Saturday, January 23, 2010

Namine, Roxas and Xion -fandub- Story

I found this on YouTube! Who would've thought! XD kinda frustrating for me a bit here cuz Roxas's the jerk. :/ well, Roxas isn't exactly a jerk, more of a moody type.

types each guy (well some) are from Kingdom Hearts:-

Sora - happy-go-lucky, positive thinker, perky type.
Roxas - Moody, easily gets sad and thinks a lot more than boys usually do.
Riku - he's like the left-out jock. like, he's mr. perfect, he's everything every girl would want, and have the purest heart of  them all (or so he thought). but Sora gets the Keyblade. who would NOT get depressed at something like that?
Organisation13 guys - likes to play around, most probably because they don't have a heart anyway, so they don't effing care.
Xemnas - i-will-rule-the-world type. unusual. evil.

okay ANYWAY the story I MEANT to post. :P i'm almost ADD.

Namine loved Roxas, and he loved her. But one day, while Xion and him were hanging outthings went too far. Feeling guilty, Roxas confided in Namine that he cheated on her with Xion. Namine was heartbroken. Wishing he hadnt told her in the first place she left, knowing that living with that would kill her
A year passed and Namine still loved Roxas, and he still loves her, but hes going out with Xion. Both remember the day that Nami found out about the affair, Roxas guilty, Namine sad.
Xion noticed something wrong with Roxas and knew what was going on. She was angry at Roxas for doing this to Namine, and at herself for letting it happen. She and Roxas got into a fight, and she fled from the scene.
When Roxas found her, he asked her to come back home:
Lets go back together.
Xion shook her head:
I cant go back! she cried.
Confused, Roxas stepped forward to comfort her, but she backed away.
Leave me alone! she cried hoarsely, drawing her keyblade Roxas backed away, frightened. Xion fled.

Meanwhile Namine is barely getting on with her life. She loves Roxas, but knows hes happy with Xion, so she stays in her room all day, reliving the times she had with Roxas.
A knock comes from the door, and she beckons her guest in. Its Xion.
With a smile, Namine greets her, finally meeting the girl she lost her love to. She was prettier than she thought.
I wanted to meet you Namine whispered with a smile as Xion revealed her face.

Xion looked at Namine solemnly. Namine tilted her head in confusion.
Whats wrong, Xion? she asked.
Xion looked at Namine knowing this was the only way;
Erase me. She told Namine.

story by Stephanie Mcintosh. 

video not so good but I like the ending. 


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