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ohemgee, epic pairing - RoxasXOlette.

This guy make their crush seem SO REAL. like what REAL PEOPLE would usually act if they have a crush on some one. SERIOUSLY. I love him i love him i love him. Every time they do something that seem SO cute, I'll start a grin and it'll end by the tip of my ears. Let's give an example, shall we?

This project will be great! Olette thought as she pulled out her book.I just hope I get a good partner. I wish I’d get paired with Roxas, but I know the odds aren’t good. She looked across the room toward where he was talking to Demyx. At the exact same time he turned and looked at her, their eyes locking onto each other. A shiver ran down her spine. Feeling brave she gave him a slight smile. He seemed astonished, but recovered quickly and returned with a warm smile of his own. Breaking the connection between the two of them, she returned back to her book. After a few minutes, she couldn’t resist her curiosity any longer. Lifting her eyes, she searched for Roxas, but he was no longer there.

this is gonna be a long one. but it's worth the read.

“You may start working now. Use your time wisely,” he said, before sitting at his desk.

Olette stood up, grabbed her backpack and walked over to Demyx. She tried not to glimpse at Roxas, but failed. He was staring at her with a curious expression on his face. When he noticed her looking, he quickly began gathering up his things.

“Hi,” she greeted Demyx.

“Hi. We haven’t officially been introduced. I’m Demyx, but you already know that,” he replied.
“And I’m Olette,” she smiled.

“Oh. This is Roxas,” Demyx said, grabbing Roxas by the arm before he could walk away. Roxas threw him a dirty look, but Demyx simply smiled.

“Hi Roxas,” she said, her stomach flipping as she said his name.

“Hey.” He held out of hand to shake. On his fingers were two rings, a basic black one and a plain white one. She shook his hand, feeling the blisters on his fingers.

Suddenly the edges around his face blurred. His numerous scars and bruises faded away, leaving behind the innocent face of his younger self that Olette had seen in her dreams. No longer did his blue eyes look sad; they seemed to be laughing at some private joke.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

She blinked. The edges became clear again and his face returned to normal. He was looking at her with deep concern.


“I’m fine. Sorry about that. Cool rings by the way.” She smiled. What just happened?

“Thanks,” Roxas replied.

Demyx coughed, softly. Olette looked down, seeing that she was still holding Roxas’s hand. Blushing, she removed her hand from his grasp.

“Nice to meet you Roxas,” she said.

“Same,” Roxas replied. He smiled, but his eyes, full of melancholy, contradicted the grin.

“Roxas.” Fuu was standing behind Olette, looking annoyed.

“Coming.” He waved quickly at Demyx and Olette before joining his partner.

“So can we work on this after school? Maybe at my house?” Demyx asked with a mischievous glint in his eye.

“I guess. I hate to ask this, but my parents have trained me too well. Will there be adults there?” she asked.

“Are you kidding? HEART is crawling with adults,” he laughed. “Aren’t you old enough to be home without supervision?”

“Yes, it’s just that my parents always want me to ask just in case. It’s dumb, but I do it to make them happy.”
Demyx laughed again.

“Do I amuse you?” Olette smiled.

“Nope, it’s just- never mind. Can you come over today? I’m tutoring a group of wannabe Jimmy Pages until three, but you can hang out at the school until I’m done and I’ll come find you.”

“You a Led Zeppelin fan?” she asked.

Demyx looked as if he was going to kiss her.

“Finally! Someone at this school knows great music,” he exclaimed. Several kids turned and stared, but he ignored them.

Olette giggled. “I can wait after school. I’ll be in the library. Will you be able to drive me home afterwards? My parents both work late.”

“Yeah, no prob. Axel owns a car, so he’ll take us all over to our place after his play practice and he can drive you home when we’re done working on the project.”

“Great. Thanks,” she replied.

“Anything for a fellow Zeppelin fan.” Then, looking over her shoulder he yelled, “Hey Roxas, Fuu’s coming over after school to work on your project right?”

Olette turned around to see Roxas. He looked confused.

“Is that okay with you?” he asked Fuu.

“Sure,” she said unenthusiastically.

“Then, yeah, she is,” he answered Demyx’s question.

Olette turned back to Demyx who was grinning wider than ever.

“Great. So, you’ll be in the library waiting for Axel to take us home?” Demyx asked Roxas.

“Yeah, as usual,” Roxas replied, sounding puzzled.

Olette gaped at Demyx. Did he just do what I think he did? Why?

Demyx gave her a look that seemed to say ‘You can thank me later’.


he even made a video! :O KH VIDEO EDITOR! I SO GOTTA DATE HIM.


WOW how bout u make another one? ;) hahaha, this is too good. and i LOVE the story. ;)

I gave him two winks there. He's gotta get a hint. then he replied:

Thx! I'm so glad you like it.

HEEHEEHEEHEE accent on the "Thx!" and "I'm SO glad" KEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEE

xo, Lynnie.

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