Monday, January 11, 2010

p is for program maju diri.

well, today was rather different. i totally burdened myself of bringing a heavy load of books when today was actually our first day of Program Maju Diri. and yes, that means we don't study! :P we had this earlier last year too, only we had PRS's as our guide, not teachers. sometimes teachers come, but they go.

so anyway, our class got kelas terbersih for this week mase perhimpunan. Ms. Foo is popular for getting all her classes kelas terbersih. last year 1G kept winning. this year our class pulak. and i slept half of the perhimpunan.

Then the activities started. as usual, the program always start with this piece of paper that writes all these stuff like, "Anda seorang yang mesra dengan semua orang" (4 out of 5 for me!) and "And pasti sikap yang baik akan membawa kepada kejayaan" (4 again) . so we had to like, do a vote or something like that. so after that was recess.

next up, we had to design and create a dress/outfit for our fellow five models (picked earlier by Kai, always taking over the class I see.). so guess which one of my buddies got picked. well, two actually.

Lea and Nadiah.

So me, Laila, Engku, Anesha and Le Dya designed a cute lil dress for her.

imagine a lil halter necked pleated dress with a ribbon belt and a huge ribbon cekak. and a wand. with light brown hair up to the shoulders. Lea teramatlah cutenyer. tapi tak menang. guess who did. Tabitha, Pn. Rachel's daughter. how typical.

so after that we had to make a melody for this song that we only got the lyrics of. plus had to be patriotic song's melody. we picked Saya Anak Malaysia then 2H group 1 did it too and they got NINETEEN FREAKIN MARKS. and apparently we KNOW that they stole it from us because we were singing it and after a while we heard them sing the same and WAHAHA here's the blow they sang a lil too loud and we heard them and ALISSA ACTUALLY SHUSHED THEM like dumb move Lissa, if you just ignored them it wouldn't be so obvious that they stole the song and didn't want us to know (obviously). Priyanka was so chill after they totally stole our song and got 19 marks for it, plus now teachers are gonna think that WE stole from THEM because our performance is tomorrow! biatches. so not fair. see, this is what happens when you go to a girl's school.

then we went back home. i interviewed Pn. Puteri today for the English project. will be presenting it on Wednesday. then I talked to my junior Ema Marya! hey gurl, missed you! I used to hang out with her when I was super close to Cynta. she came to my house once. :) she said she wanted to enter Mandarin, and I was like, EMA! Mandarin untuk budak memang masuk sekolah jenis Cina dulu lah! and she said, "Heh? okay la masuk Japanese then. and i said, "YAY" with a squishy faced. then I introduced Lea and Sook Ching to her and Lea was like, "Hey, don't introduce me like that." *biatch friendly pose* "hey I'm Lea." LOL.

OH OH after recess there was this guy who discussed to us about Curvical Cancer. or something spelled like that. you do not want to know what it is. and Lea said,

"Nurin is most likely to get the disease."
"You know. cuz she's SA (s**ually active)"
"Nurin, Nurin, when?"
"you know, the SA"
"huh? my... birthday?"
"tahun bile?"
"er?? 1996?"
"Nurin, Nurin. congrats, Nurin. congrats."
"??? WHAT?"
LOLOLOLOL. sorry Nurin, we totally pwned you. XD

okay so dat's it for today i guess. listening to more KH music. ;)

xo, Lynnie

p.s, I WANT COOKIES lets go to Carrefour with 50 bucks from dad and BUY ALL THE SNACKS WE WANT cuz i get bored and always wanna chew something while online-ing. BEH-BYE.

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