Monday, January 18, 2010

l is for lucky.

So Mondays, as usual sucks. I slept during perhimpunan as usual. The I had to pay RM1 just cuz I didn't pin-up my BI work! I mean, I pinned it before recess!!! And I already paid RM1 last Friday. =.=' Sigh~

Then tonnes of homework, especially maths correction. I'M NOT GONNA DO THOSE FREAKIN FRACTIONS. at least, not if teacher's gonna ask us to use the book. if I don't do corrections and teacher sees it she's gonna deduct my formative marks.

then after school i had choir. during lunch i ate with Cynta and Marina and their friends. then during choir it was actually sound-check / audition for students who didn't sound-check last year. i didn't stay long. the senior group (that's me!) had to just sing the four songs we usually sing during perhimpunan for demo to the juniors (that's them) . one of 'em, a form 1, had a great voice. she sang My Heart Will Go On for audition, and it was really nice. another unbelieveable thing was that she actually remember the words. i just hummed along. great. a form 1 who's better than me. just what i need.

then during waiting for house practice I sat with last year I C'ers. I know I said I hate some of 'em before, but these were great. not exactly my type, but they're not that gedik as I thought. except for Elyza. as usual, a little too much laughing and talked about her admirers. =.=' gawd.

well okay i didn't talk to them, they just talked. and i sat at the same table. Aqilah talked about her stealing her parent's c*****s and playing with it. she said it tasted like strawberry. Elyza went, "SHE TASTED IT! HAHAHAH" i was thinking the same effing thing. minus the laughs. she just heard a rumor about it having taste so she just tried it. Shalini suggested she put her thumb in it and actually tried doing it. that's just way out of my league.

then i was playing with me bottle and it fell and all the water came out. i sighed. what an unlucky day. i washed the bottle and when i came back, Shalini, the girl who used to hit me with her bag for no definite reason at SSP, gave one effin ringgit to buy water. you did not know how much I appreciated it. THANK YOU SHALINI. ;)

so after a while they all went to the toilet at once with no real reason. so there was me and Priyanka, a girl from my class and choir. i told her I left my gerko card with choir, and she told me to take it from Amanda and she teman me. ^ ^'

so when I left her and went to Amanda for my card, I lost her and found Nurin Amalia. ^ ^ Lucky me, having so many friends. :P So then we talked (we saw this bag saying 'I heart Girl'. LOL!), then Shalini came. we asked where she were and she said at the new pocras games at the field. So we went there.

so we did a few stuff (monkey bars, fell at the second bar, as usual; the curl up thing, buat sekali jer sebab matahari terik; the sit ups; and the twist. the stretch tu tak faham :/) then Ida and Ika and Dina came from Eco-Ranger! So more friends. :)) but then more people berebut the twist. >:/

then after a while we went for house practice. we had Merentas Desa training. at a moment i felt as if I would rather crawl. then when I saw that TNB box that's gratified, I KNEW we were near. :) so I ran from there (obviously I ran before, but I didn't run a while before that box) to school to see that Ida arrived first. ;) so I high-fived her! My pals mase the thing was the Nik sisters, Azrene and Azrena, and Karlmun from choir. at one moment the Nik sisters were practically Japanese! they talked like they were pros. I understood one thing that Azrena said - Baka. :)) they were me pals because my basic pals weren't my pace - either too fast or too slow. I left Dina behind. sorry buddy. :(

I arrived as one of the top 25 Biru's. ;) I was glad, because I don't want to be those who bersemangat at first, then they just give up and walk. unlike Ika sebab die memang macam Cynta - have running probs. I can't explain really. one thing i remember about Cyn's is that she has asthma, and bad too, so usually a 200 meter run (which for me is about 50 seconds) would be a two minute run for her. we would cheer for her so that she would arrive successfully! ;) semangat SSP.Ika tak sure kalau ade asthma.

so that was it. i posted this late because I wanted to change - finish ALL my homework first, baru touch the computer unless it's school-related or opening email.

so anyway. gotta go. here's an episode before the ones that I gave you when Zuko left the Fire Nation. ;)


Season 3, Episode 10 - The Day of the Black Sun (1): The Invasion

Season 3, Episode 11 - The Day of the Black Sun (2): The Eclipse


xo, Lynnie.

p.s, I love watching the reunion on episode 10. Just a tip in case you guys malas nak tengok. :P

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