Sunday, January 3, 2010

s is for school.

So tomorrow's school. not really feeling anything. I was bored just now so I pasang tali kasut. what a boring day to end the school holidays. I'm gonna iron my uniform tonight. not really in the mood right now. like, my mom totally like, doesn't agree that nigahiga is funny. WEIRDO. like, to whoever that reads my blog, watch some of the videos. are they not funny? like, okay, maybe the Twilight spoofs aren't so funny but the bloopers are, right? i mean seriously. what's wrong with parents nowadays? they don't support on whatever their kids are doing, or even TRY to LAUGH THEIR BEST to make me feel better, and not just to insult me. =.=" gawd, I can't wait to go to school actually. cassandra said "I'll miss hearing you babble about Ryan Higa next year." she's talking about how much I babbled about Akim last year. it means she's gonna miss me. :'( AWW I'M GONNA MISS YOU TOO BUDDY!

so my wishlist for school this year:

-NEW KIDS and MINUS ALL THE KIDS WHO CAN'T KEEP UP. i mean, if you can't keep up with a passing grade, you should JUST QUIT and go to another school! trust me, it'll be tough. you don't know how many smart kids are in here. kids from SSP. kids from SKKT. SERIOUSLY. and some kids are even from private school decided to come to this school! plus, i can't remember everyone ... and you know, by the time i was twelve, i knew everyone in SSP of my batch. seriously. give me a name, 5 seconds to think and i'll know who it is. no, really. every name rings a bell. and you know, i'd like to keep that record. so MINUS ALL THE KIDS THAT DIDN'T EVEN GET 3A's for UPSR please.

-PLEASE LA tak bukak kasut. stokin kitorang ni jadi penyapu, tau tak? =.=" and I had to buy new shoelaces. why? because mine are very badly hurt. seriously. they're torn. no, really. putus!!! because malas nak ikat betul2, kan? nanti masuk balik kelas atau kene bukak balik. you know, kalau pergi surau sometimes we don't even wear shoes! LOL. and me and Lea have gotten stopped a few times because we didn't wear our shoes properly. XP OH  and me because I don't wear ape tu umm cashmere? singlet ah senang kate. Pn.F said even though I wear tudung can st- nevermind.

-no more bitchy teachers like Pn. P who doesn't teach us properly. XP EVEN OUR SENIORS HATE YOU! GET OUT OF OUR SCHOOL!

-please lah xde perhimpunan kat gallery. i dislike having perhimpunan there. it's so sempit and uncomfortable. (well actually this is on behalf some students. i don't mind that much, really. takyah perform kat depan! XP) (choir students have to sing the schools songs and stuff in front during perhimpunan.)

well. there it is. wishlists. it's all don'ts. why? BECAUSE I DON'T ASK FOR MUCH (yea right)


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