, Lea and I get obsessed on unknown actors of movies they show on HBO, never did on the silver screens like me with Josh Hutcherson (not anymore, Connor's WAY cuter, plus my age plus not a celeb plus birth date SECOND MAY 1996 XD my fav ;) )and Lea with Freddie Highmore. well, not really unknown but she stalks those cute actors in the movies that people don't really scream at/of or unnecessarily make "I heart *insertname*" t-shirts. (the other day I saw Hanna Haizal wear a "I heart Robert Pattinson" t-shirt, ew.) we're different. ;)

i heart the movie "The Woman". notice there's no guys AT ALL including voice or ANYTHING. just WOMEN. shows the power of the female species. :D

reading "What Katy Did" and "Cinta Laksa dan Ubi".

xo, Lynnie. ;)

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