Saturday, February 27, 2010


Sometimes I wonder if Midvalley is a living thing which tries to makes me suffer and collide on the floor screaming "I GIVE UP! YOU WIN!"

it has too much hot guys.

okay fine I only saw 2 tonight but ohmyGOSH were they HOT.

okay first i saw a guy FREAKING TALL and OMGAWD his CLOTHES ARGH JUST BURN ME ALREADY. see, this is my weakness. when he has good taste. like, if he has good taste in clothes, MUST be the coolest guy EVER right? well, i dunno. can't really judge someone like that.

what was he wearing? well, just a SHIRT with a VEST and JEANS with those CHAINS *yang slalu letak kat pocket tu* and SNEAKERS. yea just that. and reminder, not ALL vests are nerdy.

then when i got out of Jusco, i saw this guy. let's just say I thought he was an old Indon. from the back his hair seemed like Bakmal's (only shorter) and he was wearing sort of a short sleeve hoodie with a fire tattoo on it at the back with long sleeve inners. then when i went on the escalator OMG OMG OMG OMG.

he was most probably.. i dunno. i just dunno how to describe him. just plain... hot.

his hair was the cutest mess i've ever seen. his tee/hoodie was a Slipknot one. he just looked BRILLIANT. my DREAM GUY. i dunno, maybe. he just seems so... attractive. XD i can't help it. i just can't.

when my parents started to leave, I got up with, and tried to look at the guy. I glanced at him, making sure how he looks like. i though, okay, that was the last one. but i can't resist. i looked again.

I made sure he wasn't old. i looked at what he was holding. it was the right size for a DVD case, maybe a comic. i looked at his hair and turned away. OMG, i can't stand it. how long have I been staring? i tried looking somewhere else. but i can't help it. i gave him one last glance before the escalator went low enough to hide him from my sight.


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