Thursday, February 4, 2010

beethoven's breakdown.

was watching Cloverfield when it went all boring so I left.

so today basically was kinda normal. not much to talk about, just wanted to update.

REALLY feel interested in Cosplaying. EEEEEEEE

And feeling all pumped out on this Saturday!!! But bad news - I haven't got my number yet. :( Somehow, my name wasn't there on the list, so I couldn't get a number, and I had to give my name to teacher, so I'll most probably won't get the cool, paper-like new ones. Instead, the normal old plastic ones. :'/ BUT DON'T WORRY. i'm not the only one. ;D

EEEE I WANT TO SEE KRIS ALLEN AT MIDVALLEY MALL AND GARDEN!!! It's so close to my house!!! And yet, I do not know whether we need tickets or not. WAAAA I've always have been more of a Kris Allen than Adam Lambert, and not cuz he's gay. More of because of his choices of songs.


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I've always hoped this day would come. :')
And also the day Malaysia would allow Greenday to make a concert here too.
But that's kinda impossible.

So anyway. Been watching a lot of vids by Fighting Dreamers Productions, and I really like their cosplays. ;) And I also watched their cosplay of KH, AND ROXAS LOOKED SO COOL!!! I really thought the cosplayer was a guy, but turns out IT WAS A GIRL. aww. she also has a girlfriend. aww. and she cosplays as Sora. AWWW. Roxas and Sora yaoi. EWW. haha, I'm turning out like Joy Phang. But she likes Shoujo Ai mangas. pepaham jerla.

and I first discovered this when I was watching their Aki-Con 2008 (I think) and there was a picture of them kissing. I had to rewind about four times before it could sink in.

Alrighty. tomorrow I have to pass up journal, so better fill in today's entree. night people. askum.

xo, Lynnie

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