Sunday, January 17, 2010

h is for haircut.

so I cut me hair was so long. now it's short to my shoulders. i love it. it feels so FREE. daripada dulu i'd be tying up my hair by the time my hair's dry. i feel like going to the Comic Fiesta and be somebody! maybe I should be Rukia from Bleach...

Eva's going as Gaara! well, the younger version of him. :/

so today was attempts on burning the KH Final Mix files. I thought I'd be playing by now but not really. :/ well, at least I got all my files. ;) I just wish file 26 isn't corrupted because it's the last file and it has lesser MBs than the others but I'm assuming it's because it's the last one but i can't tell, really. well, wish me luck. ;)

xo, Lynnie

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