Friday, January 15, 2010

c is for co-curriculum.

so today was registration day. got good news, got bad news. start from beginning- choir.

it was okay, really. plus this year there's loads of activity. hopefully the production club won't whip up another musical, cuz then practice for our own activities won't be done.

then i went to sign up for swimming. damn limited space. they only accepted the first 16 students who sign up and guess what, out of the whole form 2, i'm most probably number 19 or 20! sayang giler. so I didn't join any sports club. maybe next year. Yen Fern was hugging me because I didn't enter any sports club like she. =_=' i was like, okay Yen Fern, you can let go now. please.

then I went for Pandu Puteri~ the funnest out of them all. why? cuz I'm gonna get me self a whole bunch of badgies.

okay, maybe right now I can confirm three, pemuzik, ahli rumah tangga (chores), and pelukis (gonna talk about it later).

so those are about badges. next about the Gathering! so you know how Pandu Puteri/ Girl Guides are connected internationally? so that means we're even connected with people from Africa! so obviously we would be connected to other school's Girl Guides and Scouts. so the Gathering is also participated by other schools such as Sultan Abdul Samad, Bukit Bintang and Victoria Institution. also known as Samad, BB and VI. :P so it's gonna be on 7th February, I believe, at our school hall. all members are required to participate.

so to make this evening a success, obviously we need crews. and these are the groups:

Group A - Security and Cleanliness

Security, and , obviously, cleanliness.

Group B - Hall and Stage Decoration

Decoration, banner making, creative stuff like that.

Group C - Peformances

When you enter this, you could get a penyanyi badge if you sing. anyway, does all the performances and entertainment, cant be involved in other groups.

Okay, obviously i'm gonna enter group B. that's how i'm gonna get me pelukis badge. so yeah.

after that we went into class. then went for Blue House! WOO

so I remembered another chant, I totally forgot bout this one, but still SUPER COOL

Blue house is, hot to go,
H-O-double T-O-G-O
Aum! (clap clap)
is hot to go
Aum! (clap clap)
is hot to go


okay then, STILL editing video plus making name card plus downloading stuff for pra-pelantikan. so bye~

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