Monday, January 4, 2010

n is for nigahiga.

today was not bad. at first we studied quite a lot and it was as if it was never even the holidays. then suddenly... ZAIMAH CAME! who's Zaimah, you say? Zaimah is the very 2010 Choir President! So yea. she was there to call choir members to go and help the form 1's learn how to sing the school song. like, where's all the PRS's??? we learned it from them last year! and they don't even have the lyrics to the school song! and Hearts and Minds punye lyric kat blakang buku exercise kecik tu salah lyric plak. heceh. so yea. i wasted my free time (Pn. Yee was the subtitute teacher for Pn NorLaila a.k.a. BM teacher) and then I didn't even get to learn the subject I'm AJK of - ENGLISH! pfft. so in the end we only technically learned Geo after that. and semua subject ade homework except for BM, of course. and yes, hafal-ing ayat Al-Quran untuk Agama is still counted as homework. Ustazah Zubaida seems like a nice teacher. ;)

so yea, we did the video for the secret mission. won't be telling bout it just yet. ;)

Okie then. Happy Fifth of January. ;) xo, Lynnie.

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