Monday, February 22, 2010

the best way to wash rice before popping it into the rice cooker.

sorry Nis, when this happened, I immediately thought of "black toe" and "paint my nails red". HAD to steal the idea.

1. pour your rice carelessly into the pot while humming a song that's stuck into your head.
2. turn the tap on.
3. take the sponge op soap and put it inside the pot full of rice wile humming.
4. screech and quickly throw the sponge out of the pot.
5. stare at the green liquid floating above your rice.
6. pour out all the green liquid and wash your rice about 7 times or so.
7. pop your rice pot into the rice cooker and act as if nothing happened while eating ice cream and hum some more.

I CAN'T STAND DOING HOMEWORK. I have two freaking letters to write, one is to "Ashley" (my imaginary Australian friend) and another to .... . I was writing a paragraph in my BM letter when I suddenly felt like coming here and play the computer. and no, Bakmal is not here to save me again and play Dota. sigh. He went to sleep at his friend's house. >:(

just got an idea for new video. two freaking videos coming up, latest by March holidays ;)

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