Wednesday, January 27, 2010

i have a lot of other stuff to do.

so now I have a billion of stuff to do so that I don't appear stupid on the Gathering. so I have until April to get my Pra-Pelantikan and at least two badges. :) yes, I AM talking about Pandu Puteri. The small book shall be my second book of guidance (first being al-Quran, of course). the computer shall be my assistant in writing. the printer shall be my assistant in finishing touches. and my pen, I shall bring everywhere.

Did you know we could get a Kelas Dua signature just by walking 2.5 km (one signature) or 7.3 km (another signature)? YEA I KNOW. we could do it for Merentas Desa training and the real thing ME SO EXCITED. i need a LOT of signatures. everything's about signatures now. me gonna ask for signature from mom. signature from Ms. Shally. then signature from Cik Mazlina (untuk kerja kayu, don't say I didn't do, you're the one who never comes in! that's how our work became unfinished!). me gonna ask Abang to take a video of me playing the piano to show proof. gonna do masak this year well so that i could get signature. gonna bring the stuff seniors told me to bring for dobi to get signature. gonna ask seniors what they want me to help them with for signatures. signature signature signature. so official laa.

so anyway i was wondering whether to go for choir vocal practice tomorrow. then I asked Azriana from 1D last year what time and she says, "i dunno, the usual maybe, 2.30 to 4." so obviously no choir for me tomorrow.

and we barely sweat for PJK today! so happy~ my t-shirt not wet~ but good exercise still obtained through Ms. Foo's typical, "see that thing there? yea, run to it and come back here" ways. we had three things to run around today, a goal post, around the lontar jauh court and around the ... other thing. phew. then we didn't anything but sit! YAY.

oh yea my Sejarah's not done yet. tomorrow's Sejarah. but really, teacher never told us when we have to email it to her so maybe won't finish it tonight. I've never known her as a Sejarah teacher, and I don't think she is, so I'm not about to pretend I'm loving the way she teaches us.


Anesha: Yea I remember her.
Me: She's changed a lot.
Anesha: Really? How?
Me: She's become more complicated. She's like the algebra teacher just gave us. By the time I found the answer, teacher will say, "Oops sorry students, I missed out this calculation" and I'll have to redo again and apparently my calculator's at home.

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