Saturday, January 23, 2010

death of an old being, birth of a new soul.

today was tiring. in the morning had to wake up for school. =.=' replacement for Chinese New Year. Mak Ina was sleeping at our house with her family ( Aiman, her husband, her husband's son and her husband's first wife) and she was talking to Mom about kemangkatan Sultan Negeri Johor. I orang Johor tau! Muar belah my dad, Batu Pahat belah my mom. X)

then went to school normally. everything seemed like a typical Thursday. then mase balik, when I got into the car, my mom called me Mak Su. BAYANGKAN. i was so surprised, I didn't believe her for a while. but then i read her messages. it's effing true. Kak Ain gave birth to her son one month earlier than the due date.

well, not everything we plan goes as we want it, right? semua dugaan Allah S.W.T. the clinic they tempah a bed is full. so we had to go to PPUM. and well, i cried on the way back home. like, how could i not feel this coming? :'(

well, obviously we know it's a boy. I won't post any pictures yet. SECRET. ;P

okay so tomorrow's the Petronas Philharmonic Concert and we got two tickets extra. I planned that me and Bakmal each get one ticket to invite our friend. and unbelievably, mom AGREED. :O so now I'm thinking these people:


Lea last sebab I malu. XD Bayangkan at a very classy place where jeans aren't allowed, there stands a girl yang tergedik-gedik tak sabar nak masuk tengok or because she saw a hot guy.

Azra lives at Shah Alam. Hanis Ampang. Laila Pantai Dalam. Adilah Shah Alam. Nurin SS1. Lea Damansara. Which one lives closest to KLCC? please answer this someone. :P

me gonna go calling-calling. bye~

xo, Lynnie X)

p.s, I'm going cuckoo on Connor Hutcherson again. XD

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