Saturday, January 16, 2010

s is for sokai fans.

I got this from a youtuber called avidityy. I've posted a quote of her's before, right? here's a story she wrote.

[In progress... o_O]

The spiky haired boy began to walk down the dark narrow street, his thoughts consumed of everything that has happened, everything that has been lost... he did not notice that someone was following behind him.

"Sora!" a feminine voice called. Of course, It was very familiar to him...

The said boy immediately turned to look over his own shoulder. There he recognized who stood behind, her sky-blue orbs locked on him. There she was... the girl that was previously in his thoughts, now stood before him. A small smirk formed on her face, as he spoke out her name,


The red headed girl stood up, filling herself with confidence, "This time..." her flower key blade ripped through the air, as she swung it to her side, "I'll fight."

Sora concentrated, trying to read her expression, only to notice the serious look in her eyes. Kairi stood in stance that showed she was really ready to fight him...

"Come on!" Kairi demands, charging towards Sora.

Sora kicked his leg back, a hand gripped onto his key blade ready to defend himself. He grinds his teeth together in frustration, knowing that he will have no choice but to fight against Kairi... seeing as she will not back down easily.

As Kairi Lunges towards Sora from a distance, he swings his key blade in position before their keyblade's clashed together loudly.

Using his own strength to fight against the pressure from Kairi forcing the oblivion down onto his kingdom key, his eyes were staring straight into her manipulated eyes. His face couldn't help but soften, as he saw the beautiful face of the Kairi he once knew before. Her oceanic eyes, and soft lips that forms a heart warming smile, began to force the tears forming at the edge of Sora's eyes, to fall...

It was already over, because he knew the Kairi he once loved is gone... 

So sad.. but this isn't a real story, of course. :P  Just a fan-made story. 

this is to all Sokai fans!

xo, Lynnie 

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