Saturday, January 9, 2010

s is for shuddup.

it isn't my fault if you guys feel offended if you read the blog cuz I did not promote it. and what I said on the Facebook status, I mentioned that I bitched about people on it so don't tell me i didn't give any warning cuz I did. I never mention who it was. so you should've been more careful before asking for it. only people who had the right mind and heart would ask for the url of that page.and to Harith, well, not my my fault. i also mentioned to Hanis to delete the linked shout on the box, you should've been more careful before going to the website, knowing that it could hurt anyone (since I also said sorry on that shout). please guys, don't blame me if you read that blog and get hurt because IT WAS NEVER MEANT TO BE READ. if you look at my profile you couldn't see that I actually given away the blog because I didn't show it there. I didn't mention anything on this blog even though i usually do whenever I do anything. or even if i did hide the secret I'll tell eventually. that blog was supposed to be read by unknown people who randomly typed in that url cuz it's such a simple url. so please, no more hate emails or shouts. i hope no one else i know will read that blog, even though i know, personally i think it's BEATIFUL. i really want to change my layout to be like that tapi sebab ade perkataan Allah S.W.T. kat dalam blog ni dan gambar tu tak berape menutup aurat so macam tak elok. so nevermind, I won't change the layout. and I'm not about to delete that blog because of you guys. =.='

not so much loves, Lynn.

p.s, Sorry anyway. and I mean it.

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