Saturday, February 6, 2010


Something was different. I stood there in the center of the clearing, trying to remember what I was supposed to be doing. Why was I here? What was wrong? I closed my eyes, trying to focus.
Opening my eyes I remembered. I was supposed to be running, trying to catch him. Where was his voice? I strained my ear, listening for his cocky banter.
Nothing. Silence.
Had he given up? Gotten bored? Had I lost him completely?
Where are you?” I shouted desperately.
Behind you,” he answered.
I whipped around.
Roxas?” I whispered uncertainly.
He just grinned boyishly.
But this wasn’t the Roxas I had seen at school. He looked younger. Shorter, less built and more innocent. His electric blue eyes were still tinged with melancholy, but there seemed to be something brighter hiding underneath.
How do you know me?” I asked.
When he didn’t answer I became frustrated. I was growing tired of his games. Why wouldn’t he give me the truth?
Fine. Don’t tell me. I’m leaving.” I knew I sounded immature, but I didn’t care.
I turned away from him, but he was suddenly right in front of me. I gasped. He was no longer the boy who had stood before me earlier. He was the Roxas I remembered from my first day. All the mirth had been drained from eyes. His face had hardened and lost all of the laughter of childhood.
Olette,” he breathed, his eyes fixated on mine.
I don’t understand what’s happening.” I searched his eyes, as if they held the answers I needed.
He wrapped his arms around me, bring me closer to him. I didn’t’ resist. He felt safe and right, as if I was supposed to be there. We stood there for a minute just breathing each other in.
Suddenly he pulled away.
Olette you need to run,” he commanded urgently.
I gaped at him, unable to comprehend what he was saying.
Go!” he yelled.
Only then did I fully see what was wrong. His once beautiful blue eyes were as black as coal. Blood trickled from the corner of his mouth.
A horrified scream echoed off the trees. I clamped my hand over my mouth, when I realized the noise had come from me.
Please,” Roxas pleaded, before being swallowed up by darkness.

written by kryptofreak at utter genius. i love this guy for writing this story.

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