Sunday, February 28, 2010

best friends are forever.





Either way, I won't be there tomorrow when Pn. Nuraini calls my name and expect the best from her AJK. 

Saturday, February 27, 2010

gaara and rock lee fight.



Cosplay Outfit ;)










This is Gaara. He's okay...
Okay fine he's kinda cool and Eva's crazy over him.


Sometimes I wonder if Midvalley is a living thing which tries to makes me suffer and collide on the floor screaming "I GIVE UP! YOU WIN!"

it has too much hot guys.

okay fine I only saw 2 tonight but ohmyGOSH were they HOT.

okay first i saw a guy FREAKING TALL and OMGAWD his CLOTHES ARGH JUST BURN ME ALREADY. see, this is my weakness. when he has good taste. like, if he has good taste in clothes, MUST be the coolest guy EVER right? well, i dunno. can't really judge someone like that.

what was he wearing? well, just a SHIRT with a VEST and JEANS with those CHAINS *yang slalu letak kat pocket tu* and SNEAKERS. yea just that. and reminder, not ALL vests are nerdy.

then when i got out of Jusco, i saw this guy. let's just say I thought he was an old Indon. from the back his hair seemed like Bakmal's (only shorter) and he was wearing sort of a short sleeve hoodie with a fire tattoo on it at the back with long sleeve inners. then when i went on the escalator OMG OMG OMG OMG.

he was most probably.. i dunno. i just dunno how to describe him. just plain... hot.

his hair was the cutest mess i've ever seen. his tee/hoodie was a Slipknot one. he just looked BRILLIANT. my DREAM GUY. i dunno, maybe. he just seems so... attractive. XD i can't help it. i just can't.

when my parents started to leave, I got up with, and tried to look at the guy. I glanced at him, making sure how he looks like. i though, okay, that was the last one. but i can't resist. i looked again.

I made sure he wasn't old. i looked at what he was holding. it was the right size for a DVD case, maybe a comic. i looked at his hair and turned away. OMG, i can't stand it. how long have I been staring? i tried looking somewhere else. but i can't help it. i gave him one last glance before the escalator went low enough to hide him from my sight.


oh it's a real song?!

if you play Sims2 on PS2, you'll hear this song on the radio! I thought it was a fake song, rupenye it's real! but the one in the game they mixed around the voice so yea, it doesn't make sense but it's easy when it's a song like this cuz it's not such a clear wording song anyway.

The vocalist looks so pretty, don't cha think? ;)

This is crazy... Tapi sedih, kan? And I like the dress, it seems so FREE. as in freedom, free not cheap free. ahem.

burying a castle.

No, no that's not the title :P
It's "Brick by Boring Brick" but it doesn't make sense.

Well she lives in the fairy tale
Somewhere too far for us to find
Forgotten the taste and smell
Of a world that she's left behind
It's all about the exposure the lens I told her

The angles are all wrong now
She's ripping wings off of butterflies
Keep your feet on the ground
When your head's in the clouds

Well go get your shovel
And we'll dig a deep hole
To bury the castle, bury the castle
Go get your shovel
And we'll dig a deep hole
To bury the castle, bury the castle
Ba da ba ba da ba ba da

So one day he found her crying
Coiled up on the dirty ground
Her prince finally came to save her
And the rest you can figure out
But it was a trick
And the clock struck 12

Well make sure to build your home brick by boring brick
or the wolf's gonna blow it down
Keep your feet on the ground
When your head's in the clouds

Well go get your shovel
And we'll dig a deep hole
To bury the castle, bury the castle
Go get your shovel
And we'll dig a deep hole
To bury the castle, bury the castle
Woah, woah.

Well you built up a world of magic
Because your real life is tragic

Yeah you built up a world of magic

If it's not real
You can't hold it in your hand
You can't feel it with your heart
And I won't believe it

But if it's true
You can see it with your eyes
Or even in the dark
And that's where I want to be, yeah

Go get your shovel
And we'll dig a deep hole
To bury the castle, bury the castle
Go get your shovel
And we'll dig a deep hole
To bury the castle, bury the castle
Ba da ba ba da ba ba da.

misery business.

I'm in the business of misery
Let's take it from the top
She's got a body like an hourglass
That's ticking like a clock

It's a matter of time
Before we all run out
When I thought he was mine
She caught him by the mouth

I waited eight long months
She finally set him free
I told him I can't lie
He was the only one for me

Two weeks and we caught on fire
She's got it out for me
But I wear the biggest smile

Whoa, I never meant to brag
But I got him where I want him now
Whoa, it was never my intention to brag
To steal it all away from you now

But God, does it feel so good
'Cause I got him where I want him now
And if you could then you know you would
'Cause God, it just feels so
It just feels so good

Second chances they don't ever matter
People never change
Once a whore, you're nothing more
I'm sorry, that'll never change

And about forgiveness
We're both supposed to have exchanged
I'm sorry honey but I'm passing up
Now look this way

Well there's a million other girls
Who do it just like you
Looking as innocent as possible
To get to who

They want and what they like
It's easy if you do it right
Well I refuse, I refuse, I refuse

Whoa, I never meant to brag
But I got him where I want him now
Whoa, it was never my intention to brag
To steal it all away from you now

But God, does it feel so good
'Cause I got him where I want him now
And if you could then you know you would
'Cause God, it just feels so
It just feels so good

I watched his wildest dreams come true
And not one of them involving you
Just watch my wildest dreams come true
Not one of them involving

Whoa, I never meant to brag
But I got him where I want him now

Whoa, I never meant to brag
But I got him where I want him now
Whoa, it was never my intention to brag
To steal it all away from you now

But God, does it feel so good
'Cause I got him where I want him now
And if you could then you know you would
'Cause God, it just feels so
It just feels so good

Oh gawsh, I LOVE Paramore ;D



Clickable, as usual ;)

Friday, February 26, 2010

kingdom hearts the musical.

So I've been running around YouTube again and guess what I found~~ KH MUSICALS XD I especially like the fourth one especially Roxas's part in the beginning ;D so here goes~

loves, peeps. ;)

koreans are too nice.

eheheh i downloaded sony vegas 8.0 and am now watching tutorials :P I like it so far. very satisfying and adventorous (so much to discover mah!)

anyway, i actually chatted with Sandra on YM today! ;) to whoever doesn't know who Sandra is, she's my Korean pen pal. we've been emailing each other ever since last year during the holidays. and she's WAY too nice! she emailed a couple of praises! i just dunno how to praise her because in life, i've learned not to judge someone too easily. let's give examples, kays? these were taken from original emails.

  well... lynn i'm really sorry about i'm not in malay...
i want to go there and listen to ur agony...
and cry and laugh with u... i really want to that
but i'm in korea i'm really sorry about that ur agony..
  well! i think ur in puberty. i think everyone likes u and loves u. because ur kind, good girl.
And i think u r acute now. take a breathe, and take a relax.
when i was in puberty i thought many times like u. but it was just my mistake idea.
so don't  negative think! positive think okay?
  and i'm ur friend too! please don't think about u r alone.
i will always with u. we r friend. right?
cheer up lynn! everyone loves u!


too. kind.
yea sure, she made me smile and felt like crying, but none of my friends here would say that cuz they know how i am.

and yes, malay does mean Malaysia. ^ ^ lol.
next email~
this is what i replied~

Thanks Sandra! I'm so happy.
You know what, I've always been the positive thinker in my group so maybe you're right.
I'm thinking too much. :) It's just that...
I have a very bad temper, that's why I think people don't like me.
Sigh. never mind.

so anyway, do you have a boyfriend? ;)
none of my close friends have one, but some people in my grade have one.

xo, Lynn

so she replied~ ;)

yeah, i'm happy too lynn.
i'm really happy when u happy
no u don't have bad temper. u r a good girl u know.
and u r my best fried. u r smart, kind and totally cute.
and...yeah i have boyfriend.. please keep in my secret...
Actually it' not school student everyone know...=)
than how about u? u have boy friend?
i think u have a nice boy friendXD because u r kind... good girl3:-D

ur korean friend

again she praised me. maybe she's expecting a praise herself.
so i replied.

ahaha, actually i don't have a boyfriend.
i bet if i do, he'd think i'm boring or rough.
but, you know, maybe it's just because i'm just like that.
except it's not that i'm boring
sometimes i just don't know what to say.
but it'll be cool to have one!
i've never had one before... :(

xo, Lynn

i know everybody who's single her whole life feels the exact same way. 

oh. that's weird. why boys are doesn't like u?
maybe boys are blind...kkk
ur attractive and kind!
umm... maybe boys are hide their feeling that like u...kkk

lol. MAYBE ;D i know so prasan.

ahahaha thanks XD
actually it's not that they don't like me, it's just that they don't like me in that way.
i had this guy who liked me,
but i didn't like him that way so he didn't become my boyfriend. ahaha.
and i've liked plenty of guys, but they don't like me back. :P
that's such a typical thing already.

IT'S TRUE IT'S TRUE ahahah XD I'm Meg Giry :P

oh... u will have a great boyfriend! don't worry! because u r niceXD
u r in online! can u connect yahoo messenger?
if u can i will wait..


now she's not replying to my question  -- how much does a loaf of bread cost. XD 
i know it's a random question, but there's a reason to it! you see, in Japan, a loaf costs 200 yen. and 100 yen is about 2 bucks so YEA A LOAF COSTS 4 RINGGIT. that's why i asked, dummy. but she didn't answer. :'(

so now i'm gonna watch these tutorials ;)

xo, Lynnie ;D


fate of the unknown.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

i'm in that time of the month.

my mood swings are at it's highest level right now. i actually had a fight with mom just now. now i feel like crying because everything i do seems wrong. so let's relax a little and stop worrying with a little Zuko video. ;)

that's two videos. ;D well, gonna upload Fate of the Unknown now. my next video will be about my own experience. Fate of the Unknown mainly sucked eggs. but never mind. the next one will be AWESOME! ;)

sora can sing pokerface.

but before that...

Lah: A suffix of no standard meaning used by Malaysians in their very own version of the english language (affectionately named Manglish) to spice up sentences and to express very different meanings according to the way it is said.

I found it on Kevin Hoh's blog. now I have a definition for lah! YAY

and Hot n Cold AMV first.

Yeah~~~ I hope Larxene wins. GIRL POWER although she's kinda bitchy :/
Good thing Vexen didn't play along! XD


i just noticed I ACTUALLY WROTE THE NAME FOR E in the story! O_o I WAS SO SCARED! what if someone read it and noticed and was like.... KUHUHUHUHU TAKUT!!! dah edit~ phuh lepas ni takde siape akan tahu ;) yiiih. almost pecah to the whole world :(

Anyway, having tabs friend's status updates, my blog, this, hanna's blog, xueh wei's blog, and Joy's status.

i wonder...

currently listening to Two is better than One.

holiday studying plan~
friday - finish all homework
saturday - study Geo form 1 chapters (last 4, kan?)
sunday - study Sejarah form 1 chapters (Sabah and Sarawak)

so malam ni main puas -puas ;)

xo, Lynnie

status updates.

so I've been raiding status updates lately. and I think it's fun since half of the people I added are like, people I barely even walk by. And I have 400 friends without me aiming it. :) last year 100 orang dah cukup, but since dapat internet... ;)

anyway, here's me and my Greenshot having fun ;) Remember, CLICK the pic for better view.


I KNOW how could I raid my own brother? 
Well, apparently this was too good to bare. ;D

She shouldn't have even tried in the first place.
Lea would've said the last sentence from beginning. 
I think.
When she's feeling bitchy, that is.
I mean seriously, what if that person haven't seen your hair for the last two years,
and they think you should cut the old one,
and they say YES?! 


Ahaha, me and Annie. ;)


I felt like liking it, 
but somehow Adam is like,
emo-er these days
so never mind.

you should go offline.

I wonder if FB has a character limit? 
don't even bother reading this one, 
just wanted to show how long it is.
Woah is right sister.


Like, there's no use to it.
But then again, I do it too sometimes 
^ ^
So YAY to TAMMY for being random! 

footnote: "saysasaysasaysasaysaysa"! 
congratulations if you found out what it means.

I got my laugh back.

So I haven't laugh hard this year. And I got my stupid laugh back. (yess, because of annie, will explain that later) Last year my stupid, extremely funny laugh was that my face would be squished as I try to control it. so now I don't even try. it'll be a loud annoying blast of "AHAHAHAH".

so how did i get my laugh back? well, wait, i DID laugh hard this year! but never mind. that's one freaking time. anyway. first was during recess and i totally embarrassed myself. we were talking about like and hate, and suddenly i saw L, you know, from yesterday, and I immediately was like, was E from 1D last year??? and Iman wasn't here last year but she knows E from taekwando (TOTALLY SUITS HER LIKE HELL) but Nurin doesn't know her! i wanted to ask if she was in 1D, and i described her SO WELL but i guess she wasn't sure. but in the end we were like, why did i ask if she knew her?

right. because I wanted to know if she was in 1D. LOL or in bm KDK (that joke will be later on explained)

then in class (umm, after agama... sejarah) .. wait after sejarah... sivik, yes. see, for sivik we had to do a whole bunch of things and one of em was pick a person u like the most and why (admire laa). so i wanted to pick cassie, but she's from 2H so i picked Anesha. Annie and Tammy were doing each other, nobody did me :'( NOBODY LIKES ME. ugh, somehow i terase teramat-amat. tadi takde plak. okay anyway so we had to ask like languages we usually use and me i have BM and BI Xueh Wei had BM, BI AND Mandarin and a bit of Hokkien :O but Anesha only uses BI so we dared her to speak in BM for the rest of the day. she didn't made it, but we dared it to next Monday ;D SO FUNNY we made a LOL in BM and it's ketawa dengan kuat so KDK. AHAHA i mean KDK! XD

then we went back home~ i skipped Japanese cuz i forgot to bring my books :P so no point right? so at first i wanted to ask Sab Sab to write notes for me, then she's not coming neither, so she asked Qian Rui. I wanted to ask Qian Rui too, but kesian so I asked Chloe ;) YAY hahaha~

so I called my mom (met Xueh Wei and she lent me some syilings! ;) and i cut line :P SO LONG!) and looked like a dope, everything falling from my hands (being in this school means bringing more than one bag :P). then went outside and met Xueh Wei again! i wanted to babble about KH because I felt like and everyone knows how obsessive i can get about Kingdom Hearts so she said "NO NO !!" ahaha~ then saw Hanan then saw Nurin then saw Annie! Xueh Wei dared Anesha to go to her dad and say bye and sit back there for 10 seconds. at first she didnt want to do, then Tammy said "Then I'll triple dare you!" then she ACTUALLY DID IT and after she closed the door we were laughing out loud and Xueh Wei was pushing her back to her car and as they went off, we laughed some more!!! XDDD

so that's the story of how i got my stupid laugh back. ;)
Happy Holidays for tomorrow! ;) i dont even know the occasion =.=

xo, Lynnie

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

can't stand the heat.

i know I've posted this before, but I just can't stand it. I just GOT to tell places that can't be missed to watch and pause. *fangirl screech*

0.01 - Cloud grins XD
0.15 - Zack Fair XD
0.16 - Reno OH! XD
0.21 - Zack SMILES XD
0.28 - Unknown guy walking hotly X)
0.34 - Unknown guy but SUPER HOT
0.49 - Reno OH! again! XD
0.51 - Vincent Valentine POINTING A GUN XD
1.02 - Cid smiling - EPIC
1.07 - Hot Boys Posse (the most left LOOKS LIKE KAI)
1.11 - Zack looking HOT XD
1.17 - EPIC motorcycle stopping XD
1.38 - Same as above, only I dont wanna know who he is. he seems EVIL.
1.40 - 1.42 - A row of hot guys - Zack, Vincent and Reno. sigh.

Sigh. sometimes it's just luck, huh, such hot guys being fiction.

guy girl story.

Okay so as I was going back home and listening to the lame Spider song on Hot FM (malas nak tukar, dad seems to enjoy it) I was thinking about a scene I saw at the canteen just now. Okay let's just say my school is a co-ed school (which it's not). the classes remain the same. So there was this two girls I remember from 1D last year. One very tomboyish like. the other very girly tapi teramatlah kasarnya. if you're close with her, beware of making fun of her. she may hit you. hard.

So let's just call the tomboyish one guy and the girly one girl. because I could not dare say their real names. may accidently make a rumor.

Okay maybe just the first letters. L and E respectively. both Chinese, I think. not sure bout L. Okay anyway, as I said E is very kasar a.k.a. rough and L is very SKINNY. so just now I saw E pulling L HARD to the opposite way she was facing and it seemed like she could fall that very minute but she didn't. phew. and so in the car I was imagining where they were going. So this is what I've come up with with my brilliant imagination.

I'm sorry guys. I'm so sorry.

E pulled L's arm hard. He was talking to his buddies but she couldn't waste more time. They HAD to talk. L almost fell hard, but her kept his balanced and turned to E. 

"Where's we going?!" he asked, feeling like he couldn't keep up with E's speed.

"We're going some where to talk," was all she replied.

They walked fast past the crowd in the canteen. E pushed through everyone blocking with no mercy while L was stopping here and there saying sorry, but was pulled back by E. They got through the crowd, and now into the free air from the canteen. But E was still forcing L to follow her.She was still gripping on L's wrist. L suddenly realized how serious E is. So he just followed.

Soon E stopped walking and pulled into a corner where there was no one in sight. She pulled L with her. "E, what's going o-" E stopped him by landing her lips on L's. After a while L kissed back, and E put her hand on L's face. They just made out for a while, knowing no one was watching them. They knew what they're doing's wrong. It just is.

E released her mouth and began to breath deeply. when it seemed like she stopped breathing at all, tears start to stream down her cheek.

"E?" L called out, holding E's hands. E let go and covered her eyes while sliding down to the floor. She sobbed and sobbed. L knew why she cried. He just didn't have the guts to say anything. He knew E. She would just fight back. So instead, he went down to the floor and hugged E. E didn't do anything. She just sobbed some more. This is wrong. None of this should happen. None of it.

I KNOW IT'S SO DRAMATIC. But I think I love this story. and yes, the reason it's wrong they kissed is because they're both girls. And I know I wrote L as a guy in the story, it's just so that I wouldn't feel weirded out whenever I see them. I'm friends with E, sometimes we'll throw smiles at each other, but I never talked to L before. 


happy candid day.

I know it's supposed to be posing, as told by Lea, but I prefer candid. it's such a cool word. ;)

And I had to read Zaza's blog to remember that we did our class photo today. :/ SO forgetful.

Yeaa, it was UBER fun! I had to sit in front :/ I didn't want to because my skirt was dirty but what to do. AJK BI. But I bet it'll be totally weird, cuz I pakai tudung and stuff and AJK BI slalunyer Chinese.. ahahaha... got a story for that later...

Anyway, we got one official shot and two candid shots so first candid was "g" (make a "C" for right hand, "L" for left hand and put it together ^ ^) for GIGIH (We're so AWESOME ;D ) and second was that guy Khairin and Nadhrah knew so well... it was sort of like Superman plus Ultraman thing... but it was COOL. I hope I don't look like a dope because usually if I smile too big or try to look good too much it'll turn out like I'm a NERD. :'( That's the disadvantages of being me. I'm not photogenic at all.

then during English we did Oral test (yeaa, if you're yellow minded it'll sound so WRONG like the other day we were picking a tokoh and we said "Nicol David" and Xueh Wei said, "Oh yea I used her for my oral thingy last year" and we were laughing out loud saying "What oral THINGY" and Xueh Wei keep slapping Anesha's arm :P I tak kena! XD) and Qian Rui was TOTALLY memorizing a story she wrote and it included "people scurring for a shade" and "tall, slim figure" so it seemed like it came from a book. and Pn. Noraini told her she could be a writer and my ears were burning as other book lovers were saying the same. you know how much I hate competition.

then during KH.. well after KH lah... (I hanged out with AFIQAH for KH ;) As usual. she's so COOL ;D ) after KH we had to hurry because teacher had to go for a jamuan (====.====) and unluckily I bertugas this week. So I cepat-cepat sapu and just push it under the sowing machines because takde siape tau pown :P and I saw some people changing so I was like I WANT TO CHANGE TOO so I hurriedly took my bag which contained my PJ clothes and went inside and teacher was like "Tak payah nak ngade-ngade! Keluar cepat!" So i tak sempat... and Nazureen kene halau so there was a free show at the balcony :P Maryam was laughing her ass off.

so after the kecoh-kecoh I went back to class to see if any of the group A people was still there and there WAS XD miracle. so I changed there. ;)

we were supposed to go hiking for Pandu Puteri but instead we did the whistle thing. I could recite all seven types of whistle sounds and its meanings now. ;) we also played some games IN THE 40 DEGREE CELSIUS HEAT. tapi takpe lah. ;) I was Ketua Bunga Raya for one day.

Got more to say but I'll keep it or later ;)

xo, Lynnie

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

i want everything as long as it's free.

today I bertugas paint banner with Azrianna, Zulaikha and Cynta! xD it was so FUN. I wanted to do blue and yellow, tapi takleh. :/ then after a while we just let them choose more than one colour. ptcch.

googled Akuroku pix (I dont know why i did this! I tot I was against Roxas being gay!) and here's a few that i found that were really nice :)


I KNOW I KNOW It's just Roxas looks HOT so I can't resist. x(

This is beautiful. And I'd like you guys to see it in the friendship way? Thanks.

And I searched for Namine and Roxas too! XD


So cute right? I like Namine's blouse. Would like to have one. ;)



So romantic~


And the best for the last...

HAHA i LOVE this one <3

Okay nighties. just wanted update. ;)

xo, Lynnie

Monday, February 22, 2010

the best way to wash rice before popping it into the rice cooker.

sorry Nis, when this happened, I immediately thought of "black toe" and "paint my nails red". HAD to steal the idea.

1. pour your rice carelessly into the pot while humming a song that's stuck into your head.
2. turn the tap on.
3. take the sponge op soap and put it inside the pot full of rice wile humming.
4. screech and quickly throw the sponge out of the pot.
5. stare at the green liquid floating above your rice.
6. pour out all the green liquid and wash your rice about 7 times or so.
7. pop your rice pot into the rice cooker and act as if nothing happened while eating ice cream and hum some more.

I CAN'T STAND DOING HOMEWORK. I have two freaking letters to write, one is to "Ashley" (my imaginary Australian friend) and another to .... . I was writing a paragraph in my BM letter when I suddenly felt like coming here and play the computer. and no, Bakmal is not here to save me again and play Dota. sigh. He went to sleep at his friend's house. >:(

just got an idea for new video. two freaking videos coming up, latest by March holidays ;)

nobody still rocks.

i want a ferking rest betch.

the first day of school after a week of holiday was... mentally tiring. I didn't laugh the whole day (like, laugh laugh) until rumah biru practice. :/ and right now i wanna take a bath, i really do, but i dont feel comfortable being alone in a small space without my parents around and the wind blowing outside. brr. kinda scary lah. mak, cepatlah balik~ :'(

xo, Lynnie

Sunday, February 21, 2010

omegling's fun.

Omegled with a 26 year old married guy.

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: hi
You: hello
Stranger: asl?
You: uh?
Stranger: dont u know what i mean?
You: no
Stranger: i mean i need ur asl
You: i dont hve an asl.. wtv dat is
Stranger: a=age, s= sex, l=location
You: OHH
You: okay thnx
You: 14, female, asia
Stranger: asia? wow, the same
You: really?
Stranger: i come from singapore,
Stranger: but i used to be a chinese
You: oh
You: im from malaysia
You: ;)
You: im malay
Stranger: neighborhood. nice to meet u
You: you too
Stranger: can u speak chinese?
You: no... but my friend can speak mandarin
Stranger: dont u learn it at school? i see in singapore, students learn it
You: no.. we dont learn chinese here
You: but there's chinese schools
You: that's where my friend goes to
You: or, went
Stranger: oh, i see
Stranger: so tell u my asl
Stranger: 26 m sg
You: oh...
You: u married to someone there?
You: in sg i mean
Stranger: right!
Stranger: i am working here as well
You: youre working as?
Stranger: i mean i also work here as a teacher
Stranger: in fact i'm still learning in the university
You: oh cool
You: what're u taking?
You: and wat do u teach?
Stranger: i teach Chinese while i am learning economy in china
You: what do u do in economy, actually?
Stranger: well, i only study in university. sometimes i write some articles for some money
Stranger: what's ur hobby?
You: umm
You: i write stories
You: and play the piano
You: you wanna read some? me and my friends post it on a blog
Stranger: wow! i want to see ur stories!
Stranger: and i can play the piano. also i play the clarinet
Stranger: ok, i'll watch it
You: oh cool
Stranger: do u like chopin?
You: emm im playing a piece for my grade 5 exam
You: Etude
Stranger: it's a nice piece. i really wanna learn to play the scherzo of him but i find it really hard wo do so
You: yeah, but it's really simple though
You: i'd like to hear the whole song
You: im googling about scherzo
Stranger: haha
Stranger: liszt's ?
You: ... never heard any of his songs.
Stranger: oh...
Stranger: who's ur favorite pianist?
You: ahahah, actually umm i just got into the classical world
You: so dont really know many pianists
You: okay sorry gotta go
You: OH last one
Stranger: i see.

Just for the fun of it ;D

the difference between a liar and someone who's too honest.

The difference is it's better to know the truth and get true knowledge than being lied and cheated on. Even though they both hurt in the end, but being too honest is better. Unless you want to lie about... well, I can't think of a good example now, but there are times when lying is better. Just, not most of the time.

Anyway, video story idea. ;) wish me luck!

Roxas can’t remember much of his life, although he was convinced it was normal. He had a summer job, great new friends from school and a Myspace account. But weird things start to happen ever since he met Namine at the beach. He starts getting visions and dreams that seemed so real. It was him being a Nobody. He was nothing but a mere shadow. He wouldn’t believe it, but the day he disappears came. And he can’t do anything about it.
Two years after what happened, Olette (Yuna) suddenly felt a hole in her heart. She dreamt of Roxas, although she’s convinced that she never came upon a ‘Roxas’ in her life before.  But then she felt Roxas (Tidus) hugging her, trying to make sure she remembered. She cried without her want, but then after that teardrop fell on the ground, she remembered everything about Roxas. But nothing can be done. He’s there, but he’s not.

to zanarkand.

my bro and I are addicted to the song or the intro of FFX To Zanarkand. I wish we had a better piano sheet of it.

And guess who finished her Sejarah notes? ;) WAHAHA thanks also too Bakmal for playing Dota so that I wouldn't go upstairs a minute or two. ;) He was reading me typing this and I was like JANGAN BACE and die cakap "Ape tajuk blog Elyna? "The Stories of a Girl..." "Bakmal takkan jumpenyer..!" "Masalahnye mesti ade kat History kan?" I thought "obviously now I could easily delete all histories of my blog..." but you know, nak sembunyi ape? All I didn't want him to read was the first paragraph AHAHA Bakmal would know why. I dunno if he's actually gonna look for my blog, you know... Since automatically signs me up :P

Saturday, February 20, 2010

hotties the final fantasy version.

like seriously, how much hotter can Anime go? and Tidus, Leon and Reno looking AWESOME ;) also, CLOUD and ZACK FAIR (Zack looks a LOT like Terra from KH BBS but apparently they're different people cuz Zack's coming out in KH3. So obviously not same person.) and hopefully KH3 is in PS2 too! lambat pun takpe! asalkan ade macam ReCOM it was originally Gameboy, but you know, they made a PS2 version. ;)

procrastination babeyh.

pergh. I procrastinate WWAAYYYY too much. I still haven't finished my Summary. Can't find a stinking thing about Rubinstein at all! Except that he was very sarcastic ;) well, we'll just have to skip the composer intro and go straight to the song.

i just got barely through Science. I calculated all the calories, but the most was 6000+! and we need 9200! But when I look back at the menu, i think I would've been full by the end of the day if i added more equavalant to too much calories. i dunno. so i just left it in my Science text book, as if hoping that the next day the total calories would be 9000.

and as for Sejarah. don't get me started. i dunno if it was the Skittles, but I definitely could not concentrate on reading about how Perak was falling (although I could memorize that there were Chinese gangsters there and they had a fight which cost the bijih timah and that Sultan Ismail got the Sultan title without going through the Raja Muda process [Raja di Hilir > Raja Bendahara > Raja Muda > Sultan] and Raja Ali was not happy with it because supposingly he's supposed to take the throne although if you look at the charts HE skipped too from Raja di Hilir to Raja Muda! so EFF YOU Raja Ali!) but after Perak I couldn't take it anymore. I ran off to mom's air-conned room and rolled my head around until mom came in and said "Kalau nak pakai laptop, pakai kat bilik mak" and so I did ;)

now the head ache has finally released. I think I'm gonna rread more of chapter 2.2 since it's such a long chapter :/

OH went to see Umar at Bentong. held him TWICE XD He's so adorable x3 Kesian kat Kak Ain kalau tengok ape yang die makan. Ikan kering (dan that one type of fish which I can't remember the name of) and nasi with kuah sayur :/ SERIOUSLY macam bubur!!! sedih giler tengok orang berpantang ni.

orait, night then. askum. ;)

xo, Lynnie

Friday, February 19, 2010

none to choose from.

Went to look at SHINee as told by Hanis Syahira. Entahlah. Biase jer. I guess I'm interested in...


3 o'clock and 10 o'clock. I guess. 
I mean, mane ade lagi yang cute sangat.
I'm starting to not understand anymore.
Can I stick to Kyuhyun? :P


ahaha~ first of all, to that retard that said everyone's eating too much Sugus.

next to the girl who loved me for loving Korean songs. :/

I just love this song! Who doesn't? It's so LOVABLE. And everyone's SO CUTE. I think I'm in love with Kyuhyun. ahahaha. he's so adorable in this vid, but when I searched for pictures not much was as adorable. aww.

sunway pyramid needs more time.

we went to Sunway Pyramid just now. me, Laila, Adilah and Lea. I gotta admit, I had a wonderous time with Lea. most probably it's one of her good mood days. Her mom was so pwetty 83 and her mom and her were wearing matching clothes - black tee and jeans! ahahah~ I also noticed our bags were all black ;3 we're classy people. :P

then we went bowling. oh yea, before that had some fun time with Adilah and Lea at a CD store. was laughing out loud when Lea pulled out a Mandarin learning CD. "Let's go to the zoo!" ahahah~

Bowling was fun. We played two games, two people on each lane (yes, we very greedy took two lanes :P) I got a lane with Adilah. And I gotta say, compared to Lea and Laila, we were quite good. But when I told Abang we got 82 and 81 in total, he laughed. :/ PERGH.

I hate my mouse I hate my mouse I hate my mouse.

Anyway, after that we meant to go and take pictures at the Photo Booth xD I was so excited <--- first time pergi Pyramid. But then Adilah pulled us into this Korean make-up store. Laila sat at a corner SMSing who knows who. Adilah were looking SERIOUSLY like REALLY WANNA BUY at the make-ups and Nail Polish. me and Lea were playing around with anything that has a tester. xD the Dila didn't buy anything, Lea bought a nail polish :/

then we went to photo booth~ with 5 minutes to 5.30. pergh. we SO needed more time then that! and Laila and Adilah were totally not sure where it is. Then finally we arrived. (remember people, Asian Avenue is on THE TOP FLOOR not ground!) then we followed Laila's routes. Dilah stopped for a while to listen to Suju's song. >:/ ADILAH WE NEED TO HURRY! then we took some time picking a booth. then we did some mistakes here and there. So we got gambar yang biase-biase jer. huhu. :'( susah-susah decorate tau!!! and we did a slight mistake with the cutter so in the end Adilah brought it back home to cut. :/

then we went looking for Yasmin, Dilah's sis. then when finally found her already felt super tired like SERIOUSLY. then when she and her sis started trying out shoes me and Laila was like, "Umm, lets leave now." she called her bro and we waited at this.. place. her bro picked us up and didn't really have anything to talk about. ~awkward silence~ then I slept all the way back :P our plan was that My dad pick me up from Laila's house but die dah hantar rumah, nak buat ape. I think I said thanks twice.

sigh. what a great but yet tiring time we had.

xo, Lynnie

Thursday, February 18, 2010

korean's the new thing.

I totally love the new song S.E.O.U.L. so I went to figure out who's that guy yang romantic giler with the doll head girl. then I went to find out others too like Adilah's fav, Kibum and Suaidah's Ryeowook. Semua handsome handsome x3 But also others that I think is good looking like Kyuhyun and Sungmin was also stalked. and also Zalika's fav from.. umm.. i think its SHINee or sumthing. cant remember. Max Changmin. Woah, he has an adorable smile! So from all the pictures I have seen, I picked out these people's pictures to be put up x3

Sungmin Super Junior

Ryeowook Super Junior

Kibum Super Junior

Max Changmin 

Kyuhyun Super Junior

Syeohyun SNSD (Ain't she pretty? ;) )

xo, Lynnie

inspiration babeyh.

haha, found out what to do for video! >:)
me gonna list down reasons I like Roxy. :3
no, not Roxy the brand, Roxas!
heeheehee I think I'm gonna start after a few weeks (this hols jer dah two vids uploaded).
But can't wait.
Gonna start right now.

reasons I like Roxas X3

1. He's BLONDE and have ELECTRIC BLUE EYES. gimme some shock, babeyh! ;) ahahahaha
2. He's EMO. gawd, you don't know how hot emo boys are to me. although sometimes he gives that smile, and goes all gushy.. awwwww... and and and how he hold Xion's hand!!! OMG  he's so SWEEEETTTT XD
3. He's the smartest out of the Twilight Town gang. AND the cutest AND most popular (it was HIS pictures getting stolen, not anyone else. HE'S the fav customer at the armour shop.) I mean seriously. he's like, the talk of the town. ;)
4. He's the talk of the town.
5. He got both dark AND light - Like Riku. somehow. he got Oblivion AND Oathkeeper as Keyblades. Ain't that just plain KEWL?!
6. He's just plain hot.
7. Jesse McCartney plays his voice for English version! ain't that just cute? ;) I'm not a fan, but you gotta admit, he's so cute and hot.
8. HE SAID SHUT UP TO SORA! Finally, someone who could step up to that poser. I wonder how he'd be like if he wasn't Disney.
9. He has caused us another person to figure out about. Ven/Ventus (that sounds like a planet!) . My conclusion - He's Sora's dad or something and Nomura just wanted to make things weird so he just made Roxas look like Ven plainly because he likes how he looks (and he's got good taste too) and Ven is from Sora's memory so explains why Roxas doesn't look like Sora. and also to make us wonder WHO THE HELL IS ROXAS cuz he doesn't look like effing Sora! Good job, Nomura, good job on making KH such a hit.
10. He's just plain cute.I can't say 13's my fav number, but 4 is umm i think it's Xaldin (one is Xemnas, two is Xigbar, three is.. ) wait, no, Xaldin's number 3. 4 is umm OMG ITS VEXEN EW EW EW EW EW err err MY FAV NUMBER IS THIRTEEN xDDD

Found info about the Organization 13 in wiki! XD who would've known?

  1. Xemnas; "The Superior of the In-Between;" Controlled Sorcerers, used the attribute of Nothingness and weapons called Ethereal Blades.
  2. Xigbar; "The Freeshooter;" Controlled Snipers, used the attribute of Space and Arrow Guns.
  3. Xaldin; "The Whirlwind Lancer;" Controlled Dragoons, used the attribute of Wind and six Lances.
  4. Vexen; "The Chilly Academic;" used the attribute of Ice and a Shield.
  5. Lexaeus; "The Silent Hero;" used the attribute of Earth and an Axe Sword.
  6. Zexion; "The Cloaked Schemer;" used the attribute of Illusion, and a Lexicon.
  7. Saïx; "The Luna Diviner;" Controlled Berserkers, used the attribute of Moon, and a Claymore.
  8. Axel; "The Flurry of Dancing Flames;" Controlled Assassins, used the attribute of Fire and twin Chakrams.
  9. Demyx; "The Melodious Nocturne;" Controlled Dancers, used the attribute of Water and a Sitar.
  10. Luxord; "The Gambler of Fate;" Controlled Gamblers, used the attribute of Time as well as Cards.
  11. Marluxia; "The Graceful Assassin;" used the attribute of Flower and a Scythe.
  12. Larxene; "The Savage Nymph'" used the attribute of Lightning and eight Knives.
  13. Roxas; "The Key of Destiny;" Controlled Samurai, used the attribute of Light and wielded up to three different Keyblades (due to being Sora's Nobody). He initially wielded the Kingdom Key but soon acquired the Oathkeeper and Oblivion, which represent Kairi and Riku, respectively.
  14. Xion; used the attribute of Light and the Kingdom Key Keyblade. Although she is considered part of the Organization, she is not a Nobody. She is an imperfect replica of Sora created from his leaked memories. 



If you read the list, you'll see Roxas got Oathkeeper from Kairi and Oblivion from Riku. How sweet!!! XD

Mak suruh tido. night.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

two three oh.

Still searching for inspiration. Found someone else to subscribe to. Sigh.

Blue for the colour of Roxas and Namine's eyes. ;) Maybe I should make a NamiXas tribute. sigh.

Storyline (really, you won't understand without it.) :

It starts off as Roxas meets Namine, befriending her as they spend time together. Roxas eventually becomes her guardian angel, protecting her and trying to save her from DiZ. But DiZ finally wins and drags her back to Castle Oblivion where she's alone and sulks as she meets Sora who instantly falls in love with her.

As the two journey through the castle, trying to find their way out, Roxas is falling into a deep depression back in Twilight Town. As they reach the end of their destination, Sora goes back to sleep to link all his memories of the adventure back together and Namine is captured by Axel.

As she fits in the chair wanting to go home, Axel takes pity n her and releases her. As she exits through the doors, she finds herself back at Twilight Town, watching as Roxas sleeps peacefully, the only time he looks calm. As he wakes up, Namine disappears, she doesn't want him to see her just yet. As the events of Kingdom Hearts 2 unfold, Roxas finally sees Namine but ignores her as he's attacked by a group of heartless.

Once he's back in his bed, he finds it hard to sleep afraid that if he falls asleep he might forget all about Namine. But as he closes his eyes, Namine smiles at him from his dreams.

Sigh. post number 230.


you know, Tumblr has that reblog thing when you see a picture or quote or whatever you like, and then you'll be able to reblog it on your Tumblr? I'm doing sort of the same thing, only Blogger style. ;)

Petunjuk Hingga ke Penghujung
written by Mohd. Azfar bin Nur Adlan (SSP pal!)

Daripada Anu Hurairah r.a., Nabi S.A.W bersabda:

''Bertakwalah kepada Tuhan kamu,tunaikanlah solat lima waktu kamu,berpuasalah pada bulan Ramadhan, tunaikanlah zakat harta kamu, dan taatilah orang yang mengendalikan urusan kamu;nescaya kamu memasuki Syurga Tuhan kamu.''
                                                                                                                     ( Riwayat al-Tarmizi)

Next, a picture from Eisyatur's blog..
Max Changmin, Zalika's Hubby! XD  

Oh God he's gorgeous. X3 

Hm... I'm thinking of what to make a video of... I downloaded a whole bunch of cutscenes, but you know, my video editor's very basic (Window's Movie Maker, mind) and malas giler nak download anything else and start learning how to use all over again. And I also have no idea what song to use EVEN if I have the slightest idea of a storyline. :/ Sigh.

Well. watching a lot of videos for inspiration. wish me luck. 

new video, yet again.

i was effing bored last night so I just did this in less than an hour. The music took longer time then the clip. then again, I shouldn't have edited it much, I think there should be music while we did waves. XD

sigh. fun, fun times.

xo, Lynnie

kris allen rocks.

okay, maybe there's a defect on how much he rocks based on the title, obviously Adam Lambert is more of the rocker, but seriously, i wouldn't want to hug an overweight, over make-up-ed gay. just gay? fine, but no way over weight and over-make-up-ed.

AND THAT'S LIVE, people. thanks to Kimberly Fung, who is Neda's friend, really. have been stalking people lately. :P

lolz in reminder of hanan.

LOL , i found this on Facebook .
|=>ROFLMAOYSST (Rolling On Floor Laughing My Ass Off Yet Somehow Still Typing).

Hanan wrote that. lol. well, made a new video on Merentas Desa. wait for it. it'll be ready by tomorrow. ;)
xo, Lynnie

p.s, I kept this font cuz i like the colour~ ;D

resuming memories.

omg, I miss Musical Drama.

and yet again. this is too funny. and beware, yaoi parts. >:)


the dream.

OMG I almost went through the whole day without posting my dream last night! IT WAS AMAZING. sure, it started off quite badly (we're talking cleaning toilets here, people) but I woke up thinking, "that SO had to be blogged about"

so here's how it goes. AFTER the toilets scene.

me and my parents were on a holiday, cruising (^ ^) then suddenly the boat shook hard, and when it stopped, the captain said the boat was sinking (how Titanic-ish!) somehow, my whole family were like people from Avatar and Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts and all that, you know, with weapons and magic and stuff ;)

so we divided ourselves into groups. mom with Bakmal, ayah alone (so BERANI with his guitar and all ;) ) and abang alone. i was left with kak ain (she's not from our family, therefore no super power). BUT I had MAGIC like Bakmal and Bakmal had mom, so I wanted to go with Abang. Abang was defending himself, saying that he can handle it, but Ayah said I could be useful. only use magic when necessary. (^ ^) so Kak Ain went along with the crowd, Abang was making sure she was okay but Kak Ain's a brave person. :)

so we went off. then, we met a twin sister monster! they were giants, and they were like, mythical creatures or something (my dreams are always blurry). so Abang went off with his sword, fighting like a hero. >:) but after a couple of hits, it was obvious even special attacks wouldn't be any use (sound familiar? ;) ). so I told him, Abang, I think I can at least try. then he said, One more shot! so he went for it. but it was a mild attack. the monsters were already discussing which one of us each wanted to eat. then Abang gave me a nod of approval. so what i do? i go into my inner self.

and guess who I found?


WAHAHA Zuko was my inner conscience. ;) lol. so he told me what to do and stuff. and he told me sort of the ingredients (? it was like the elements I should use) for a spell. there was water, fire, lightning and the mage's stone (it's sort of only special people have. WOOT i'm special). and I totally forgot the elements, and I bantai, blizard, fire and thunder (i don't know how that's different). then a rush of water came in. in my head, Zuko was scolding me. WATER not BLIZZARD and LIGHTNING not THUNDER and don't forget the stone!!! 

but by then the twins were all soaked, and their element was fire, so they had a weakness plus their HP dropped a hundred (??? LOL) so I tried again and i TOTALLY blew them out!! it was so cool, they just died from that one shot!!! XDD

okay, one Dota session from Bakmal. bye~