Saturday, January 2, 2010

w is for wow.


oh that reminds me. i haven't been posting KH fan-posts because no one would suggest anything. :'( which is REALLY sad. okay fine after a while I just sort of forgot anyway but if you guys reminded me by helping and suggesting i would remember! or maybe you guys don't wanna read KH (sorry KH!!! :'( ) crap, so you guys decided not to suggest so that I would stop it. =.=' what a good reason. okay, wont over fan-blog about KH so much anymore. XP

well to hanis and at - I DO NOT LIKE HIM ANYMORE. son of a.. no, sucker is better. he's not that bad.

for starters, he called me desperate. maybe, desperate for him to notice i like him. and then he was totally spamming hanis's shoutbox. like, okay, you're bored, and you have one ringgit. was that necesarry? totally not. i was bored so i spammed hanis's shoutbox too, but that was one effing shout, not a million shouts saying "i'm sorry" or "please reply" or whatever you usually do on facebook status updates. they don't even do that anymore. they just write whatever they want to share or stuff. like SERIOUSLY.

okay I'm babbling again. well. looks like I'm back to Nur Elyna Mahzan, the girl who schools at SMK (P) Sri Aman, the girl who students don't know and teachers looks with one eye to. the girl wh most probably would only be known by having people knowing my dad is Mahzan Arshad. the girl who would not have shout box chats (ehem) . the girl who people barely even know the existence of (at school, i mean. okay, maybe all human beings except Sandra from out of Malaysia don't know my existence. and people who used to befriend my parents and brothers at US would know my existence. and most people at Malaysia doesn't know my existence.) urgh, what am I babbling about? maybe I have ADHD. :O ohemgee. maybe.

well, at least there's both good and bad news. ryan higa have ADHD too! XD

ENJOY!!! Oh haven't been quoting a lot. tomorrow eh? :)

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