Thursday, January 7, 2010

n is for not liking anymore.

are you serious? like, i gave you my link BECAUSE i want you to know I don't like you anymore. like, wtf? when I DID like you it was totally oblivious to him. and now, the feeling's out, and THEN he starts to actually notice? like, how much more blur can boys get? have you read the latest post? like, it's TOTALLY obvious he still likes Hanis. why? because it bothers him so much that Hanis is having a bad time and not really having the mood to talk to him. if i was him and she did that to me, and I DON'T like her anymore, or like her as a friend, I would go like, "biarlah Hanis tu. if she wants to let go of her anger, she would let it go. but she doesn't, at least not to me, so i should just let her be." not go posting it on your blog WHICH Hanis is following. PFFT. no wonder I don't like him anymore.

hmm. i don't have any latest crush now, have I? Ryan Higa, maybe, but it's been kinda slow. :/ i dunno. i guess school has been affecting my brain a bit. well. you know that guy who i stalked for a while and tried to chat with during the school holidays? well. guess i could call him latest crush. hmm. oh well. night then.

xo, Lynnie

There'll be two dates on your tombstone
And all your friends will read 'em
But all that's gonna matter is that little dash between 'em..."

Kevin Welch

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