Thursday, January 28, 2010

hong ni kudasai. iek, iek, TEMPURA BENTOU ni kudasai.

wooohhh... today was hard core tiring. not physically. mentally. i have a whole page of P. Puteri stuff to do. and now I have to type this Sejarah thingy. But that's due Monday. and I bunch of other Sejarah things. And well... kesimpulannya, life's tough,


laila me

So here is the story, the class got one cross because of me. I tertinggal baju sukan. Pastu L cam you're dead, semua-semua tu... macamlah dia tak pernah buat salah... dahlah I dapat good news nak bagi tahu korang tapi skrang dah takde mood... semua sebab L...

That's how L is. She's been very selfish lately. If it's about L, I suggest you just ignore her and just continue your day. There's no use to get upset about this. It's just one effing baju, one effing cross. Shouldn't be SO upset.

Tulah sekarang dia ngan N jer. Kalau cakap ngan I pun nak kutuk I jer. I bagitahu you jelah malas nak bagi tahu L... Cik Aisyah ingat tak? Dia SMS I smalam dia cakap skrang belajar kat Maktab Perlis... Dia kirim salam kat semua budak 1A.

Heh? OO Wsalam~ tapi cikgu dah suruh kirim salam rasenye tak elok kalau you tak kirim. Just kirim jer salam tu, and then suka hati you la.

Nantilah I tulis kat Facebook jer malas nak bagitahu... nak cakap ngan dia pun cam... UGH! Nanti I email you yang ICTL. I dah ubah sikit... hari ni you balik pukul berapa?

4.30. Japanese. you?

3.30... Swimming... nanti I email you pukul 5 lah...



But later she went to see Ms. Foo and Pn. Ngoh (?) and the cross was re-ticked. LP3K people. never forgiving.

so so so so after that during maths we understood what teacher said after the announcements "Behave yourself. OFFICIALS are coming." Not just officials. The opposite gender, too. but totally not cute, I remember last year a few schools came to ours and we saw this totally cute prefect that waved at us (Adilah, Nurin and I) X3

So Xueh Wei and Laila were kecoh-kecoh-ing. I was like, what? Then my focus went outside the window. OHHH oh-kay oh-kay. Ahahahaha~

Then during Agama Laila was Talking about Khairina's blog. We were daring each other to ask her who's her "Old Friend". in the end she said "Nazureen" we were like o.O These two are fighting a place in Lissa's World, or so they call it. I'm there, by the entrance. Just malas nak masuk because no one's inviting other than Cynta, and even if she does, everybody else would ignore me anyway. 

And during recess me and Nurin were laughing our heads off, talking about funny dreams and Hanna's glasses.

"Just suck it up!!!"
"We just sat there, watching them. Watching them dance."
"*pulls off glasses* YOU'RE SUSPENDED!"

Well, that's it then. Sayonara~ Askum~

xo, Lynnie         

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