Thursday, January 14, 2010

y is for yokunasai desu.

today wasn't so good. that's what the title means. the opposite of good. bad.

it started off with me waking up at 5.30, only remembering these:

i wasn't supposed to sleep, only wanted to baring-baring. Then I slept. Without brushing my teeth or solat Isyak or kemas buku. which is so freaking frustrating.

then I my toe was crushed by Lea / Lea's chair. I was like, "ARGH, WHO THE HE- LEA!!!" and she said sorry.

then recess and Lea went with Zaza again. and I made a new friend Iman! :) Then we went to the gallery to play piano and there were bebudak asrama there. =.= we only played one song each in the end. :'(

Then Lea's chair squished my toe again. she says they (the chairs) freaking love me. more like hate me. maybe a love-hate relationship. XD

then Lea left me in front all alone to go to the back with Zaza. :'( new experience. yeah right. you do not know how much that menjatuhkan maruah I. so kira you prefer Zaza because, I am boring, you shall have no fun sitting next to me in class. how SAD.

then we got an announcement saying that only people who cant swim can enter the swimming club. T.T well, I'll go there first, and if they say RESTRICTEDLY for people who can't swim, I wont enter any sports (Choir and Orchestra have an advantage, they don't have to enter sports if they don't want to. ^ ^) actually Japanese is also considered a club, so we have an option to take or not to take another club. So if we don't, it's considered we enter Japanese club and they give us freaking koku marks for it. so I actually have a replacement for sports! ^ ^ yay yay yay yay so i just have to attend and everything's alright! okay that was WAY out of topic.

then I was complaining to Lea how my cramp freaking HURTS and she said, "mesti dah lame tak exercise". i wore a black t-shirt for the rest of the day.

then everything else that happened could not be considered happy moments, but they're not bad either so nevermind.

well. so long then. till the next post. if i survive this day.

xo, Lynnie.

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