Friday, January 1, 2010

ryan higa rules.

lets just say I've had better days.

well, whatever it is, I know it isn't the way to spend the first day of the year, tapi dah cabaran Allah SW.T. kan? BTW, Bakmal's bag got stolen. Yeah. This morning on his way back home. =.=' now he's using my Sony Ericson (okay fine, not officially mine) and he doesn't have any SIM card. And all h9is songs. and that handphone costs 400 bucks. and the bag was bought at Bandung. Diesel lagi. and his wallet. student ID. (okay, he's not a student anymore, but nothing wrong with keeping it) his money (fine, most probably only have a few bucks maybe even cents) okay the point is he doesn't care. he cried at first. but he didn't make a police report. he balik terus minta IC lame (IC die kene buat baru, cip rosak) and my phone. and he still played Dota just now. he didn't practice piano or tried to be nice to mom. PLUS I LOVED that phone. it was so NICE and SLICK. and BLUE.

well. nothing much to say actually. most probably will not be updating that much anymore after this Sunday because school's starting. And these are the things I STILL haven't done.

-Buy new shoes (one pair of shoes, not enough)
-Iron clothes (me:Maak, mae baju skola E-ina? (what i col myself, pelat kowt) mak: Manaelah mak tau)
-Wash bag (okay I did it this morning but i forgot about it and it just rained. =.=')
-Write name on exercise books (is this necesary?)
-wear Oxy (to get a clean face by the time school starts!)

yea.. i don't think it'll work that fast either. hmm. two more days to school, study, friends, teachers, homework. and dad's planning on sending me to tuition! :O I mean seriously, straight B's mean I need tuition? come on~ well, at least if i go to tuition i get to go to a class with boys. ;) okay, fine, that's not the point for tuition. it's like, the smaller points that aren't usually pointed out. or not seen. by parents. and students who don't think about the opposite sex. okay whatever.

it's okay, really to go to tuition, what I mind is that tuition EVERY SINGLE DAY?! at NIGHT?! COME ON PEOPLE. students need rest too. (i'm getting all the ranting power from ryan XD) i wish the tuition i get isn't every single day. or at night. petang boleh. and then balik kan senang~ buat homework, gosok baju and then kalau ade mase before ten thirty i can use the internet~ and then I don't have to rush for tuition and miss dinner! XD OOH. but i have Ko-Ku in the afternoon. kalau free pown most probably after April which is usual tiime for Sports Day (latihan rumah Biru) and I have extra then other people- Japanese. And plus persatuan kelab and sukan. that's like what, four days a week before April? and if I'm lucky (Yea right, more like meletihkan lagi) I'll get the same day for Biru practice and club. three days. two days per week. isn't this PMR? like, UPSR I used to get almost four days a week mase akhir-akhir tu. and without it two. so aren't I supposed to get THREE days a week for PMR pulak?! weirdddd well whatever. at least I wont be getting C's for Agama anymore :)) well, kalau ade ajar subject tu la. =.=' AYAH get me a more Islamic tuition centre!

well, that's it then. gonna watch more Niga Higa videos! will post if found any REALLY GOOD ONES. XP okay then. night and askum~

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