Wednesday, January 6, 2010

s is for sick. as in unhealthy.

so yeah. I'm sick. but I came to school anyway. why? because I'm not about to skip school on the first week. what type of impression will that be towards the teachers? then I'll NEVER be a prefect. :P JOKE its because I'm not about to miss out on anything if there's any important things that was announced today. plus hari ni ade ICTL. :P the computer Laila picked didn't have Internet anyway so I ended up playing PLANTS VS. ZOMBIES. nice game. I want that game. note: remember to copy that game into computer next time Laila comes to my house with a pendrive.

So obviously school wasn't so exciting. I want to bitch about someone, but she never bothered us. why bitch about her, right?

OH mase balik was really funny. well, not so funny but it has something to do with boys. :P PFFT. AHAHAH okay okay. so here it is.

ME LEA NURIN ALL (ni ikut rumah sukan so don't get offended guys!)

*walk through crowd towards Lea and Nurin, a crowd of guys from Sri Utama walked by*
Were you looking at the guys?
What? why would we look at the guys? 
Yea, why would we look at THOSE guys?
Yea like, Sri Utama boys? ew.

*after a while*

*another crowd of students from Sri Utama passed by*

Oh my God, you were like, so close to the guy. i was scared. hahaha
PTCCH who cares? *glances at the guy yang lalu tu, PENDEK KOWT well no so pendek but still just about my height, maybe Lea's*

Yea. Nurin said i was close to the guy because I was shifting from standing at the same position for a long time. you know how that goes. 

so after that my dad came, honking. he was "late" for a meeting. when we arrived at UM he was about 5 minutes late. :P AYAH KECOH and then I had to figure out myself where dad's office was (well, with the help of fellow UM workers. no way I'm asking the students. too young.) and then when i was about to settle in, the phone rang. i panicked, obviously. was i supposed to answer or not? panic. panic. panic. it stopped ringing. PHEW. but then Kak Wati (or so I believe) told me that mom's downstairs. =.=' okay. pack, pack, hurry, hurry. out, ou- "Adik sekolah mane ekk?" that was Kak Wati. I answered hurriedly then hurriedly half-smiling, not trying to seem sombong, even though i had the look, walked out, suffering with a backpack full of heavy-loaded books and another sling-bag which was swinging around annoyingly, closing the door politely, then walking down the stairs and SMILING finally seeing Mom. THANK GOD. i wanna go home~

so when I got home i immediately feel the fever. maybe because I wasn't hurry-ing everywhere, so i could actually feel it. then when i was watching TV my mom touched my eyelids and said I should drink more water, I'm not really well. like, HOW DO MOMS DO THAT?! i stared at myself in the mirror, looking at my eyelids, trying to see the difference. but i COULDN'T. like, is there a manual for moms to know whether their kid is sick? or is it just instincts? coz if it's a manual, is there one to know when a guy wants you to stop talking? :P 

so then mom left for work. then i practiced piano. then azan Asar so I had to stop so i slept. then Bakmal woke me up because he wants to go out. then i used the computer for a while then mom came home and she told me tp practice piano.  the abang came home. then ayah came home. then when i stopped practicing we discussed about music education. then pukul 7 so they all walked off and now I'm here. so after this I'm going to do my homework. and NOT TOUCH THE COMPUTER ANYMORE. i swear, i don't want things to happen like this morning. :/ so yeah. till tomorrow~

xo, Lynn.        

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