Saturday, January 16, 2010

d is for depressing-storied boys.

I dunno why but I just noticed I always fall for the ones that get the bad side of the story. Like like, Roxas who's apparently a Nobody, when he had a LIFE at Twilight Town. he had to LEAVE all those because it's fate? EFF FATE if that's what will happen to me. Well, at least he met Namine. :P

and Zuko has just as a depressing story. he knew the good and bad, and he had to choose. why? why can't he just go to the good side? because his dad is the stinking Fire Emporer, dammit. but he remembered all the bad things his father did to his mother, so he stood up and left. but still, when he wanted to help Aang, Katara still couldn't believe him. why? because he lost her trust.

Zuko had a choice (yet again) to either side with his sister Azula or help Aang, but because Azula's family and she promised him the Fire Emporer's place, he just went with it and because of that Aang got seriously injured. like seriously, SERIOUSLY injured, with marks and all that. and it wasn't the face like his, it was at his back, a whole red mark across Aang's back. how could Katara ever forgive him? well, people change.

Anybody heard of "Kiss Me Kill Me"? I borrowed the first one from Lea and second one "Kisses and Lies" from Marishka (still haven't returned :P) and my fav character has to be, i shall say, is Dan's brother, Callum. no seriously. somehow even without giving out his personality so much he seems so attractive. :PPP AHAH well he's Dan's twin and Dan's supposingly good-looking which is how Scarlett fell for him anyway. so Callum's supposed to look like him which is how Scarlett fainted at the airport. i HATE the sister. i mean, they're your BROTHERS for gawd's sake, stop trying to kill Callum, you've done enough damage to Scarlett!

Okay I'm babbling. perhaps I do this everytime I blog after 12 a.m.? Maybe. :P

night, Lynnie.

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