Friday, February 5, 2010

funny story scarred in my heart.


Ahyuk, funny story to tell. So me and Laila went to the Teachers Room to return an extra activity book. So we needed a pen and paper to tell Cik Nur that this was an extra book. and while looking for a teacher that we're very close to (first option was Ms. Foo! NO WAY.) Pn. Rosmawati told me to go to 1E and ask Andriana to go and see her with the borang SPBT. So okay, fine, whatever. So we borrowed a pencil and paper from her too. and so we wrote down "Cikgu, ini buku latihan lebih. 2G." and Laila went and added "Laila" before the 2G. okay. wtv. =.="

So then on our way out, Cik Baizura (cik kan???) asked us to tell 4KB that her lesson will be held in the Pusat Access. And so we went to 1E and nobody's around. we searched for timetable, but no where to be found (omg, it rhymes). so we went to 4KB and stopped by our class for a while. XD Santra said she needs the pass, but we tell her we need it even more. So we went to 4KB and told them, and on the way back to Teacher's Room (to tell Pn Rosmawati nobody's in class) we told Santra that we're going to the Teacher's Room, and so is she, so she followed us.
Back at the Teacher's Room, we told Pn. Rosmawati and she said they're most probably went to surau for Agama. and with that she gave us two pieces of paper for us to give to Pn. er.. our science teacher. so we gave it to her. and COINCIDENTLY (?) Cik Shatirah was near by and so she asked us to do some extra work for her. Luckily for her, we're both Blue House. So we went around, giving out numbers to people who haven't got their numbers (I got mine this morning) and suddenly a teacher came and gave MORE numbers... thank you, thank you very much. 

So we got nine names. two from form1, four from form2 and three from form3. LUCKY FOR US more form 2 classes so we wouldn't feel so awkward. so we went around, giving out numbers. some juniors were so rude. we were friendly to our friends ;D and form3 classes BARELY HAVE TEACHERS so minus awkwardness to call students out. and one of 'em's name was Elina. FUNNY. 

So then we gave the name list to Cik Shatirah at 2D~ Wanted to wave at Adilah but Yellow House was crowding at the door. =.=" BOO YELLOW HOUSE. wait, we don't boo. we're PROFESSIONALS. XD and WE ACT LIKE IT TOO. no seriously. we are such pros, i'm proud of it. GO BIRU!!! XD

We entered Agama late~ :'( but luckily today was hafazan and I dont want to do the third hafazan and PAFA susah giler nak hafal. will work on it this week. and then Laila approached me. WE EFFIN FORGOT ABOUT ANDRIANA. so we hurriedly got her at the surau. my baju was effing wet with sweat. heesh. sometimes I wonder if we're too nice to the teachers. but then again, it was like chores that parents give us, want it or not, we owe them. so we do it.
xo, Lynnie

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