Friday, January 15, 2010

a is for appreciation.

so like, at Pandu Puteri, Hanna randomly told me that my stories are very creative. :D i was super happy, but I bet Hanna didn't know that. control macho. :P i asked which one, but she said, "I'm not sure of the title, but they're very creative. X))) i wanted to say Hanis's are good too but teacher was bout to talk. and Hanna, well, apparently you gave me inspiration. :D inspiration to make more stories! well, not really. :P I'm still planning to keep up with this pace. it's good enough. but, you know, it makes an author happy. i should do that sometimes. compliment on people's works randomly. i think the more random, the better because they will know that we think about their work a lot, until we could just randomly pick up the subject. so cool.

now I know how some internet celebreties feel when they get hate comments and good comments. i know how Ryan Higa feels when he gets a bunch of comments saying how much they love his videos. i now understand more.

well then. anway, i was thinking, if i ever get a scanner in my house, maybe i could make a tumblr page especially for my sketches. like, a gallery for it. i would totally love it. if i actually made one, slalu visit tau! not like mine now, so crappy. :/

alrighty, gudnites~

xo, Lynnie.

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