Saturday, January 9, 2010

t is for timing.

Have you ever notice how our timing is always crossing each other? I'm sorry.


Piano class today! Yeepee~ So I'm not about to discuss extra songs a.k.a. songs that aren't exam songs i.e, American Hymm and Canon (it's not good, enough said). So here's my exam song list~

Etude by Chopin

Soft love song. Oh gawd you would never know how much I love this song. Of course, Comme Un Rayon De Lune is better, but this is just as good. The expression is very drastic, and I luv the parts after the two bars of staccatto cuz it goes all soft and softer and softer... ohmygawsh. it starts with a waking up process, slow with a lil drama here and there, then getting ready for the date then the date goes oh-so-well and then you go home and you get a lil classic kiss-at-your-front-door then you go to sleep. how romantic.

okay, now discussing my problems - It's super slow. okay fine, it says "Slow, but not too slow" but teacher tends to make me slow down now and then. Even when I'm practicing when I notice I'm going faster, I slow down so it's not consistent. I'll be like, "Slow down Elyna. Slow down." and some parts, the notes. =.=' i hate note problems.

Melody in F by can't remember who. One of the classics jugak la since it's from "Simply Classic". Ohmegawd my toes hurt from hitting the sofa METAL foot. anyway.

So this is good. Better than Etude. The song is , like teacher said, like playing a Barbie doll. :)) so CUTE. it starts so gentle and fun, then it (ohgawd is it swollen?) becomes sort of its own life, it wants boyfriends other than Ken cuz Ken's such a jerk and wants to do her own stuff too. (ohgawd it sort of is) so she rebels and you HAVE to give her what she wants until she gets tired and you two become friends and you two play with each other again. happy ever after.

problems? notes. ugh.

Scat Song by Catherine Rollin

Bakmal got this song for his exam too. i thought it was the scary first song, skali its the Jazzy song. I like it. it sounds nice and mysterious and very (wow my smallest toe's BIG now) dark fun. AH French fun. :) Jazz kan. that's French, right? and French people are very dark. Unfortunately, I just learned this song today, well technically the first eight bars. So I can't say if this is good or bad.

That's all. Tata~


See what I mean? You woke up early yesterday and I woke up early today. And please don't ask Hanis where she thinks I am because she wouldn't know. =.='

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