Tuesday, January 12, 2010

l is for lazy.

nothing much to say about today. except we got number 3 in the singing thing. 2H got first. =.='

auper boring day. me and nurin sang "Hilo Puppets" by nigahiga mase balik. =____= serious nothing. okay then, till later~

OH OH i could type in my favourite chapters in Season of Secrets! btw, I finished it! yay... ;)


Bonfires and Magic

When we get back home, Jack's having a bonfire.

I go out to watch him. The smoke has a wonderful woodsy smell about it. The air is sharp and there's this pale blue sky , so big and empty it almost hurts, with just a few stringy clouds hovering round the edges.

"Like it?" says Jack, and I nod.

I like Jack. I like fire. I like how different things behave when you put them on it. Crisp packets burn with this big flame and then shrivel away to nothing. Planks sit there for ages making up their minds, but once they start burning they go and go. Logs crackle. Wet wood hisses and smoke. And the leaves from the hedge make a friendly pop-pop-popping sounds.

"Double, double, toil and trouble," says Jack. "Fire burn and cauldron bubble. Little witch, you are."

"That's right," I say. "I'm making a spell. Double, double, double," and I walk round the fire three times widdershins, which is the opposite way to clockwise and also magic.

"Don't you cast any spells on me!" says Jack.

"I'm making a weather spell," I say. "A spell to make it spring again."

"Ah," says Jack. He pokes the fire with a bit of stick. "Spring'll come round without anyone wishing for it," he says.

"Soon?" I say.

"Soon enough," says Jack, and throws the stick on the fire.


This story is written by Sally Nicholls. I take no credit of it. Please insert name of author if story is copied and used in another web or whatever.

So yea. I especially like the fire part. anyway more will come. It's a very nice story, but you wouldn't understand if I letak sekerat-sekerat so I'm mostly gonna put parts yang tak banyak explanation yang diperlukan.

alrighty. bye!

xo, Lynnie.

p.s, if you're bored or finding something new, go to www.meez.com and make a Meez then search for my Meez punye username - lynnie96! then we can make our own room and do stuff... :) plus, Abang beli roti, tak beli biskut... :'( OH and my toe's getting better. from black-ish purple to red... :D

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