Friday, January 29, 2010

spammy spam spam.

so today during two hours of nothing (BM and seni, this is so annoying. when's teacher gonna teach us???) Laila totally spammed my buku nota extra. it's so full of crap now.. even more than before. :'(

like for example i was bored one day so I wrote stuff that I want and of 'em is a boyfriend. haven't updated it for a while, then she saw it and I asked her to cross that out. she writes comments on the ones that i told her to cross out and for the boyfriend she said "Not really... ********* actually..." =_______=

and she kacau my drawings.. like my hair wants... one of 'em dah rosak... :'( huhuhu... and the XW drawing attempt. it was actually Xueh Wei when her hair was still nice (she CROPPED it. what a waste...) then tak jadi sebab badannyer terlalu besar.. Xueh Wei comel... kecik jer.. :P and Laila pegi add mulut. :O then for fun I added evil eyes. and it went on until we named it "Bad Xueh Wei". like the present one is such an angel.

so anyway I have unfold my first embarassment of the year. our Sudut Nilam books are actually our books. so we donated books for our class to get a tick for Keceriaan. and I did my part my donating a few myself. one of 'em includes "Alice by Accident". it's quite an old book, not really. I bought it when I was twelve. so it sempat pergi SSP la. and at the back of the book, Anesha discovered has a little writing on it...

"Kind to think of it, he looks kinda gay."
"Like duh... He's naughty 2"
"You know, when he's with his frens"
"You guys jahat!"


and the sentence with the word gay in it is obviously my writing. I suspect this was me and Hanis later on joined by Najiya about a certain person named Adam Syafiq. I think.

During recess I unnaturally sat with Cynta and the gang. I remember earlier last year all SSpians grouped together to sit at one place. first Marina left to be with the prefects (she had to have recess early anyway). then I went away because I've obtained new friends- Iylia and Nurin. and Adilah. only Adilah joined us later on, she had recess with Farah Aliah before. then slowly it just depleted. Ain went with the rest of 1 D's. Dina jut followed anywhere Ain went. and Ika and Idah.. Idah adapted with new friends easier, that's all to say.

And the only reason I did so is because Nurin and Iman went to finish their homework. I lost Iylia after the rush of people buying food. I didn't want to apear unknown-ish to the juniors, so I just went to Cynta and said "Can I sit here?"

and guess what? THEY WERE NICE PEOPLE. X) MarMar waved at me frantically. And I had a normal recess. but one thing I don't understand-- knape malas sangat nak buang sampah? fine, gather it at one place, throw it later. question-- who's gonna throw it? I threw away Divya's, the one that she offered to Cynta which she excepted with a face. being a girl who was taught properly, as I went to throw my plastic, i took the plastic bag from Cynta. "Thank You~~!" oh yea sure, you're welcome. I jugak yang dapat pahala.

that's it then~ askum!

xo, Lynnie

p.s, looking at ADORABLE pictures of a certain person's cuzin. SHO KAWAII. spot the guy with MU cap. oh what a gorgeous smile. how could you not fall in love with that, people? X3

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