Friday, February 12, 2010


OHOHOHOHOHOHO. I had to start off with that cuz getting the new code from the template maker was one of the best news I've had this week. well, feedback time. last post was one Tues, I believe.


So hung out with Cynta, Cassie, Hafizah, Hanna and Marina during Pandu Puteri meeting. What a confusion it was at the beginning cuz we didn't know where to go. they said 2E, but 2E was Pandu Puteri Ranger (we're Remaja) so we went to 2D where Coy 15 & 16 was, but we KNEW we're not supposed to be there so we sat in between the classes (although originally I wanted to stay at 2D cuz more space, less people, less crowd, more breathable air. but apparently we had a meeting together with the Rangers, discussing about the Gathering. and so I will tell you schools that I'm excited of coming!

Victoria Institution
Bukit Bintang

There's other schools too like Catholic and La Salle, but why excite on these? These are BORING schools. schools like VI is interesting. X)

Then got banner duties. Me and Ika go for hand-prints on Friday during recess. Gonna force Nurin and Lea to recess that day! they got to buy a hand print. GOT TO. I mean, we already reduced it to 1 buck! it was originally 2 bucks, and outside school 60 teachers 5 bucks, sorry. :P

so fun. me and Cyn was reminiscing our times during we were 11 while drawing stuff (well, mostly Cyn, she's OBSESSED with Keroro!). hahhh, good old days. OH and had KH with En. Yusof. "Cakap cakap cakap, cakap cakap cakap, tak habis habis!" TEEHEE


Last day of the week with BEST DESKMATE EVER, Anesha Balakrishnan. :'( she couldn't come today. how sad. nuthing much to be said except I enjoyed Japanese cuz I get to guess a word. it's under the same category as "suki" (like) and "kirai" (hate, although we prefer sukidewa arimasen cuz it means dislike). this one means "good at doing" but I can't remember the word. it was a picture of a lady singing and a guy clapping. my first guess was "enjoy" but awal-awal cikgu dah cakap salah. after a few huge guesses from the smarter students, finally I was like, "pandai...?" and Pn. Yee was like "AAAAAAAAA....... PANDAIIIIIIIIII....." krukrukrukru...


todaylah... OH i had probs with my parents, btw. so they're like, not being much of themselves and I'm trying to be as quiet as possible. but they're loosening up. still a problem, though, cuz me and Tammy and Annie and Laila and Lea planned to go to Tropicana Mall next Friday! Hopefully they'll see how I'm trying to make up for my mistakes so that they'll let me go. plus, Laila's brothers are gonna be there (for the first five minutes) !!! Annie's mom let her, and Lea's mom couldn't care less, and Laila's mom would obviously give since it's with her brothers! sort of. Xueh Wei on the other hand isn't sure if she's gonna be home by that time. she says that during CNY they like to stay at their hometown for a long duration. :/ THEN IT WOULDN'T BE SATU MALAYSIA. it would be 3 Malays and 1 Indian. NO FUNNN.

Well okie then. I LOVE NEW BLOG TEMPLATE. ;))) Askum.

xo, Lynnie

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