Sunday, January 31, 2010

new layout, coolio ;)

it hurt to put in the links, so appreciate, people. it builds a better world.

yea, that's sort of like my top friends list. ;) but there ARE some people who's on my top list but doesn't have a blog, like Laila and Azra. and I even added in an extra from what the layout-maker gave me to put in Aimi's blog! Aren't I nice? ;P

I found it from Eisyatur Rodiah's blog. ;) THANK EISYATUR. and I also notice Cynta uses a template I saw they were advertising at the place I found this. SO NICE. but obviously I wouldn't use it since Cyn already is.

somehow the Shoutbox doesn't seems to fit. :/ nevermind. I think it's cute. ;)

I took about an hour an a half searching, editing the codes. that reminds me. I'm schooling tomorrow. :P ouch. what a spirit breaker. it's two o'clock already anyway, so what the heck.

xo, Lynnie.

p.s, notice the moving text! XD I love this template.

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