Wednesday, February 17, 2010

the dream.

OMG I almost went through the whole day without posting my dream last night! IT WAS AMAZING. sure, it started off quite badly (we're talking cleaning toilets here, people) but I woke up thinking, "that SO had to be blogged about"

so here's how it goes. AFTER the toilets scene.

me and my parents were on a holiday, cruising (^ ^) then suddenly the boat shook hard, and when it stopped, the captain said the boat was sinking (how Titanic-ish!) somehow, my whole family were like people from Avatar and Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts and all that, you know, with weapons and magic and stuff ;)

so we divided ourselves into groups. mom with Bakmal, ayah alone (so BERANI with his guitar and all ;) ) and abang alone. i was left with kak ain (she's not from our family, therefore no super power). BUT I had MAGIC like Bakmal and Bakmal had mom, so I wanted to go with Abang. Abang was defending himself, saying that he can handle it, but Ayah said I could be useful. only use magic when necessary. (^ ^) so Kak Ain went along with the crowd, Abang was making sure she was okay but Kak Ain's a brave person. :)

so we went off. then, we met a twin sister monster! they were giants, and they were like, mythical creatures or something (my dreams are always blurry). so Abang went off with his sword, fighting like a hero. >:) but after a couple of hits, it was obvious even special attacks wouldn't be any use (sound familiar? ;) ). so I told him, Abang, I think I can at least try. then he said, One more shot! so he went for it. but it was a mild attack. the monsters were already discussing which one of us each wanted to eat. then Abang gave me a nod of approval. so what i do? i go into my inner self.

and guess who I found?


WAHAHA Zuko was my inner conscience. ;) lol. so he told me what to do and stuff. and he told me sort of the ingredients (? it was like the elements I should use) for a spell. there was water, fire, lightning and the mage's stone (it's sort of only special people have. WOOT i'm special). and I totally forgot the elements, and I bantai, blizard, fire and thunder (i don't know how that's different). then a rush of water came in. in my head, Zuko was scolding me. WATER not BLIZZARD and LIGHTNING not THUNDER and don't forget the stone!!! 

but by then the twins were all soaked, and their element was fire, so they had a weakness plus their HP dropped a hundred (??? LOL) so I tried again and i TOTALLY blew them out!! it was so cool, they just died from that one shot!!! XDD

okay, one Dota session from Bakmal. bye~

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