Saturday, January 30, 2010

worst boring day ever.

not only is it boring, but my parents left to Bangkok too! :(

then I spent the whole day in front of the computer. I planned to do everything today so that I could edit videos tomorrow, but looks like I'm doing essays tomorrow. then Kak Ain's parents came. haish.

then later tongiht Abang Man came! YAY some one I know. but now Umaira's annoying me. I had to bore her to death and not follow what she asked me to do to get rid of her.

plus she keeps asking me to switch on the ps2. trust me these things will happen if i do:

-"Mak Su, boringla, jom main game lain" (most probably because she lost, and I mean a million times)
-"Tak nak lah main game ni, boring!" and apparently that's KH. It hurts to share with some one such a great game and she says it's boring. even if she's seven.


don't believe that Roxas's gay! cuz he's not! he's got Namine~ even if Namine gave birth to Saix's baby.

xo, Lynnie.

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