Wednesday, January 13, 2010

h is for hurt.

my toe got hurt. a lot, today. first PJK. talking bout that, I sweat like I never did for a long time. You do not wanna know what we did. and talking about PJK, I'm gonna have to skip rope this weekend. I ate too much chocolate just now. :P talking about that, I'm entering swimming club! we're going to go to the UM swimming pool, then when the school swimming pool finishes, it'll be easier. :) talking about swimming, Nurin, Nurin Amalia and I planned to go like, early in the morning our bags will already be there cuz the positions are limited. hmm. maybe I should invite Nadiah to join us. Lea wants to enter Netball. :/ talking about Nurin Amalia, she said that swimming gives you more body. :P OKAY ANYWAY.

and then it was KH and I bumped my toe, and I mean, exactly the very toe that went purple, on the leg of a wooden table.

and then I went to hantar buku BI yang cikgu suruh pass up, and I was carrying a backpack, a sling bag, a bottle (yang ade tali die so sling jugak) and two piles of books, one long note book and the other exercise book. then I bumped into MarMar. :) she saw my stack of books and asked if i wanted help, but we were almost to the teacher's room already. so I said it's okay. then we didn't say anything cuz it's been a while since we REALLY talked. like, mase our standard 6 performance practices pown kalau Azra takde, we'll be like, super awkward. so we just walked, side by side, then when I arrived in front of the teachers room I said bye. (OHEMGEE phack my bro. super annoying much? Bakmal main tadi Elyna kacau ker? now I'm playing can you stop kacau-ing me? cuz I think you've had enough, this whole morning and until five o'clock, don't you think? man, I wish he had a life other than Dota and smoking and his pals. maybe i should get him a girlfriend who hates Dota as much as I do.) then i just remembered- how the heck am I supposed to open the effing door?? then a student went into the teachers room and while it was still open, I ran to it and stopped it with my foot, then pushed it and rushed in but before i could it bounced back on me. just then, I heard Marina say "eh eh!" and she stopped the door for me! AWW THANK YOU MARMAR / MAMA RINA!!! :)) i miss saying that. remember AF6? there was a contestant named Mama Rina. and I said she looked exactly like Marina. >:)) nolah, Marina is WAYYY cuter. pretty lil gurl, shweet and plays guitar~ even my mom liked her. :P

so that was today~ I'm getting better at Xion's Theme. ;) Night~

xo, Lynnie.

p.s, nobody contacted me through meez yet? :/ let me remind you, WWW.MEEZ.COM and search for LYNNIE96. thanks! i just made room. i think it's pretty cool!

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