Saturday, January 9, 2010

d is for dead.

ohemgee SHL is sort of dead. nobody's commenting, nobody's shoutbox-ing. plus no new stories. that latest one by me was actually written early last year, still thinking bout SSP. edited a bit. improved a bit, i guess. nothing really special.

haish... i have no idea how to start Flovine - The Search. ohemgee. i forgot. my battery's dead.

just went to charge it. ohemgee i'm so sorry. okay not going to talk about it.

 Wow. Cepatnye dah 9th of January ekk. tak sempat post comment kat Myspace pown. :P heehee

Well. Nothing much to say. Went to Damansara for dinner just now. So first went to Ikano since ayah nak solat Maghrib. So me and mom went to look around at the Brands Outlet store. and we saw some cute baby clothes! Since abang's expecting a boy, we can't look at the pink girly ones cuz it'll disappoint us too much. so guess what we found. i baby jumper saying "I'm So HUGGABLE" HOW ADORABLE!!!

then we went to search for restaurants. i suggested Subway and Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. but mom said she's afraid tak halal. and obviously not Subway (sandwiches. how typical of my parents not wanting those for dinner.) so we ate at Thai Express. I was hoping we'd at least go to Machre's tapi ramai orang.

so after that we bought Famous Amos (<3) and then went to Cold Storage. then went home. to my surprise, i was hoping i'd bump into him there. or someone from SSP. i dunno. 

ohmegawd what's happening to me?! i remember passing through Samad. when I remember Samad, i remember B. when I still liked him earlier this year, I actually forced myself to remember and making thoughts like, "He goes around these blocks" and "He ran at that field". now it comes automatically. like, when i see the school block, i immediately remember his face. huh. i sort of miss him too. tapi ape gunenye tepuk sebelah tangan.i've given up on him around May or April. hmm. die handsome kowt skarang. you know, fit. wears glasses. a little darker than usual. he looks like a lil Italian now. ;) i remember there was a moment when he got this penyakit and had to take medications that made him fat and he turned out buncit AND THAT FREAKED ME OUT. oh and i remember when he came to my house for raya 2008. :') oh gawsh i do miss him. that day cume sikit jerr datang among all the people i invited (including HANIS. >:( ) like Azra, Laila, Adam Syafiq, Afeq Ismeth Ulamraja (:P) and him. huhh. when he came i actually ran upstairs. i didn't expect him to come. and then he was wearing baju melayu when it wasn't a kenduri. OH GAWSH mase tu i malu giler. i didn't know what to do so in the end we played with Comel. =.=' until Adam and Afeq came! yeepee ade entertainer... then in the end we mostly played ps2. :P and then my mom invited us to eat! but B had to leave... but he finished all the nuggets. :P and Adam totally made us all laugh mase makan. i think even i who only drank water nak tercekik. LOL ADAM LOL. 

wow i'm talking a lot bout him. well, he's the past. and i want to live in the present. so sorry harith. my battery dead. so if you tried to contact me in any way and you couldn't it was for that reason. gawsh i prasan. i don't even know if he did try. 

i went to B's blog. had to make a pathway from hanis's to vie's to his. he didn't update. you know i was 13 on his top friends of 2010? and he was my 17. 

oh shuddup lynn. get over him already.

xo, Lynn.

p.s, I'm eating the yogurt we bought at Cold Storage just now. ;)


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