Friday, January 8, 2010

k is for kidding me.

no seriously. you gotta be kidding me hanis.

anyway, today went well. i can't really remember anything interesting. except I bawak camera for fun. it was really boring anyway. so went home. ate lunch. used computer. bakmal used. played piano. (New song found from internet- Xion's Theme! so sad, like Roxas's, but it's SO COOL i love it plus it's super simple. ;) gonna practice it for a while. dum dum dum... okay la i post the song for song of week. ;) ) slept until 6.30 p.m. mom said going out for dinner. went to Midvalley. nothing interesting in particular except kitorang ni very One Malaysia ekk. me and my mom saw two couples yang chindian. cool, right? ;) so we got back home. i, as usual checked everything i owned. just in case. and guess what hanis left on my shout box?

you can read it yourself. i can't bear typing it down.
like, i dunno. he doesn't interest me anymore. sorry to say lah kan. he's my friend, sure. but whatever. sure it made me blush. as usual. but no special feeling really. it's kinda obvious through my reply.

okay so not much to say about today. except somehow i think i've gone KH crazy again. i wish my PC could read DVD. then senang jer hati i nak membazir disk space and download the game, then cepat2 write it on the DVD ayah brought home (YAY) and then START PLAYING ALREADY. alrighty. just updating, really. bye~

xo, Lynn

p.s, Millie Ong came to school WITH A RED HIGHLIGHT today. nasib baik dah alumni jer. :P

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