Thursday, January 7, 2010

j is for japanese.

so school was okay. only i suffered a bit during science - a little misunderstanding with a teacher, bad impression. :/ HAISH.

and I had my first Japanese class of the year. it was okay. half-slept for the first 45 minutes, then it got interesting after Pn. Yee started teaching us a casual way of talking. oh yeah, there's two new kids. one is the new kid in my class, Fellony. i'm guessing Sabrina talked her into it. -_-' and the other is a normal senior, Mei Yian (izit?) She's Jan Zhi and Zhi Lin's friend. she's taking both form2 and form1 Japanese class. so Pn. Yee suggested the same for Fellony. i wonder if she's going tomorrow. :/

so that was it. OH and OHMEGOD you haven't talked to me for a while except on Facebook through your status comment. THANK YOU thanks to you I didnt feel much of a stranger since I'm sick and all. wow. i miss being best friends with you. plus, I was the one ruining it through being too kepit-ish. SORRY. :/ i bet i would still be close friends with you if I went to 6 Melur with you. no maybe. you know. plus i bet i would've still be having a crush on him too. i mean, FIVE YEARS in the same class? must be fate. well, guess not. :P

okay babbling again. like the quote? ;) Lea gave it to me. i think it's true and still good. orait bye~

askum, Lynnie.

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