Tuesday, January 12, 2010

g is for guessing.

I guess that's why.

Well, sorry babe, I'm not about to give an Islamic advice like dear Anonymous did (I read that and that sort of gave me inspiration too, thanks Anonymous!) but one thing too say - risks aren't that bad.

personally, for one thing, you could take a risk, and that risk gave you a happy ending, a good friend, a great husband. like, you can't like, not trust every guy you know. There are some times you just have to trust your guts.

secondly, even if you did take that risk and it ended up badly, at least you got a lesson. You learn from every mistake, without mistakes you will never succeed. There are times, something HAS to go wrong because you have to learn something from that situation. everything happens for a reason, I believe that. Everything happens for our own good. When bad things happen, itu cuma dugaan Allah S.W.T, untuk menguji kita, adakah kita tabah menghadapi dugaan bumi yang tidak kekal ini? Jika tak, macam mana nanti kita dekat neraka? I bet you know that Nis. You're more alim than me. You just have to think less of what you're gonna do, and more of why.

well, I don't know if that's the advice you're looking for, or even if you're asking for it, but that's what I can give you as a friend. I'm sorry if this offended you, or seems like I'm insulting you, but please understand my reasons. And this isn't just for Hanis, it's also for everyone who's having a bad time. Just remember this, and insya-Allah, you akan tabah menghadapi dugaan Allah S.W.T. :)

xo, Lynnie. 

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