Sunday, January 3, 2010

f is for first day.

so yea. First day of form 2.. yay woot woot. wee. not so excited really. i mean, WHAT A BORING DAY. we only learned maths. and our class teacher is Ms. Foo (PE teacher.) and, well, basicallly we didn't do much. i tak sempat beli stokin pown! :( PLUS our class is the cabin class. and not just any cabin class, OUR OLD STINKING 1 A CLASS. yea i know, i never had the same class for two years in a row either. THAT WOULD BE JUST PLAIN WEIRD. well, i still feel like a 1-A-er, but still kinda used to saying 2-er now because like, "Class mane?" "Er, 2 a-Gigih." well, i've been said (by a quiz) that i'm like water - i go with the flow and can get used to new situations easy. so yeah. NO WONDER NONE OF MY FRIENDS LAST YEAR (well, super close ones, but quite close with Laila) WAS FROM SSP. like, all my besties are from other schools. Nurin from Pouy Chai (?) Lea from Taman Mega. Adilah from Kampung Tunku. different-different people one. how can make such a good group?? :))

well. spent most of the time with Laila and Lea. HAVE NEW FRIEND named Engku Nabihah or Engku. she's the KD. ;) SENANG LA NAK GI TOILET lol. I'm AJK BI, Lea AJK Geo, Laila jadi AJK Sahsiah. :) Everyone ade tugas. well, apepe pown I NAK JADI PENGAWAS. :'( okay then. till tomorrow. BYE ;)

xo, LynniE

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